She’s baaaaack! Our favorite Muslim drama queen’s latest rantings

Now the hysterical baghead and her less shrill assistant are whining about Muslims being slaves. Note to readers: She is speaking from England.

If you can figure out what the hell she’s raving about, let me know.


48 comments on “She’s baaaaack! Our favorite Muslim drama queen’s latest rantings

  1. Just ran across this. The bible said’s god created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7Th. But seems this was stolen also.

    Certainly your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six yaum (days or periods of time), and then He Istawa (rose above) the Throne. He brings the night as a cover over the day rapidly, and the sun, the moon, the stars subject to His Command. Surely, His is the Creation and the Commandment. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the universe!”

    Seems they can’t stop sealing. They don’t want to believe they are the stupidest people on this planet . Never did anything but said’s they did everything under Allah.

    But think Mohamed is the biggest lair of all time. Feel he was with the Jews so often and heard all the stories like the Jews leaving Egypt and thought it would bring him power if he changed it a little.

    Now his people are making fools of themselves. They run around shouting hate to the world but you look at them saw one that was wearing things that we had in the 50’s.

    But to be honest these people were treated like shit by their own people so they are angry. Well they can’t understand when good people try to help them you don’t try to kill them.

    Like in Sadie Arabia the only ones smart eought is the kings family. One prince loves being ambassador to Washington for the night clubs.

  2. You can tell from this girls eyes she is mental. She said the “scholars” lie and make them slaves but listen to them and do what they want.

    She said her people were the light of the world more like a dim bulb. As for the boy can tell hes family most likely a cousin most likely jumping that girls bones.

    But looking at him think hes really gay but being forced to be with her. As for their location you said England but with those seats its not a mosque its too clean.

    So it has to be a high school. The British government has a lot to answer for. Winston Churchill must be rolling over in his gave if the Arabs haven’t stole his body yet.

  3. I think the reason she is like this is because she is so butt-ugly that this is the only way to get people to pay attention to her. That guy is even worse.

  4. hahahah the irony of a cousin fucking porkistani rat bastard calling anyone a monkey. am sure her cousin marrying excuse of a father beats that bitch on a regular basis.

  5. Ooookaaay, baghead bi—, and her asslifter assistant; STFU and GTFO of England AND the CIVILIZED WORLD!! And as for ANYONE making “monkeys” of you idiots, you do a bangup job of THAT very well on your own, with NO outside help!!

  6. It’s because of ugly moslems like her that they wear the burqa, maybe I’ll send her one, it might improve her looks. She does have a problem doesn’t she? And pray that she can’t breed. Peace to all non-moslems who would love to see her cover her face.

  7. if the muslim’s feel like they are slaves in the country they are in then go back to where you came from and good ridence

  8. A message to the boy that appears in the video: There are easier ways to get laid then following this crazy b***h.

    Just shave off that crazy looking beard and stop waving your arms around like a mad man when you speak and you never know you might be able find a girl that doesn’t belong to the death cult.

  9. Why is the alleged male koranimal more feminine than the alleged female koranimal?

    Shave off that skanky beard and it’s a girl.

  10. 600 million enslaved MOSLEM WOMEN!

    The Islamic veil marks Mozwomen as the slaves and absolute property of inbred, braindead, killer zombie, supremacist, misogynist Mozman jihadists.

  11. Actually, she is saying that Muslims are no longer free thinkers. They just do what their scholars tell them they are supposed to do! She is right their, Muslims are just individual parts of the blob which wants to devour humanity!

  12. “The List of Things That Offend Muslims”

    Don’t even have to view the video to know that it is very loooooooooooong list! 😛

  13. i watched about 45 seconds total, skimming through it. another video of this delightful young lady came up in which she charges zionists with kidnapping and other felonies. since i am now charged, i guess i need to get a zionist lawyer.

    • The same charges can be leveled against Muslims and the Islamic jihad that has been waged against the world for 1400 years!

      We charge the Muslims!

    • She’s funny on so many levels.
      Her dress sense
      Her rat kid nose
      Her oratory skills (lack of)

      But mostly because she is a born fucking idiot who knows nothing about any given subject !

    • Something I’ve noticed in these types of UNI room videos.. the left have left the building. I thought they would have enjoyed her rant, or maybe she doesn’t want her friends and allies to know what she thinks of them. She should know that the left troll YouTube defending muslims against right-wing truth comments, like mine 😀

      I bet good ol’ Anjem is proud of her, if Hitler was still around she’d be in the SS by now as their chief propagandist.

  14. This is a skit! A farce written by clever people (Jews?) to make young Muslimas look stooopid!

    Another reason why multi-kulturalism should no longer be allowed to infest civilized years.

      • As confirmed above,she is a member of MPACUK,they are always on chat/news programmes in the UK as the left wing media see them as ‘moderates’,if you go to their site you will clearly see that they are not !

        They wrote an article on their site about Muslim child abuse of non Muslim children,according to them it’s not a Muslim problem and we are all ‘Zionist Islamophobes’ for saying that it is.
        They say Zionist’s but we all know that they mean Jews.I wonder how they square that argument with the HUNDREDS of Sikhs outside Luton police station the other night.Can you guess what the Sikhs were protesting about ??
        You got it in one,Muslim paedo gangs,so the Sikhs must be Zionists ???

