GERMANY: Islamist-apologists from Spiegel lament about how the anti-Islam party totally changed the national discussion

For weeks, German politicians and media outlets alike have been focusing their attention on the country’s radical Salafist Muslims. The reason, however, can be found far away from the halls of power in Berlin. A regional anti-Islam party known as Pro-NRW staged a cartoon contest ahead of a state elections, and pulled off an extraordinary coup.

(If I didn’t know better I’d swear this was written by CAIR or the far left whackjobs from the Southern Poverty Law Center. BNI readers should ignore the tone and rejoice at how even a small political group like the Pro-NRW can change the national dialogue from one of multiculturalism foolery to focus on a problem that is the scourge of most countries in the West today – Islam. And let’s not forget that a German court authorized Pro-NRW to display cartoons against Islam as a free speech right. Anti-Islam Cartoons are free speech)

SPIEGEL  Germany’s Salafist Muslims are back in the spotlight. Since early May, hardly a week has gone by without another regional or national politician in the country proposing new ways to counter the group’s extremist version of Islam or a major German newspaper publishing yet another exposé on the group’s insular isolation from the mainstream. Just on Friday, interior ministers from Germany’s 16 states, at a regularly scheduled conference with federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, resolved to be increasingly firm in their dealings with the Salafists.

Salafists call on German Muslims to KILL ALL Pro-NRW MEMBERS

Such hand-wringing in Germany about its Muslim population, extremist or otherwise, is not uncommon. This one, however, is different. Far from being an accidental upheaval of angst resulting from the publication of a book by the likes of the anti-immigration treatise by Germany’s provocateur-in-chief Thilo Sarrazin or comments from the country’s top politicians, its timing and nature was determined far from the country’s conventional opinion makers. It is a particularly unique case of the tail wagging the dog — and in this case, the tail is the tiny, Islamophobic political party Pro-NRW.

“It is always difficult for small parties at election time,” Pro-NRW head Markus Beisicht told SPIEGEL ONLINE, reflecting recently on his party’s recent turn at the helm of a national debate. “We have a hard time competing with the larger parties. We had to find ways to have an effect with relatively small amounts of resources.”

Ahead of mid-May elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, Beisicht’s stump strategy centered around a breath-taking campaign of provocation. He launched a caricature contest, collecting some 400 cartoons from mostly amateur artists, aimed at finding the most concisely trenchant critique of Islam possible. And the more provocative — Muslims might say insulting — the cartoons, the better.

A Perfect Campaign

Pro-NRW then planned a series of events in the run-up to the election to display the winning drawings in front of mosques and other Muslim facilities in the state. They named the top prize after Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who is currently living under heavy police protection due to his authorship of one of the controversial Muhammad caricatures printed in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

Predictably, on May 1 in the town of Solingen, not far from Düsseldorf, Salafists, many of whom had travelled from afar to take place in a counterdemonstration, became violent. Three police officers were injured as was a passerby. Undeterred, Pro-NRW continued its road show, assembling in front of the King Fahd Academy, a Saudi Arabian school in Bonn, on May 5. The Salafists were waiting. By the time the violence finally came to an end, 29 police had been injured, two of them landing in the hospital with stab wounds. The pro-NRW demonstrators that the police had been protecting were unharmed.

The unrestrained violence perpetrated by the Salafists was, of course, ultimately responsible for the flood of journalistic and political attention suddenly focused on the extremist Muslim group. Yet injuries to the police aside, for Pro-NRW and its leader Beisicht, the caricature campaign could not have worked more perfectly.

“Up to that point, the election campaign in the state had been free of content and proposals. We, on the other hand, were able to establish the terms of the debate,” Beisicht says. Furthermore, given the violence of the Salafists — and the May 20 death threat against him issued by a German-speaking extremist in the Pakistani region of Waziristan on the border to Afghanistan — Beisicht can present himself as the victim.

