BELGIUM: Muslim riots break out after Muslim baghead refused to show face in security check, then attacked police officers

Two policemen were injured and eight people arrested in the riots recorded last night following the arrest of a woman who refused to remove the niqab during a control of identification in a suburb of Brussels, the French-speaking RTBF television reported. Burqas and niqabs (full face veils) have been banned in Belgium since 2011. But, as usual, Muslims think they are above the law.

Delta(H/T Maria)  In Moelenbeek, Brussels, police stopped a Muslim woman in a full-face covering veil for an ID check. She refused to show her face, so they escorted her to the police station, where she again refused to comply with their demand that she show her face. The woman, described as a 25-year-old convert to Islam who had already been booked many times for similar offences, was extremely aggressive. She struck several of the police officers, breaking the nose and knocking out 2 teeth of one policewoman, and injuring another, both of whom required hospital treatment.

Meanwhile, a Muslim mob had been quickly summoned by mobile phone, where messages spread the news that the woman had received a beating in police station causing the attempted assault of the police enclosure for up to 150 people. They surrounded the police station, throwing objects at the police. Anti-riot units had to deploy.

The Socialist mayor of the area, Philippe Moureaux, has blamed the group Sharia4Belgium for the incident. He has issued a decree banning any gathering of more than 5 people in the district in case the mob returns tonight. Eight people were arrested during the clashes, which ended at midnight. Security has been increased this morning around the police station with additional agents.

Tension among the population of Muslims in Belgium,  and groups of ‘xenophobic’ Belgian citizens of  (Not xenophobic, they don’t hate foreigners, only Muslims)  has been increasing in recent months.

Belgian parties as the francophone Liberals (MR) and, especially, the sovereigntists Flemings of the N-VA, reported that populations of Muslim origin, most in neighborhoods of the capital such as Molenbeek and Anderlecht, are not working to integrate and observe local customs, much less learn one of the official languages of the country.

From 2011 there has been a  burqa and niqab (full face) veil ban in Belgium. Prohibited by law in public spaces and the violator can be fined with up 137,50 EUR and a term of imprisonment of between one and seven days.

On a better note, soon headbags will be banned in all secondary schools in Brussels.

Le Soir reports that two more secondary schools in Brussels are considering banning the hijab.

In 2008, despite a petition with 4,000 signatures objecting to the change in policy, the Institut des Ursulines in Molenbeek decided to ban the headscarf. Since then only 4 out of 98 secondary schools in the city have allowed Muslim pupils to wear the headscarf.

Now two of them, the Institut des Filles de Marie in Saint Gilles and the Athénée Alfred Verwée in Schaerbeek, are considering changing their rules and imposing a ban.