AUSTRALIA’s live animal export nightmare with Muslim countries

In 2011, an Animals Australia investigation documented the treatment of Australian cattle exported to Indonesia as part of the live export trade. Now, Animals Australia in collaboration with RSPCA Australia is bringing the stories of these animals to light for the first time.

Help us ensure that these animals will never be forgotten and that their stories become the catalyst for change:










11 comments on “AUSTRALIA’s live animal export nightmare with Muslim countries

  1. Foster Farms sent me nice little email stating that their chickens are neither halal or Kosher. Actually I have no problem with Kosher.

  2. Well, with a culture that saws the heads off its OWN PEOPLE for things like leaving their cult (apostates), what would one expect from human animals like the Islamists?

  3. bought a turkey for thanksgiving it was absoutly uneatble threw the whole turkey out 15 lbs i didn’t feel so bad about the waste when i found out it was hala will never buy another butterball again ever and told all friens and family plus our whole meal was ruined thanks bombheads

  4. The thing is that the majority don’t even know what halal is, never mind the banning of the products. Everything goes quite on these Monsters in our Midst (Muslims). The printing on the products that are halal are so minute that you need a pair of glasses plus a microscope to read it. It is a laugh. Some of our most iconic brands are now Halal and these companies are so big and untouchable they will never listen to the voice of reason, only the ringing of the cash register do they hear!

  5. As a promanant protester and organiser during
    the UK protests 1995 – 97, i fully endorse
    what the good people of Australia are attempting – go for it.

    The fight to destroy islam with it’s unspeakable cruelty to all beautiful living things is a noble one. The murdered daughter,
    the weeping widow grieving for her son, the
    sentient abused animal choking in it’s own blood, all are Islams victims and all are worthy of our strength and utter resolve to
    wipe this stain on the record of mankind from the face of the earth.

  6. Boycott all halal meat by not buying or using any restaurant or meat market or grocery stores, that advertise and sells halal meat. To buy or to use restaurants that offer halal meat we are supporting the inhumane killing of animals. Boycott all places that offer halal meat. Money and our buying power is one power that speaks loud and clear that muslims are not wanted or supported in our country.

    • cat, halal is not always marked, as was the case when it was discovered that all Butterball turkeys are halal. It was found on their website but is not marked on the birds. As a result of all the bad PR, they have removed the halal certification from their website too.

      Please note: All lamb in this country that comes from Australia or New Zealand is halal slaughtered, whether it is marked or not. Costco sells it and Outback serves it.

      • BNI, thanks for the information. I did know about butterball but I did not know about lamb. I have made the effort to tell everyone about not buying butt ball and now I shall tell everyone not to buy the lamb. Scientia est vita. ‘Knowledge is life.’ Please keep doing what you do to keep us informed because it is life and survival for our culture and our way of life.

        • cat, I am trying to work on a master list of halal purveyors here but it’s hard to find out because there are no FDA laws that require halal labeling. WE learned that with Butterball last year. It may come down to making two calls to the suspect companies, one as an American, and one as a Muslim inquiring whether a particular meat product is halal or not.

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