Hey, Missouri dhimmis! Kansas just passed anti-sharia legislation, why won’t you?

Terror-linked CAIR is thrilled that last Friday, another year of the Missouri legislative session came to an end, marking the second consecutive year that the ‘Anti-Sharia’ legislation was struck down in Missouri.

CAIR-St Louis “Thanks to all of your help, your emails, telephone calls, and filling out forms on the website, we were able to make this (campaign to turn the U.S. into a sharia-compliant state) possible.”

Many events contributed to this cause: One of them was the Muslim Day at the State Capitol with the ACLU, where we pressured many of our Representatives and Senators, which made a very positive impact on their decision making.  Another event was the panel discussion with bill sponsor Paul Curtman in Columbia, MO, which included a productive dialogue, as well as dinner.  This allowed us to show him the true nature of the Muslim community, which is vital in building positive relationships with the Representatives.

Now that we’ve successfully defeated this bill with your help and the help of the community, CAIR-St. Louis will be making sure that similar pieces of legislation do not come up in the future.

(Next year we’re coming after you, CAIR thugs, you and your strong-arm tactics and bribes to get politicians to vote your way. We will not bow down to your filthy death cult)

The following two individuals could have ensured passage of this bill, but did nothing:

The two individuals who could have made it happen are:

MO State Senate Majority Leader Tom Dempsey
(573)751-1141 or (636)294-2526

MO State Senate President Pro Tem Robert Mayer