He does so frequently during an interview at his legal practice in the tiny town of Leverkusen-Opladen, located in the center of the country’s former industrial heart of the Ruhr Valley. It seems an unlikely place to find the epicenter of the debate Pro-NRW has triggered. It has the kind of run-down normalcy common to the once-prosperous region, with plenty of retirees lounging at ice-cream cafes in the pedestrian zone, one-euro stores on the side streets and a clutch of restaurants striving to project a hint of big-city cosmopolitanism.

‘Massively Provoked’

“It is shameful that the attempt has been made to transform the victim into the perpetrator…. We have been stigmatized as though we have initiated a civil war,” Beisicht says beseechingly. “We really didn’t think there would be the kind of violence that erupted.”

Given that the vast majority of Germany’s 4 million Muslims are moderate (HAH!) — and that several Muslim organization urged their followers to ignore Beisicht’s cartoon campaign — the claim might not be quite as naïve as it sounds. Still, it doesn’t require a prodigious memory to recall the massive violence triggered across the Muslim world in early 2006 once news of the Jyllands-Posten caricatures got out. Ultimately, some 100 people lost their lives. (In other words, we should all be scared to death to ever publish a cartoon which could offend any muslim anywhere? CRAP)

Furthermore, it seems that Pro-NRW was very much interested in an intense reaction as a way of drawing as much attention as possible. (Well, DUH!) Despite things getting out of hand in Solingen, the party elected to continue its campaign. And according to police spokesman Harry Kolbe, who was present at the incident in Bonn, one Pro-NRW activist climbed onto the shoulders of another to hold a caricature placard above a police vehicle, which had been parked so as to obscure the cartoons from view.

“With the display of Islamophobic Islamorealistic caricatures, the Muslims were massively provoked,” Kolbe said in a statement, adding that such a provocation in no way justified the violent response. (Muslims live in a state of perpetual provokedness) North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Ralf Jäger walked a similar line. While condemning the violence, he said “it makes me furious that police officers, who were there to protect the (right to) freedom of assembly, ended up in the hospital. The malicious provocation of Pro-NRW is to blame for the fact that our officers must suffer. (CRAP AGAIN. Muslims attacked the police like the rabid animals they are) The right-wing radicals Germany firsters of Pro-NRW are intentionally fomenting hate against 4 million Muslims who live peacefully among us here in Germany.” (Yes, we see how “peaceful” they are when they feel insulted)

Even some of Beisicht’s cartoonists feel that violence was inevitable. Sebastian Nobile, an unemployed Mormon trucker with an Italian father — and a hobby artist — submitted several cartoons to the Pro-NRW contest, ultimately winning second and fifth place for his efforts. “I see things a bit differently than Mr. Beisicht,” he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “I expected there to be violence.” (When it involves Muslims, it’s a good idea to expect violence)

Brands of Intolerance

Götz Wiedenroth, a professional caricaturist who allowed Pro-NRW to display his drawings during its campaign road show but who declined to enter the contest so as to let others have a chance, agrees. “The fact that it got so bad, that police would be injured by fanatic caricature opponents — I didn’t expect that, but it didn’t surprise me either,” Wiedenroth wrote in an email when contacted by SPIEGEL ONLINE.


Both Nobile and Wiedenroth insist that higher goals were at stake than merely angering Muslims. Indeed, both caricaturists requested that SPIEGEL ONLINE use their full names in this article despite the dangers associated with their drawings.

“I see the common values of freedom and democracy as being of greater value than my life,” says Nobile, whose landlord threatened to kick him out upon hearing of his renter’s participation in the cartoon contest. “I would also accept it were somebody to kill me as a result because I think that makes sense. It makes sense to risk one’s life for something worthwhile.”

Beisicht too portrays his caricature campaign as a victory of democracy over the forces of totalitarianism. He points out that Interior Minister Jäger repeatedly attempted to forbid Pro-NRW from showing the cartoons — only for each of the bans to be lifted by court order.

“Either we have democracy here or we don’t. It’s a slippery slope,” Beisicht says. “We cannot allow intolerance to win out in the end. That is not my understanding of democracy.”