        MPACUK used to have a comments section,Muslims used to post about killing and raping non Muslims and joining Jihad,it was moderated,they would allow those sort of posts to stay up,if as a non Muslim you posted against them,the Mods would add stuff to your posts.I called the police last week about this group,they should now be keeping an eye on what they are up to.

        As for the idiot in the video,her take on history is pathetic,Islam invented NOTHING and that is the truth.This whore of Mohammed made another video about the EDL,after the usual insults she stated that one day ‘she will have enough money to buy every single member of the EDL’,not that Muslims believe in slavery !!!

  15. Sorry, I could only take 1 minute 4 seconds of their ranting muzz-monkey, poo-flinging, bufoonery (or is it baboonery?)

    Nothing but monkey chatter.

    “Stoopid monkey” “ooh-ooh aah-aah!”

  16. Well.. I’ve no idea who that ‘terrorist in training’ is but one thing I do know is that it’s vocalizing the usual lies and false fed garbage from a university, the very places that teach it’s ‘terrorists in training’ and ‘terrorist defending leftists’ how to HATE the Jews while appearing to be anti-racist, anti-fascist and pro-equality and diversity.

    Basically.. the universities (in UK) are governed by a trade union (UCU) and backed by other unions and the Labour party who stick to a socialist/communist teaching system designed (by a Russian communist) to be anti-right wing, anti-proud to be English (or Scottish, Welsh, Irish), anti-American, anti-Israeli and pro-islam/sharia/palestinian.

    I still cannot understand why leftofascists continue to defend the very people who despise them (and us), despise the way they dress, despise what they eat, despise what music they listen to, despise what they believe in and basically despise the whole non-islamic culture.

    If the leftofascists cannot take on board the lies, deceit and hate portrayed by this ‘terrorist in training’.. then they’ll never see sense and WILL regret it one day. That day can’t come soon enough!

    Lastly, no leftofascist would dare to move into a muslim community but yet they’re all for muslims leaving their communities and moving into other communities. Hypocrites, the lot of ’em!

  17. As near as I can figure she is referring to the Dark Ages. All those pesky Templar Knights came and ruined everything. Darn.
    But in rality she is going to convince us that mohmmedism is religion of peace. YADA

    • my horse is geting a little old and fat , my sword is a little dull , mace and battle ax rusty but would climb out of my death bed to anwser the call to crusade .

  18. You are only partially right, dear. The most blatant lie is the half truth. You are slaves but because you have stagnated minds limited by your narrow Islamic ideology and limited view of the world. Your narrow fundamentalism is almost soley responsible for you going from world leaders to the doldrums and it will only get worse.

    When the Islamic world did have the golden age, it was because Muslims actually became to a degree more tolerant of others, such as Christians and Jews, and they allowed some degree of free expression of ideas. And when Muslims were allowed to have free inquiry, they were able to advance in science, math, and technology. They learned from the ancient Greek scholars, which at that time, the West ignored and all but destroyed. Muslims also learned from the Hindus, and the Persians, and even pagan peoples. They learned from the peoples they conquered, traded with, and interacted with.

    But all that changed when Muslims forsook the road to free inquiry and true scholarship for narrow religious dogma. The Christian and Western world in the meantime began to embrace free inquiry and began to reject the narrow religious dogma that had bound them during the Middle Ages and that new rebirth was called the Rennaisance.

    Soon the West took the knowledge they learned from Arabs (most of who were Muslims), the Chinese, the ancient Greeks and Romans (much of it preserved by Arab scholars), and began to advance in leaps and bounds whereas the Islamic world began to stagnate in Islamic fundamentalism and dogma and no scholarship except in religion.

    Despite all claims to the contrary, you cannot live by religion alone.

    • If I am not mistaken, the islamic golden age was actually a Christian Golden Age. The begining of this so called age was when the islamic rulers saw how easy it was to live a good life and prosper albeit they did it as parasites. For (what was it?} 300 years or so the mohamedeens lived off the sucesses of the Christians. Then the hardcore muzzies couldn’t stand it.

      • As a matter of fact, the Arab supremacists lived off the achievements and successes of all the peoples they conquered. The so-called “Islamic” golden age was only because the Mohammedans were not yet in a numerical superiority position to impose their will fully on the conquered.

        Once the “event horizon” was reached, the so-called “Islamic” civilization stagnated and became moribund.

    • God you have it smack dab right, Muslims traded with spices teas salt and the Jewish people traded and created wealth with currency.In retaliation Muslims created the jiza the tax on the infidel for being in a Muslim land. Separation of the church and state is an religious evolutionary process.Stop marrying your first cousins and second cousins.rise up and march against FGM and honor killing, march against fly by night it in UK do it in canada, do it in USA we will back you.

  19. I don’t know what she’s raving about either, but if she hates England, she needs to go back to her own country! It’s VERY DOUBTFUL that she is pleading for the CHRISTIAN SLAVES to be set free!

    Hundreds of thousands of Black Christian children and women have been taken for slaves by Sudan’s Arab Muslims.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

    May every slave be free one day!


      There are only tears shed for MOSLEMS, never any pity for filthy KUFAAR, right, honey?

      The purpose of Islam is to remove the human rights and civil liberties of WOMEN and the DIRTY KAFIRS, right, honey?

  20. First they need to take whatever is in their mouth out. They are may as stop talking. You really can’t understand a these two speak.

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