TUNISIA: Is cutting off the heads of Christians part of their new ‘democratic’ revolution?

Once heralded as the most modern, liberal Muslim country in the world, Tunisia’s Arab Spring uprising apparently has returned them to the 7th Century under radical Islamist control. In this very graphic video, a young man who left Islam pays the ultimate price for apostasy under sharia law.


Middle East Forum (H/T Shirlee)  In case you can’t bear to watch, Muslims cut off a young man’s head off for the crime of apostasy, in this case, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it. 

A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or “narrator,” chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: “Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate”; “Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists”; “Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims”; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Then, to cries of “Allahu Akbar! or, “God is great!”—the man holding the knife to the apostate’s throat begins to slice away, even as the victim appears calmly mouthing a prayer. It takes nearly two minutes of graphic knife-carving to sever the Christian’s head, which is then held aloft to more Islamic cries and slogans of victory.

I found the video on Youtube, but it won’t last there. Use link above.


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  1. You know, in a weird way I think I’d have more respect for these people if they had a big, long, sharp sword and they did it with one clean stroke.

    But in every one of these videos, they seem to be using little bloody kitchen knives, and spend several minutes sawing their way through their necks.

    I’m not an idiot, I know what we’re dealing with with the media blackout. But still, it never ceases to amaze me that these beheading videos aren’t front page news.

    All we can do is spread them where we can.

    • Youtube you seriously need to get out of Obamas pocket and let people see how these Muslim animals are. The say there are no gay Muslims,but the rape and kill our ambassador to Lybia, now that’s just nasty, not to mention evil. Now they are beheading Christians. So what’s the excuse for that. My God says don’t be afraid of those who kill the body,then that is all that they can do, but be afraid of one who can kill both the body and soul in hell. So you Muslim radical devils, you infidels, God is coming for you, and he will find you and give the wicked what they deserve. My God doesn’t need ignorant people to kill other innocents because they don’t believe in him like your dead God Allah, who is a mere man and is dead and most likely in hell.

  2. This, (and, the countless other beheading, acid attack, etc.), video(s) needs to be broadcast on the nightly news in every country in the world so that everyone will have the chance to see the truth of the ridiculousness that is islam … no more appeasement, “political (in)correctness”, accomodations “walking on eggshells”, “hiding our heads in the sand” (sarcastic pun intended),etc., etc., etc., enough is enough! … that way, no one can say that they “didn’t know” :(

  3. f’ck your stupid allah if you can do such kind of things after your god’s name. what kinda god is that??? killer? supporter of violence? hahaha u all racists must be burnt on fire!

  4. in truth i approve of behading .only i aprove of beheading muslims. if a rope is not avalible to hang their slimey ass,es.islam is the moral gangreene of the world.it needs to be contaned or removed. the trouble is if you contain it it will only come back again. that kind of leaves you wiyh only one opption. even more so its appeasers and enablers have to be delt with.namely the left.

  5. I also could not bear to watch the murder of my dear brother in Christ. He went to his martyrdom with unmatched bravery and incredible grace. He is all back in one piece now, healthy, happy, and forever without pain or sickness, in the company of his blessed L-rd and Savior, Jesus Christ. That same Jesus Christ will come again to take all of His own out of this world, and to avenge the deaths of all His saints, every last one. All of G-d’s enemies, including all followers of Allah (Allah is Satan, not G-d) will be crushed under His pierced feet, and then sent to Hell for all eternity. G-d grant eternal rest to this great saint, and blessed be the Holy Name of the L-rd Jesus Christ forever. Amen!

