Saudi boys and men grinding to the music

One of the men seems particularly fond of his man boobs as he keeps showing them off and having them touched. So, where are the Saudi ‘morality’ police when you need them? Oh, that’s right, they’re busy arresting women for wearing lipstick and trying to drive.


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  1. —– And I’ll bet when they dance like that, their robes go “Swish-Swish-Swish !
    If they were in Iran with the Iahola and Ahmagreasejob, there would be a sudden nataional shortage of high lift cranes.

  2. the more I learn about Islam the less I want to know. This is one really screwed up cult and the sooner we bomb the shit out of mecca the better.

  3. That is one screwed up country. If it wasn’t for their oil, they would all be goat herders – which would be preferable to being international terrorists.

  4. Well, when you live in a society where men cannot look at women, but can shower naked with other men etc. One thing will lead to another. Lets not forget about their poor donkeys too! LOL

  5. Is this party-night at the mosque or a gay bar? I just can’t tell. No wonder they hate women, they are the women. Women of Saudi Arabia grow a pair and slap the crap outta these Nancy-boys. Who’s afraid of homo muslims.

    In case you run up against of group of raging Jihadis just show them this video and laugh in their faces.

  6. Now we know why muslims will not let women pray with them and so on. They are all homosexuals who are still in the closet. They want to be just like their cult leader moham. Perhaps moham was also more homo-sexual than straight, based on the fact that the old pedophile married little, undeveloped girls who would look more like a boy at 6 and 9 years of age, than a woman. What a sick and evil cult this islam is.

    • Actually, the Hadith record only ONE wife being 6 when married (which is awful enough) to the pedophile profiteer; another says he saw a 1 year old baby girl and wanted to marry her when she was “old enough” if he were still alive by then (disgusting bastage!). Most of Mohammed’s wives were either widows of men he had killed (often raping them right after he’d killed their husbands) or the wives of certain of his followers (including an adopted son) he lusted after.

      In any case, Mohammedanism suffers from Mohammed’s predilictions and actions, which are portrayed as those of “the perfect man.” It needs to be eradicated.

    • Cat…….gay is NOT the same as pedophelia. Get your facts straight, i know uneducated backwards redneck skanks like you have difficulty with higher brain functioning (like stupidy believing that the suffix “-ality” as in reALITY and sexuALITY (meaning ‘state’ or ‘condition’) vs. Suffix “-PHELIA” such as pedoPHELIA, necrPHELIA, and ‘francoPHELIA’ to denote an ABNORMAL liking, desire for!

      I do not expect you to grasp the complexity of such ideas. Just do us a favor….if you are going to attempt to validate your stupidity, racism, and homophobia (-phobia, an UNNATUARAL, unfounded And often irrationale FEAR of…) then at LEAST try to be a bit smarter about it!

  7. This mohommedism thing about homosexuals is very important, here and abroad.
    Mohommedists are homosexuals, they just don’t admit it in public. Periodically they hang a few in public to show the world that they are against homosexual behavior. When in reality, they are not.
    They have been instrumental in the promoting of the homosexual agenda here and around the world to acquaint the people with the mohommedist behavior and to allow the people to adjust to the new behavior that is being foisted upon them. Also, the schools are presenting this lifestyle as an alternate style to the most vulnerable youth, at their pre teen years to acquire the most positive and corrupting response possible to the Christian/Judeao life style. Time to stop this program now,and NAMBLA.

    • Gee Ice, sounds like you know more than i do about the “gay islamist agenda” did you moderate the last meeting? Why dont you post the meeting minutes so we can all learn anout the “agendas” of our Gay, islamist “meetings”

    • Whats trily disgusting is how insanely misguided and uneduacted you all are! You need to get out more to see how the real world is amd not the conspiracy theorist idiocracy most of you live in (aka your bug out shelters)

  8. Another point for the high moral standars of muslims.

    Homosexual pedophilia (having sexual intercourses with young boys) = halal

    Homosexuality = HARAM

    Those filth, evil, deceitful and depraved muslims are the most hypocritical people on earth. They are utterly disgusting.

    • Quite true! But “utterly disgusting” doesn’t adequately describe these filthy stinking pervs; “lower than whale shit” would be a bit closer to accurately describing these muslime a–wipes!!

    • Again……homosexuals like CONSENTING ADULT partners whereas Pedophiles RAPE CHILDREN of both genders. GAY people would no more support pedophiles than the skinheads would support the aclu, black panthers, or the NAACP! HOMOS HATE PEDOS TOO! So, lets get our idiocy corrected here. Your foolish use of english just makes you look even dumber than you really are.

  9. OT, this shit speaks for itself.

    “we were having a discussion about wether as muslims we can have shias as slaves in the home. i think that while it is actually permissable to use them as a slave (as they are not muslim) that it might be too risky because they might corrupt your children with falsehood based on their stupid beliefs. also i am worried that giving a shia a role of slave to a muslim will elevate that shia beyond a ‘non-muslim free man”. my other friend thinks they are worse than jews and should not even be allowed to look at a true muslim.

    what are your thoughts on this issue, should they have the rights of slaves in islam or should they continue to be nobodies.”

  10. OT – Moroccan terrorist fights to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds

    Said Namouh is an unrepentant terrorist. From his apartment in Quebec, he spread al-Qaeda propaganda over the Internet and posted anonymous messages threatening the West with “slaughter” and urging violence until “religion will be for Allah alone.”

    A Quebec court convicted him in 2009 of four counts under the Anti-Terrorism Act, including participation in a terrorist group, extortion of a foreign government and plotting a bomb attack with a co-conspirator in Europe.

    Once he has served his federal prison time, Canada intends to deport him back to his native Morocco. But now Namouh is quietly asking Ottawa to let him stay on “humanitarian and compassionate” grounds.[…]

  11. What! No money collection?

    That’s what happens when men and women are not allowed to mix. I can only imagine it’s the same story with the women. Mind you, I don’t blame the women because men of the muslim culture can only do it doggie style.

    I have a feeling that Khat is also being used.

    • Susan, please just dont speak in public anymore!? Nothing you wrote makes a inkling of sense and i bet you dont even know what qhat (“khat”) is! Read some more books other that those by s. Palin!

  12. The guy with the pork pie hat is loathesome.
    What a warped culture! Are there any real men in SA? Or are they all homo?

    • They are as almost all Muslims are Bi Sexual as well as practicing zoophilia and not to leave out one of their best known sins the practice of pedophilia.

      Why do our governments even allow them to live let alone come an live in our lands? Sick, sick, sick.

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