ENGLAND: Croydon is only 4% Muslim but 90% Halal?

In parts of Croydon, things all things English have been visibly relegated into obscurity. It’s all halal here, all halal there, halal pretty much everywhere. If you wish to enjoy an animal that has been spared the unstunned, prolonged, throat-slashing torture of Islamic slaughter, good luck.

British Freedom  There are “Halal Meat Sold Here” signs that inform the population of the ‘enrichment’ bequeathed to us via the odious triumvirate that is mass pandering, mass appeasing and mass immigration. On the stretch of London Road leading up to Croydon shopping centre the cultural prerequisites of Croydon’s Islamic population, which is said to account for 4% of the town’s total, are very prominent. The presence of the remaining 96% is stealth-like in comparison.

Just last week I was in the centre of Croydon and a wave of hunger engulfed me all of a sudden. As I looked around in the hope of finding an establishment that met my needs I was taken aback by my choices, or lack thereof.

To my left stood Subway and to my right was KFC. The sign on the door of the former informed me that all meat sold there is halal, the same is the case for the latter. I didn’t quite like the idea of a McDonalds or a Burger King and I couldn’t be sure of where the meat in the nearest Sainsbury’s is from, so I decided to prolong my hunger.

I finished the day’s shopping and got the bus home. I got off the bus earlier and planned to satisfy this rare yearning I had for fast food. When at Thornton Heath Pond all the fried chicken outlets I could see there and down the adjacent Thornton Road professed to be halal serving, many declared this in neon lettering.

As I do not eat fast food regularly I was quite taken aback by this axiomatic Islamization unfolding before me. I was now feeling peeved about the realization that if I wanted fried chicken I would have to compromise my ethics or walk for an unknown amount of time in the hope that a non-halal establishment may find me.

Some US McDonalds sell halal

I chose neither option and instead opted to go into a fish and chip shop that adjoined one of the many Sharia-abiding outlets. I happily ordered a burger and chips but there was something far more notable about my experience as a customer. I was greeted warmly: a hello and a reference to the weather were exchanged. In this brief greeting it suddenly hit me what this country is fast relinquishing: British humour and British idiosyncrasies.

When I was in the dark over halal proliferation I wouldn’t think twice about going into those Islam-appeasing milieus. When I did I used to have to articulate my order slowly and carefully so as to get a decipherable and affirmative response. Hallmarks of fine customer service were redundant. For instance a grasp of the English language and warmth were nowhere to

All Butterball Turkeys are Halal

be found. For those of you old enough to remember the days when you knew your local ‘bobby’, and could “knock on anyone’s door”, that sentiment has no chance of emerging from the abyss when we have policies of multiculturalism that gleefully invite foreign cultures to turn steadfastly inward.

What is quite striking about many, but not all, foreign establishments like the ones mentioned above is that they are devoid of the qualities many cite as lacking in much of today’s youth. Many of today’s victims of mass immigration are among the 16-24 age groups, a lot of whom are unemployed and cruelly betrayed by the political class.

Barriers to youth employability are routinely mooted as being their urban-influenced dialect and their supposed lack of work ethic and punctuality. If they could overcome that hurdle and be punctual then I am sure the pleasant experience I had in the chippie would become more prevalent; as British humor and British idiosyncrasies would no longer be supplanted by customers having to interpret broken English whilst waiting for meat killed in tune with Saudi preferences.

How many of these fast-food chains are abiding by rules on equal opportunities etc.? I’ve yet to encounter a solid speaker of English with an English accent. They seem hell-bent on employing people from the Asian sub-continent and eastern Europe. And the Asians are not like the English speaking Asians I know; certain companies are remorselessly keeping their places of work free from any discernible command of our language. (And when I refer to the Asians I know I mean people whose descent emanates from Asia, not the term used to describe Muslim pedophiles by the BBC.)