  6. These monsters seethe with evil, seethe with HATE, seethe with a possession unlike anything AMERICANS have ever experienced before in our lifetimes. When I consider what the future could look like, where my children are concerned, how my children might be living with the spread of such grotesque Islamic monsters moving into a house next door, I suffer the thought!
    When I went to the Peter King rally last year in front of his offices, the dhimmis there were already possessed with their STUPID, IGNORANCE. 9/11 isn’t removed from my memory, but it has been whitewashed and removed from theirs. I asked them to tell me WHY they would want to tolerate a cult that controls and oppresses it’s woman, that has plans to take down our miserable house from within, when they each enjoyed and lived, raising a family (most were older, in their late 50’s or 60’s or 70’s even) in the subburbs of Long Island, where children were free in the streets, Jews and Christians lived with each other side by side in peace, and all of that will change. I said I had a right to raise a family in peace too, that the people who brought us the 1993 World Trade bombings and the 2001 World Trade jihad attack (which my husband survived both)only desire to destroy the peace and freedoms I wish for my children. However in their lifetime, they have been treated to Islam and it’s attack on our soil already, and Islamic jihadists plan to make matters worse. So who do these people think they are helping to support and promote Islam in the name of “tolerance” and multiculturalism Political correctness which has the very real potential to destroy the lifestyle for my children, one which they enjoyed and took for granted?? Curse them! Damn them! They will ruin this wonderful subburban living by aiding and abetting the evil cult of Islam. Well, I might have looked like a raging lunatic that day, but I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my rights to provide a great life and childhood for my kids and their kids and so forth, and I let these dumb liberals at that rally know it and feel ashamed. They walked away, you can bet, confronted by me, someone who challenged them about what they were supporting and the high stakes game they were playing with my children’s future. I actually changed one very liberal womans mind that day, let’s hope it stayed changed.

      • BNI, sorry about the long paragraphs, I’ll work on that, lol.

        Do you have an answer as to why these liberals go through their entire life, living here in America, with all that we enjoy, and then go out of their way at the same time, to take away those joys from the rest of us?

        Like those older lib’s that I mentioned. It’s as though they think after they had the pleasure of raising a family in peace and happiness, that it’s time for a change.

        I didn’t sign on for their “Multi-culturalism” because as I see it, this is English speaking, Judeo-Christian America, always has been.

        It worked for them, when they wanted for their kids to grow up in a predictable and sane and safe society, Right? But now these aging up citizens, with nothing else to do during their retirement,think they are going to push upon the rest of us this false premise?

        Well, I want to know why? What is broken?

      • Mom5, I’m no expert on this topic but it begins in the schools. For some reason conservatives choose not to become teachers as much as liberals do. As a result, virtually 90% or more of teachers are left wing socialists/communists. Brainwashing young children is a major tactic outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Also promoting alternative lifestyles, gay and otherwise,is another tactic they use for destroying the American family. Multi-culturalism is another indirect way of destroying values and pride in our own history. In many schools, teachers blame America for all the world’s ills and promote a moral equivalence between every kind of culture and ours.

        They demonize the church but give Islam a pass, but that’s only because Muslims share the same enemies as Leftists – America, patriots, and capitalism.

        There are signs that, under Obama, at least, they are preparing to move to the next level – keeping kids in school thru dinner, by serving free meals at night, which means students will have less time under parental influence. A lot of parents will welcome another meal they don’t have to provide for their kids. And this way, the communists can continue their indoctrination outside the classroom but still in school. We already see schools considering offering free dinner and that should be a major red flag.

        Ultimately, they would like to take your kids away at age 4 or 5, and not return them, other than for vacations, to the parental environment until they graduate high school. Communism 101.

      • BNI, you are right about the schools, but not necessarily about how they got that way. It is actually not true that conservatives do not become teachers. It is just that conservatives are not hired as teachers (because those doing the hiring make Fidel Castro look like Ronald Reagan, they are such radical left-wingers), and if they do manage to get hired, they are quickly “found out” and unceremoniously dumped. Here in Florida, all new-hire public school teachers have a 90 day probationary period. This is not so much a true probationary period, as it is a time to see how the new teachers respond to the relentless pressure to join the teachers’ union. Those who refuse to join the labor union during their probationary periods are sacked. Most conservatives would never join the union, of course. The Left did indeed target the public schools, decades ago. They have pretty much taken them over. Conservative voices are rarely if ever heard, not because we don’t care, but be because they have found ways to keep us out. Parents, pull your kids out of public school! Starve the beast! It’s the only way.

      • In Australia, there is a rampant bias towards the left in our schools. Some of the things that my young school children have come home and said are beyond belief. Therefore, I constantly remind them that the views that their teachers are expressing aren’t facts and that they need to question everything. I remember when I was at school I was brainwashed into believing that a nuclear war was inevitable unless the US followed appeasement with the communists. Now my kids are being brainwashed into believing that Australia is about to sink into the ocean due to global warming. Regardless of what you believe about global warming (and I don’t buy it at all) what is the point of scarring young school children.

      • No1, it’s the same here. Kids in schools are not allowed to deny man-made global warming. And they have to rat on their parents if they are doing something environmentally unfriendly in some schools.