Some of the cartoons from the contest:



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  1. The second from the top is sort of disturbing. If I read it right the figure on the left is a Catholic Priest with a bible. He has a book labled “Bibel” under his arm. The figure on the right is a muslim clutching sticks of TNT. He says “Pardon, Have you a Light?”. The Priest answers, “Certainly, my son”. The large sign says “No muslims”.

    • Well said, “Lord Kabigon”!!!

      I think this cartoon was drawn by somebody with an anti-Catholic bias – which wouldn’t be any surprise in Germany:

      a) the Thirty Years’ War of 1618-48, which wiped out a whole third of Germany’s population of the time, was a three-way war between Calvinists, Lutherans and Romanists; and it also became a six-way war between France (allied with Sweden), Sweden, the Habsburg-led Holy Roman Empire (especially comprising Austrian, Hungarian and Belgian territory!), the (Italian) Papal States (ally of the HRE), the Netherlands and various German states being for or against the HRE and the Papal States.

      b) The Reformation (1517-52) itself was a period where much hatred was developed between Catholics and Lutherans – something that flared up into its worst form with the Thirty Years’ War of the 17th century as described under point a).

      c) Enough Protestants – alas! – forget how it was the Catholic potentates of Europe that saved Vienna from being conquered by the Turks not once but TWICE (1529, 1683), with a small Catholic garrison of the Hungarian town of Szigetvar laying down their lives to the last man in 1566 to hinder a third Turkish assault intended for Vienna. [The delay of besieging that small town was sufficient for the expedition to be cancelled because just a few days before the town was overrun by the throat-slitters, their emperor Suleiman “the Magnificent” happened to die!!] They instead remember how MUCH of the Nazi leadership was raised in the Catholic branch (with the majority thereof being from Bavaria or Austria in fact!!), among other things.

      Either way, deep feelings of suspicion and even hatred between Catholics and Protestants in Germany have remained: a friend of mine, brought up as a Protestant in a Catholic area of the country told me how when her Romanist mother married her Protestant father, that the local priest came to the place where the mother worked and publicly declared her excommunicated in front of ALL her co-workers!!! She (the daughter) naturally retained her bitterness against Rome all her life… This likely is reinforced by how both the current Pope and his predecessor made conciliatory gestures in various Muslim places.

      Either way, deplorable as that cartoon is (some Protestants to this day think of Catholics as servants of the Devil!!!), hopefully this explanation – although most certainly incomplete – will help…

  2. Once the Germans start to wake up about the peril of the mohommedists the rest of Europe will follow.
    It is the begining for Europe to choose sides.
    With GOD Almighty or Satan.

  3. We can liken these ignorant Muslims to vegetarian guests at a dinner party becoming angry and violent because some people were eating meat. You’re free to be a vegetarian and even demand that meat not be served in your own house, but you’re not free to force your beliefs on others in someone else’s house. Germany does not belong to Muslims, nor does any free country. Clearly Islam is incompatible with freedom.

  4. I would have made sure those dogs did not have muzzles on. Showing their teeth at all times and bites to Muslim behinds would have been very appropriate. (Against my better judgement, decided not to say jaws clamped around their throats.)

    • I entirely agree: it would have been FAR BETTER that the doggies NOT be muzzled – it would improve their temper!!!

      I here remember how my bitchlet was so UNHAPPY when it seemed necessary to muzzle her, so I’ve never done it since, and she NEVER has harmed anybody!!!! [Mind you, I’m certain she would defend herself if necessary, and she IS high-strung…]

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • I had a shep. many years ago that when I would walk my son she would walk circles around us so no one could get close. If we had a salesman or company that she didn’t trust, she would sit in front of me and in a low voice growl and would stop until they had left. She would have protected me and my son to the death.