You may think halal hegemony is restricted to poky Chicken dens and certain supermarkets. You may want to think again. Toby Carvery is quite British in character — in the nearest restaurant to my home pictures of Winston Churchill and Bobby Moore adorn the walls — but the establishment is one of many that has caved in and appeased the minority whilst disregarding the majority. Their turkey, gammon, pork and beef are all non-Halal but the chicken and lamb they have available are all halal certified. Even in a place where British heroes imbue the surroundings Sharia still lurks.

ALL lamb in the UK & US marked ‘Australia’ or ‘New Zealand’ is halal

Halal expansionism hasn’t just impinged on our ideals in regards to animal slaughter. As I alluded, the proliferation of halal industry has hurt our cultural character. How many warm and smiley food attendants will you be greeted by when foreign establishments with their own foreign idiosyncrasies continue to alter our communal nucleus? How long will our traditional phraseology survive whilst we are still being submerged under an avalanche of third world entrants?

As you have probably gathered by reading this, I have boycotted businesses that unleash reverse assimilation onto our society. I find it frustrating when I see my friends blithely munching away in these centres of appeasement. But explaining my stance to someone who’s just drunk ten pints can be a thankless task and this is a big part of the problem. A lot of us are too deep within the bubble to give a damn.

 When faced with an invasion like the present one we are often plunged into a situation where we have to promote the merits of our own culture to our youth so we have a better chance of preserving it. It’s a weird situation to be in but if it has the desired effect than it is a task that needs to be undertaken.

People must realize that every mouthful they have of halal food is like twisting a knife into our already impaled nation. Until we mindfully boycott places that only serve halal meat we are acquiescent to our erosion in the social sphere. Let’s hit them where it hurts, in the pocket.

The erasure of British culture reaches far beyond the high street. Take TV for example. The distinct dialects present in classics such as Only Fools and Horses and The Likely Lads has been succeeded by drab, mind-numbing programming where the salient features are hollow acting and productions bereft of ingenuity, warmth and genuineness. Gone is the dynamism that once made family TV something to cherish. Instead of witnessing quintessential brilliance viewers are today confronted with dipsticks and plonkers trying their hardest to obtain ten minutes of fame.

I know it is sad to say it but whereas Only Fools and Horses was reflective of its time the money-lusting trollops and their male equivalents on TV today are in many ways reflective of today’s society. They are champions of indignity and piss-artistry. But to what extent can we blame them? Having been groomed in a left-wing, ‘progressive’ ideology void of a moral compass, respect or any glimmer of national pride, how else was school designed to churn them out?


Trollops and their equivalents aside, could you imagine a sitcom redolent of Only Fools and Horsesbursting onto the scene now given the current climate of ‘political correctness’, that I believe is more accurately represented by the term ‘far-left extremism’?

The erasure of traditional English vernacular from our high streets due to cultural and ethnic cleansing is accentuated by many who opt not to speak a word of English. This has taken a toll on our national character, and the attack on British distinctiveness has also starkly eroded our culture’s presence on TV.


Sir David Jason (star of Only Fools) recently said to The Telegraph“We seem to have lost our British sense of humour… It’s a great shame. We have to be so careful nowadays, we’ve lost a lot of humour by people being frightened of getting too near touchy subjects. It’s a great loss to comedy”.

We can counter the PC brigade by presenting politically correct tendencies as what they are, and that is totalitarian. The tendencies are totalitarian by way of wanting to unnaturally arbitrate over natural thought and natural speech, deviously infiltrating our schools, TV etc.

The character change our high street has undergone and the PC measures that restrict entertainment are interwoven assaults, as both are plunderers of personality and sincerity. And both are, at root, eroding the very fibre of who we are.

It’s a great shame that I often have to go about my Englishness in vicarious fashion by watching repeats of hallowed sitcoms. I shouldn’t have to flick to UK Gold to find a semblance of my culture but I often do and I will continue to do so. In doing that I feel more tranquil and content than journeying to the ghastly and intolerant house of halal that is my local chicken takeaway.

Its about time anti-pork pro halal polices were replaced with pro-pork anti halal policies, let’s make it happen.

No Surrender.