  7. While I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, I’m glad to see the comments stating that he didn’t flinch or cry out. Clearly, he was posessed by the peace that passes all understanding, which is a supernatural peace provided by THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. He is with the Lord now, never to suffer again. “Vengeance is mine” says The Lord…sure wouldn’t want to be in sny of these Muzztards’ shoes on Judgment Day!

    • While I am not religious, I watched the video and can say that he was truely heroic and remained calm to the point that he didn’t seem to even feel pain. Whatever it is that gave him that calm I hope it disturbed the muscum filth that cut his throat.

      • Excellent point. His calmness and acceptance of his situation was the ultimate F-Y to those bastards. While I am also not religious, it is a demonstration to those bastards that people of other religions gain significant power from their beliefs, and that they face a formidable foe in trying spread the disease of Islam.

    • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video either. I watched one similiar to this and it made me lose sleep and depressed the heck out of me. I don’t ever want to grow accustomed to viewing so much of this sick and twisted stuff that eventually it doesn’t affect me. I’ll take everyone eles word for it. Like you, what you wrote, about supernatural peace that only the good Lord can provide, it’s a consolation to think that he experienced no pain, that he was a peace and resolved because the sweet face of Jesus himself was all he saw. I think of that movie the “Brave Heart” when Mel Gibson was being disemboweled, brutally, and just as they chopped off his head, his wife walked up in spirit to be with him, he died with a peaceful smile on his face. I envision something like that with this young man and it indeed provides me with consolation. To think of what goes on in these terrifying Muslim countries, even right now, as we speak, with the lives of fellow human beings, sinister! We are all in a fox hole people, and you know what they say about foxholes, right?

      • Dear Mother of 5, You made a good point about the scene in Braveheart, and yet, this young Christian man was even more of a Braveheart, I would think. Odds are, since he was a convert to Christianity from Islam, that he was very likely the only Christian in his family. It was probably someone in his family who turned him in to the local Muslim headcutters. But, when he became a Christian, he became my brother, and part of a very, very large family, comprised of hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. I support a group called Voice of the Martyrs, which stands up for Christians persecuted and martyred around the world by Muslims. Many people who have been assisted by that group have told stories of when they were being tortured by Muslims, that in the very worst moments, they were comforted by an angel sent by G-d himself. Sometimes the angel even helped them escape their captors. I pray that in his last moments, this young man was comforted by an angel, until the moment where he was taken into the arms of G-d Himself. G-d rest him.

  8. So why do these revolting creatures cover their faces while committing these horrendous horrific acts! They should at least have the conviction of their beloved Allah to do this w/out hiding! Why isn’t this on our news! We go to jail for being racist if we even tell one of these nasty savages to go back where they came from!!!! I DON’T GET IT!

    • Rcar, frankly, I’m shocked that this video has remained on the internet for nearly 24 hours. Forget ever seeing it on the News.

  9. Once the shit starts anywhere near me there will be no mercy on muzzies and especially not for dhimmis and other appeasers and traitors.

  10. Interestingly enough, this video was broadcast on Egyptian TV and the talkshow host was noticeably disturbed and said “Is this Islam?”. Well now you know.

    • Yes this is the true face of Islam in all its ugliness. As other commenters here have said and I completely agree, Islam is a demon driven religion. The very fact that Islam loves death and not life is a pretty big cluebat, along with their truly demonic hatred for Christianity second only to their hatred for the Jews. Also they seem to love all that is vile and hate anything good.

      If we in the west are not willing to fight back against Islam (which has again and again OPENLY declared war against us, we will lose. We are at war with this religion whether we realise it or not.

      • “Also they seem to love all that is vile and hate anything good.”

        Which is why the Left support them.

    • Yes. He seemed genuinely deeply disturbed. Millions of Muslims are in denial over this aspect of their religion but when confronted with it in all its bloodcurdling brutality many of them with any humanity left will be like this presenter. Hopefully, millions of Muslims and leftists will be exposed to the reality which this video shows. Then they have nowhere to hide, nothing to disguise this evil in the name of Allah and the false prophet.

      Rev 19:20

      “And the beast was taken and the false prophet…These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

      See also Rev. 16: 13, 14 and chapter 19 to see what we are leading up to.

      • river, this went viral in the muslim world, and they are denying it happened in Tunisia or that a muslim did it.