  5. Sweet!!! Show the public how violent and childish the Muslims are by showing Mo cartoons at a protest. The media sees the violent Muslim unmasked in front of the world on t.v.. And all the while the Muslims get locked up for causing violence and chaos in the neighborhood. Very clever. 😀

  6. Where are those twin, blood-thirsty jihad-Mohammeds?

    One is labeled ‘Klischee’ (stereotype) and the second one is labeled ‘Wahrheit’ (reality).

    The stereotypical Mozman killer zombie jihadist is authentic Islam.

  7. It’s good to see ordinary Germans are not braindead. Clear thinking on the subject of Islamofascism is the first step.

    We need to de-program Moslems from the ability to even entertain the possibility of adhering to this backward DEATH CULT.

  8. The loud mouth goon in the MEMRI video states that muslims are prepared to sacrifice their men, women, and children in defense against the slandering of their beloved pedophilic butcher (and, -he didn’t add- anything islamic).
    Please, do that. Sacrifice yourselves out of existence. Or, at least out of Germany. You are hated. You are reviled. Like a cancer, a pathology, a terminal illness. Among the objectives of most civilizations/civilized peoples is the irradiction of diseases. islam IS a disease. A very deadly disease. The symtoms are there. The symtoms are, simply, muslims.

  9. The Nazi party was anti Jew the Mussies are
    anti Jew so these people in Germany must be anti Nazi and should be supported by all those who fought against the Nazi Party and what they did to Germany and the free world.

  10. When the genie of JIHAD comes out of the bottle, it’s hard to put it back.

    IMAGINE the jihad when 15% of the population are inbred, braindead, hatefilled, killer zombie Mozman jihadists?

    IMAGINE Mohammed Merah (of France) multiplied by 100 or by 1000?

    Merah kept a hundred police busy for days!

    A small number of jihadists can create a lot of trouble.

    A part of ALL Moslem charity (zakat) pays for VIOLENT JIHAD against US…the filthy KUFAAR!

  11. Cheers, for the brave Germans who stood up for and spoke up for freedom of speech in Germany. We must never lose our freedom of speech because without freedom of speech, there can be no democracy. If cartoons will drive the muslims in savage responses then that is telling their true nature without the taqiyya. We must all do everything to get the muslims angry so that the whole world can see exactly what the muslims are and that is not a cult of peace but a cult of lies and terror as taught to them by the koran and the model of their pedophile moham. Keep up the effort to ensure that the savages show their true nature of hate and violence.

  12. Muslims make up ~5% of the German population or around 4,026,000 Muslims, mostly Sunni Muslims.

    Note: Europe now holds 2.4% of the total world Muslim population.
    Not surprisingly, that is generally the point at which things start getting out of hand with increased violence against non-believers, more Islamic demands from the government, etc.
    This is based on 2009 Pew Research Data.

      • And while those numbers seem small, when you take into account that in most countries, only an active 5% actually control where the country goes while the rest follow blindly, it’s a very scary amount! Add together Muslims and their dhimmi apologists, then you have a far higher percentage!

        • NObama, as Geert Wilders says, time to start deporting millions of muslims out of Europe.

        • Exactly. If God will save Europe from this disgusting, violent invasion, Wilders will be the next leader of the Netherlands. The Europe can begin to purge the cult from their lands.

  13. Another thing we must constantly remind people about – including politicians and media – is that THE WORD ISLAMOPHOBIA IS USED BY ISLAMIC JIHADISTS. All those who use this word to shut up critics of violent, women-hating Islam are committed JIHAD against us.

    Calling someone an “Islamophobe” is therefore yet another an ACT OF JIHAD.

    These sleazy jihad-enabling politicians and media can go f**k themselves.

    Dear Politician:

    PLEASE call me an Islamophobe, so I can determine if you are a jihadi. I will then proceed to campaign to have you removed from office for dealing with the enemy. A treason trial may also be in order.

  14. Nobile and Wiedenroth are both very courageous people. Back in 1986, in Berlin, Germans were talking hush-hush about the problems muslims were creating. Somehow, nothing was done about it.

    Now, more than 25 years later, finally, they’re talking publicly about it. Great.

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