EAT AT DOMENICO’S RISTORANTE! His signs are offensive to Muslims

Famous for his controversial signs, Domenico’s Ristorante owner Michael Pollice erected two in-your-face signs that had Muslim heads exploding. “I like to push stuff as far as it can go,” Pollice said.

Cranberry Patch  CRANBERRY, PA – Michael Pollice, who is known in the community for his thought-provoking—and sometimes controversial—signs, erected a sign last week that said “Flying Remote Control Airplanes into Muslim People at the Mall is My Thing.”

The sign, which received local—and even national—media coverage ignited a firestorm of responses that ranged from support of Pollice’s message—which he said was a joke—to defense of First Amendment rights to downright outrage and disgust.

According to Pollice—who said business at the restaurant actually increased—the responses at first inspired him to poke back (which he did in the comment section of the Cranberry Patch article) and to push the envelope even further. By Saturday, a new sign he posted in front of the restaurant read, “If This Sign Offends You, Call a Dead Soldier’s Parents to Complain.”

Pollice apparently changed his mind after he got a threatening call from the litigation jihadists at terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations)

Pollice said Asim Kokan, a board member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, asked him Wednesday for a face-to-face get together to talk about the sign.

Pollice agreed to the meeting, which also was attended by Kazim Reza, a member of the Muslim Association of Greater Pittsburgh and a local realtor, Scott Rudolph, a pastor with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Franklin Park, and Donna McNamara, an active member with the North Hills Anti-Racism Coalition.

Pollice said he had never before spent time with Muslims, and doing so changed his attitude. (Being threatened with a lawsuit funded by the Muslim Brotherhood is enough to change anyone’s mind) After explaining he thought of the sign as a joke, he and the visitors got along fine. (Somebody needs to educate Pollice other than CAIR. Send him a link to this website)

Pollice added he apologized bowed to Islam numerous times to the group—and even offered to hold a fundraiser at the restaurant to benefit a new mosque for the Muslim Association of Greater Pittsburgh. The association currently rents a space in Wexford.

“I think it was good thing for me,” Pollice said of the meeting. “I’m better for the experience.” (If you believe this, you are a fool)

Unsure at first of what to expect, Reza said he also was pleasantly surprised at the meeting. “He was very calm and very apologetic for hurting the feelings of Muslims and others,” he said of Pollice. “She felt is was very, very inappropriate,” Reza said of the emailer. “She felt hurt. She felt it was totally uncalled for.” (CRAP. This is nothing more than the usual pressure tactics to kill our first amendment rights. Muslims are perpetually outraged and offensive to all non-Muslims)

Reza also invited anyone with an interest in learning more about Islam to attend prayers at MAP’s mosque in Wexford. “We do not stop anybody. Anybody can come,” he said. “You only have to follow the basic disciplines of the mosque.”(Here it comes, proselytizing for Islam never stops)

As for Pollice, he said the incident wouldn’t deter him from posting quirky signs in the future. By Thursday, he had a new sign up that he said shouldn’t offend anyone—except maybe marine life. It reads, “Dolphins are Just Sharks Who Watch Glee.” (How about posting this one?)

If you are ever in Domenico’s neck of the woods, stop by and give him an earful about the terror-supporting thugs from CAIR:

Domenico’s Ristorante

20550 Route 19, Cranberry Twp, PA


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