      • Yes, it’s still up in Arabic although it’s been removed on some sites, I believe. The thing is: the imam is chanting about the polytheists etc., and that means Christians who are a tiny and extremely vulnerable minority in the new Western backed Tunisia where shariah rules. The Egyptian presenter understood the words and was shocked. Muslims can deny anything. Why are they not loud and proud of this to the rest of mankind ? BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT’S EVIL.

  11. Halal. They practice inflicting pain and suffering on animals first and then humans or vice versa? Be aware of halal meats, which are infecting our society.

  12. Fucking savages! Let no one tell you that the penalty for apostasy isn’t death. Bookmark this and fling it in their faces.

    May this courageous young man find peace in heaven.

  13. Can you send this video to Obama and Hillary the two dumb shits who keep speaking about how wonderful Islam is. Hillary telling the world what nice folks live in Indonesia. Why does the west continue to deny such atrocities taking place daily by Muslims? This video should be show on every major news network so the world knows what evil savages Muslims really are.

      • I’ve SENT a lot of articles and CBS and asked why don’t they tell the world about this, about what’s REALLY going on in the world instead of reporting day old crap news which I call “fillers” But of course, still silence!! Which is so unbelievable! What the hell is wrong with these reporters? Oh ahhhhhh, that’s right they’re too busy kissing the muslim in chief in the White House’s ass and covering up for him! What happened to reporters that had guts and told the truth?

  14. I can’t even comprehend the bravery of this person. He didn’t even flinch. Obviously, his beliefs were providing him with comfort.

    Australia should open its borders to these poor Christians that are trapped in these backward Muslim hell holes, and stop importing the Muslim scum that is invading Australia.

  15. ROP at it’s freakin finest! People need to WATCH THIS and START waking up and seeing this for what it is instead of turning their blind eyes, as our PsOS in THIS administration are doing – Where in the hell is the out rage at what these inbred Sociopaths DO in the name of Allah! My god, that’s sick! What’s going to happen when THIS happens here? People forget about Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg -and 9/11; Why?? These people WILL NEVER change- THEY HATE and I Detest them ALL!!!

  16. My dear brother in Christ, you brutally lost your life on earth, but God Himself and all the Heavenly Host welcomed you home.
    “he who loses his life for My sake shall find it.” Amen and Amen.

  17. I cannot bear to watch this video, but I just want to say that this Christian man stands in my stead, for I know that if I lived were Islam was dominant, this could easily be me.
    We thought the age of the martyred saints was in the past, but it is now.
    As long as the left sees Christianity as an antiquated myth that hampers their progressive “progress” and the poor, downtrodden Muslims worthy of their sympathies and support, then this same fate awaits many of us.
    It makes ones ask the ultimate question – are you willing to die for your beliefs?
    Many people have no strong beliefs and it is this void that has made Islam stronger, for those people except Islam rather than die or be treated as a serf.
    Islam is the army of Satan. Muslims prove it every moment of every day.
    This is what it is really ultimately all about, the battle between good and evil.
    The left cannot see things in stark contrast; they muddy the clear water with all the shades of grey.
    I was sharing emails with a young Tunisian man right after the fall of its dictator and he was so full of hope for his country as an example of Muslim tolerance and he emailed me pics of beautiful Christian Churches in Tunisia.
    I wonder what he thinks now?

  18. This filmed event is doing exactly what what was intended – creating horror, revulsion and most importantly – FEAR.

    This is what muslims have always done before
    conflict in order to demoralise their enimies
    and hopefully ensure a cheap victory over the kuffar, in this case – Europe.

    Just store these images away until oneday the
    opportunity arises when those present can exact vengence.

    Dogs driven mad with Rabies and muslims driven insane by the teachings of the koran are a threat to all decent living things.

    The answer to them both is the same and will
    take most of this century to achieve.

    Reflect on what you have just witnessed, and
    let it fortify your resolve, for if you want
    to keep your freedom – your going to have to fight for it.

  19. O/T just a little.
    Update on demons.
    Satan has created a brand new demon not seen before. This particular demon is about one and a half feet tall. Has a small snout that protrudes just slightly with yellow/green needle sharp teeth. Predominately, black wiry, hair/fur with grey and brown touches in it. And ears that look like a cats ears. Its hind haunches are much bigger than its front legs. It has a sort stubby tail like a minx. And has the general attitude characteristics of a wolverine when cornered. Its eyes change colors from red, orange, and yellow, black to a green but no blue.
    It has an odor of rotting human flesh and sulfur.
    This demon’s purpose is to possess humans and animals, and AFTER the possession and when the opportunity arises, attack another human or animal and eat that victim as ferociously as possible.
    We have already seen an example of this with the man eating the face of the homeless guy and having to be shot by the police officer. The officer did right in stopping this attack, except the demon is now in another being. It jumps from body to body, when the host is killed. To completely stop this demon, it must be cleared [exorcised] and sent to Jesus Christ for proper handling. Jews/Christians are the only people on earth to be able to rid a possessed person of these new demons -which I call FACE EATERS. If anyone out there has a better name, I am open to suggestions.

