Incensed English passenger says, “I’m not being seen by THAT!” (Muslim airport worker)

An English businessman was hauled before the court for an anti-Islam tirade at a Muslim immigration official waiting to check his passport. Anthony Holt, 65, had become outraged after reading an article in the Daily Mail about the ‘victimisation of Christianity’ on a flight into Manchester.

Manchester Evening News  When he landed, the retired consultant refused to go through a desk where Sayima Mohammed was on duty. He astonished witnesses by pointing at her and saying: “I don’t want to be seen by that. I don’t want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

As Ms Mohammed burst into tears, her colleagues refused to check Mr Holt’s documents and ordered him to calm down. When police arrived, Holt turned his attention to a cop, saying: “That’s Islam. I’m not going to that. This is my country.” The 15-minute row only ended when he was arrested.

During a police interview Holt claimed the abuse was not ‘personal’. He said: “The problem I have is with Islam as a whole. It’s threat to the British population and the British way of life. I wanted to take a stand.”

Holt, of Railway Road, Urmston, pleaded guilty to using religiously aggravated threatening words or behaviour. He was ordered to pay £100 compensation and a £145 fine.

In a statement to police, Ms Mohammed said: “I felt threatened, shocked and humiliated to be treated in that manner for no apparent reason.”


Praveen Sethi, defending, said Holt had been flying into Manchester at the end of ‘a stressful week’. He had been reading an article in the Mail in which the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey spoke of the ‘victimisation of Christians and Christianity’. Mr Sethi said: “He took his frustrations out on the first person he saw. Mr Holt is a man of previous good character.

He’s not a racist nor against any religion what-so-ever, which makes it even more surprising he carried out this act.”  Holt told magistrates his comments were not directed to Ms Mohammed, but at the fact she was wearing a scarf. (Understandibly, just the mere sight of a Muslim in a headbag brings out feelings of rage in many otherwise normal, peaceful people)

He said: “I have pleaded guilty because I am. It’s totally out of character for me. “I deeply regret it and deeply regret any offence or distress I caused the lady. Nothing I said was directed to her personally.” Geoff Homer, chairman of the bench, told Holt: “You have said to this court this is a one off incident and we accept that.”

Another English airline passenger was sentenced to two months in jail after giving a Muslim airport worker ‘the finger’ in Dubai.

The Sun  Paul Anthony was arrested minutes after stepping off the plane in the strict Muslim emirate. He got into a row with a female airport employee when she refused to let him use a customer services desk phone. A Dubai court heard he “cursed” the Muslim woman in front of colleagues then thrust his middle finger in her face as he passed through border controls.

She called cops, who arrested Anthony, 34. He was convicted of indecency and insulting the employee — named in court as Maryam — at a previous hearing. He pleaded not guilty and launched an appeal yesterday.

Court sources said Anthony worked for the UN and was planning a six-day stopover in Dubai en route from an Asian country. He was locked up for three days then bailed after the first hearing. He faces a month awaiting an appeal against a two-month jail term and deportation order.

A Dubai court source said: “Brits have often fallen foul of decency laws but no one’s been arrested this quickly.”

Judging by this story, getting arrested in Dubai is worth your life: