The United West’s Tom Trento tears down the blood libel of the ‘apartheid’ wall in Israel

Poet Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Contrary to what Leftists, Muslims and the media want you to believe, the security wall that Israel has erected has nothing to do with apartheid and everything to do with keeping its citizens alive.

The United West  Tom Trento visited the Ramallah & TulKarm border crossing checkpoints in Israel as well as the Gaza Israeli border with expert analysis from Marc Kahlberg’s first hand experience at one of world’s most important flash points. 

Learn first hand why as Marc Khalberg says, “Israel is a country fenced in.”  The walls had to be erected to stop sniper fire from the Palestinian areas along the few major highways throughout the tiny state of Israel. Israel supplies Gaza with fresh drinking water and electricity. Yet Arabs in Gaza have launched more than 10,000 rockets into Israel following total disengagement in 2005. 

Marc Kahlberg: MK Security Consulting

Contact Adrian Weisberg for civilian tours when you visit Israel: Adrian W 


BNI Reader Shirl in Oz sent me these photos of some of the many bomb shelters in and around Sderot.

You might not guess that they are bomb shelters and the Israelis have been very clever at making them blend in with the surroundings. It’s very sad that Israel is forced to put up these shelters that are never farther away than 15 seconds from the population, as that’s how long they have to take cover when the incoming rocket sirens go off.