    • Of course, Muslims are afraid of demons that molest them while they are in the bathroom on the toilet, and evil demons that pull hairs out of their butts when they pray and urinate in their ears while they sleep so that they do not hear the call to prayer.

      I’ve heard of demons called Face Sitters that try to suffocate you by sitting on your face. And they are usually big and fat and often totally naked.

      I remember an alien being called the Face Hugger that would cling to the face of individual and impregnate a person with an alien fetus, which when mature would burst through the chest of the person. That was on the movie “Alien.”

      Is this new demon related to any of those?

  20. My prayers are with this victim of the death cult. It’s enough to permanently scar your soul to see such barbarism. All Christians trapped in these countries need to get out now, or this is their fate. The Muslims will kill the infidels wherever they find them. This is what Allah commands. Sick!

    • He doesn’t need your prayers now, friend. He is with his Lord in heaven. These murderers and abettors need prayed for although one wonders if they are too far gone, because what awaits them will make them wish they had never been born.


      “…and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God…and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years…this is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power…”

  21. This beloved young Christian man is now with his maker in Heaven. May his soul be at peace and may the people of the devil who did this rot in hell after they have suffered in hell. They deserve nothing less.

    • AMEN!!!! May his soul rest in peace and the Love of God Almighty!!

      As to his murderers: they’ll be rotting in Hell all right until the Last Judgement – after it, if they haven’t repented at some time in this earthly life, they’ll die all over again in the Lake of Fire!!!!!

  22. Note that he did not cry out… seemed to not even flinch. That’s G-D working, there.

    If we take heed and stop giving ANY support to any of the Mohammedan nations (this includes drilling, refining, and using OUR OWN OIL SUPPLIES), they can soon be isolated to their own little section, and as money dries up, so will their ability to buy stuff, such as FOOD.

    Also, stop selling or shipping food to the Mohammedan world (most of which has arable land inadequate to the needs of the population); make them dedicate themselves to producing sufficient food to feel their people. They think that their petroleum supplies will allow them to tell the non-Mohammedan world what to do, and that if we do not they can cut us off. Well, do them one better: embargo FOOD and spare parts to fix desalination facilities.

    Let’s play, “Who can hold out the longest?” As there are, in fact, more than sufficient petroleum supplies in the non-Mohammedan world to actually supply the needs of the West for probably the next 300 or so years with CURRENT petroleum-extracting technology (sorry, China, but we won’t be selling YOU any petroleum, either), I suspect that if we showed the will, we could run the Mohammedans down to tranquility, if not subservience.

    • D.S.D. Well said ! But the muslim we have now in command in the white house will hear none of it. Neither will the muslims he has appointed to the DHS, that is supposedly there to keep us safe and is only abusing little kids and grannies at airports.Neither will any of the gender confused, muslim apologetic heads of cabinet level positions.
      First thing first. Get rid of him and clean house on his traitorous appointees.
      UUhhh — Don’t forget the Senate either.

  23. Fucking animals !
    I tell you now people,the world is waking up to these filthy bastards.

    RIP to the poor MAN.

    • Please do not equate these sub-humans with animals

      They are not animals.

      Animals kill to eat

      Animals do not kill for the pleasure of it.

    • And CAIR is the U.S. government sanctioned organization that’s FIGHTING to have sites like this shut down and any other site that shows the TRUTH about ISLAM so they can spread this shit all over it by shutting down the 1st Amendment by criminalizing hate speech!

      Its utterly SHOCKING that CAIR and ISNA and all these other America, Freedom hating bastards are allowed to fight us on our own phukin soil!

    • I have to disagree with the “poor man” comment, note he refused to renounce which he knew to be the truth, not a poor man at all, saved more like it.

  24. In answer to the commentator’s Question: “Is this Islam?!” Damn right it is!! A demented demonic DEATH CULT that brings nothing but death and destruction like the PERV Prophet and his father Satan that started this!! “Allahu Akbar”!!…My arse,you filthy demented SOB’s….AND the FINAL CRUSADE IS COMING assholes so get ready to die for “Allah” and Islam, and the man in the video that had his head removed will be one of the martyrs of the Apocalype, waiting under the Altar in Heaven for the Final Crusade to draw to an end at Armageddon when you muslimes will receive what you REALLY have coming to you and be wiped off Planet Earth!!

  25. Most Moslems in America right now approve of beheading apostates exactly like this.

    Why is the government bringing in more immigrants with these draconian views?

    • Could be for campaign contributions from Muzzies and/or votes, since Muzzies will almost always vote for democrats.

      Some universities are also receiving money from Muzzies in Saudi Arabia.

      For some gaining temporary money and power, is more important than the well-being of non-Muslims. In their short-sightedness, they’re also putting their own life, and their children in danger, as the Muzzie population continue to grow.

  26. The God of all life commanded:


    No one gets a free pass to break God’s holy Laws because of their religion-political system.

    • Muslims will tell you they are not suppose to harm or kill innocent men women or children, more Taqiya. What they dont tell infidels is that it “ONLY” applies to other Muslims because only Muslims are “innocent” non Muslims are guilty of the sin of being “UNBELIEVERS”

      Doesn’t apply to infidels, only Muslims.

      • first,Taqiya is in shiaa dogma(minority of muslims believe in it),majority of them are in IRAN.
        As a suni muslim:I can tell you “you are my brother in humanity”our father is adam,our mother is eve.
        and about being you a nonmuslim ONLY GOD judge you in judjement day.

        these words came out from my heart and i hope that it enters your heart.

  27. Thank you for being one of the few sites that has the honesty to show Islam for what it is. Our 5th column is to busy knifing us in the back to show us this stuff.

  28. Why is Islam tolerated? It should be destroyed utterly! Why do liberals not see it for what it is? How are they so blind? I hate Islam with all my heart because it’s the largest obstacle to world peace by far! It is pure evil, and the non muslim world better wake up and fast! I just hope that it’s not too late.

    • “Why do liberals not see it for what it is? HOw are they so blind?” oh contrar fellow Patriot, proud black Kafir, they do see it for what it is, and they approve of it. This is what they are hoping for, especially for those of us under the Christian banner. Their belief system is basically the same as the head hunters of islam. Just remember, when the time comes, and the push back is at your door, by all means find a fellow traveler, as in the progressive type, put him in the same hurt locker are you do with the head slitters, and do unto them as they have done to others, the both of them right in front of each other, payback is best served cold. You may not have the heart or stomach for it, if not, leave it to those of us who have and the job will get done. Semper Fi.

      • Ret. Marine: It’s guys like you and posts like that that make me proud to be an American. Semper Fi? You bet!! To the end. No matter what.

  29. Very brave young man. If there is indeed a heaven I believe he must be there. Islam is the greatest threat to the world today!

    • Allahu Akbar means “Allah is greater”. It is an ellipsis for “Allah is greater than all live matters:money,trade,family,

  30. These people are pure evil. They should never be able to set foot in this country. Where is the out cry for this man from our leaders?

      • BNI-
        Have you heard of something called “Tubecatcher?”
        I was reading about it recently. You can catch vids from youtube so that you may keep them when they are pulled.

  31. Those islamists are fucking with fire. It is just a matter of time, somewhere soon I would imagine ethnic cleansing of those pagan assholes will start again. When it does, the world hopefully will turn a blind eye to it.

    • Make a start, don’t just talk about it. Do you have free city newspapers? If so, copy a one letter page size article from ‘The Garudian’, ‘The Independent’, or similar leftard outlet, if they cover this event. Then make say 100 copies; share the cost with friends if you need to.

      Instead of taking one free copy, take say twenty, and quickly put them in your bag. Somewhere out of sight, insert one of your articles into each newspaper. Then put those back into another newspaper box, while withdrawing one fresh one, for appearances. You could go back to the same box later; no one would think you were putting papers in. Repeat elsewhere or on other days.

      If you don’t have free newspapers make pole spam, or fly post. Then the message should be short and eye catching, and stick to facts. Otherwise Doggy Doogie will call out the FBI, CIA, DHS, the Dhimmicrat party etc. to witch hunt the evil people promulgating news.

      • OBOMBMA and the DHS and TSA and Agenda 21 will soon be cutting our heads off. We better start fighting them. They have everything in place now to take over America.

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