You know you’ve gone too far when you can enrage a group of Buddhists this much

Buddhist Mob in Myanmar beats 10 Muslims to death in retaliation for the rape and murder of a young girl by Muslim men.

VLAD TEPES (H/T Seriously?)  About 300 people belonging to the Buddhist majority stopped a bus carrying Muslims from a religious gathering, dragged 10 of them out and beat them to death before burning the vehicle in Taunggup, in the state of Rakhine, 300 kilometers north of Yangon, the state television reported.

Anti-Muslim pamphlets were distributed in the region after a young Rakhine girl had been allegedly raped and murdered by three Muslim men.


Graphic photos of the damage done by the Buddhists to the Muslims in video below:

Well apparently, Youtube removed the video for disgusting content. So let’s go to the photos:


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  1. Those muslims got what was coming to them – they are rapists one and all – and it is good example to get these fuckers under some social control – that they are unable to implement over themselves. They are so repressed and socially fucked up they are constantly hassling and assaulting women – they are not real men who can handle talking to and respecting women – they are all so desperate to prove themselves as men to each other that all they do is trash on the more vulnerable social group – women. Muslims are pathetic – damn, even Buddhists hate them, actually so do Hindus, Jews, Christians, and all other normal and productive social bodies!

  2. Bare Naked Islam rocks. Buddhists rock. United they will crush the seed of Satan which is Islam.

    Plus no one seems to care. Do not forget the Bengali muslims are not in the same league as the Arabs, the so called Arab League. They are usually slaves of Arabs in Saudi etc. So it is no surprise that they get killed and no one gives a damn. That is kinda refreshing. Usually the UN holds a special session if a hair on the beard of Palastinan Arab Muslim is harmed in anyway.

  3. This excellent blog by Don Laird Edson, Alberta, Canada tables the absolute truth. The problem is not Multiculturalism; the problem is that Multiculturalism does not have a house rule which bans all ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Belief Systems’ that have only one mission to conquer and destroy ‘Freedom.’ Islam has only one objective as instructed by evil Pedophile Muhammad and that is to destroy all unbelievers that refuse to submit to Islam. Therefore I say as a historical record to all persons and politicians around the world wake up and ban Islam. Hard Core reality is the fact that any person that accepts and tolerates Islam in speech and favour and refuses to expel ‘Jihad Muslims’ demands when they have the power to expel their insideous behaviour is by true reality guilty of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’ To accept Islam is to accept indecency and such acceptance is a betrayal of decency and all wholesome values that strengthen ‘True Freedom’.

    fails to stop ‘Islamic

  4. There are only three things you must understand about muslims and islam whenever and where ever they show up misery blood and death are sure to follow.

  5. Muslims have killed kafirs in millions through centuries, more brutally than these.

    Kafirs at least can protest a few.

  6. U.S. Nuclear testing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran!

    After all, India and China need parking spaces.

  7. BTW, I once wrote a comment on You Tube (after being accosted by hugely negative comments directed against America and the Troops) that went something like “Death and Disease to the Muslim Horde and to all those who oppose the Great Seal of the United States of America. I received a virus in return and was banned from YouTube for a long time. point is, Iv’e seen other horrors on YouTube, but they weren’t dead MUSLIMS. Just dead OTHER PEOPLE. Draw your own conclusions.

  8. First, Don, one of the best posts ever written here. thank you.
    Second, BNI, is there a way to extract Don’s post by itself as I would love to send that to everyone I know and untold count to those I don’t (yet).
    Third, while I have a hard time condoning the deaths of those who may not have been involved in the girl’s death, by aquiecense alone, all silent Muslims are guilty.
    Fourth, just as when politicians and law enforcement said ” don’t fight back, it’ll only make it worse…” in regards to rape or robbery, that ‘don’t fight back” stance only made crime more common by embolding would be criminals. So too has our “tolerance” emboldened the Muslims. When retribution occurs with regularity and AWESOME fury, at first Muslims will complain, again trying to take advantage of our civility. Once that falls on deaf ears, then and only then will they be given pause for thought. The problem Islam has now is the internet has created a vast and immediate communication network, we’re “waking up” way ahead of schedule, and we’re waking up grumpy! On “the wrong side of the bed”. I just hope this retribution saves the life of a young victim yet to be.

  9. Who wants to reach this point where you can slaughter a human being in such a manner, but we must fight fire with fire. Randomly killing muslims because they are muslims when muslims have committed a crime doesn’t seem right, but I believe muslims have waged a war upon non-muslims and non-muslims need to admit this and start fighting back.

  10. Myanmarese buddist have good chance of survival.

    Thailand have very little hope , they will
    be butchered one by one as their govt looks the other way…………its the same for christians in Nigeria.

    If other non muslims don’t wake up they will soon be left to fend for themselves
    as govt looks the other way.

    • Don’t worry, France people wakes up, Europe wakes up … !!!

      The leftist, traitors, will be hang SHORT & SHORT – remember 1789 in France !!!

      This AIDS, this cancer will soon meet its cancel !!!

      No prisonners !!!

      I invite you to view my english subtitled videos as I’m a frenchman :-)))

      You know now why I’m supporting my israélis brothers, as I do with my buddhists ones, or Christian ones…

      • BOBBY, please send updates and videos of what’s going on in Paris with the Muslims. I try to find them but know I must miss some of the good ones.


    • You’re right Friend, I agree with you about mohamerde, and I share your fate…

      I’m a frenchman, and, we, in France, in Europe, are FED UP with thes muzztards !!

      I invite you to view my english subtitled videos about ISLAM, and problem we meet with !!

      Feel free to disseminate, to spread any videos you find interesting :-)))

      I live close to Paris, the biggest area in France …

  12. Message of this history:

    It’s impossible to be tolerant with the intolerance (most intolerant people on earth — aka muslims).

    It’s impossible to be a good individual when you are surrounded by the evilest and filthiest people on the world (aka muslims).

  13. Excellent news! And there’s me thinking Buddhism is one of thee most peaceful faiths on the planet. I guess when it comes to disgusting, sexual crimes that muslims commit on who they see as a kuffar/infidel.. religion goes out of the window, pity devout Christians always seem to forgive them. My total respect goes to the Buddhists, they did the right thing, as I bleeding would!

    Sorry, but I don’t adhere to the following..

    Matthew 5:44

    Aramaic version:

    “But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you.”

    I prefer this:

    Matthew 5:38

    Aramaic version:

    “You have heard that it was said, “An eye in exchange for an eye, and a tooth in exchange for a tooth.”

    Revenge is sweet.

    • Matthew 5:44 coincides with Romans 12:20, which says: “On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” That’s pretty intense, too.

    • Actually, the Mosaic law that the mis-informed love to quote as indicative of the “barbarity” of the Old Testament is, in fact, one of the earliest RECORDED calls to fair treatment and equality before the law.

      Nearly ALL other law codes of the time weighted punishments and fines according to the social status, class, or wealth of the persons involved. What you have with the Mosaic Law is a call that ALL within the society and its territorial boundaries be subject to the SAME laws; which is partly why, when Yeshua was confronted with the woman allegedly taken in adultery by SOME of the Jewish religious leaders and asked what should be done with her, He wrote on the ground and then said “Let you who is without sin among you cast the first stone.” The Law says that both the man and the woman found guilty of adultery were to be stoned. Where was the man? G-d knows that it takes two CONSENTING adults to commit adultery *otherwise it’s rape, and that’s another kettle of fish*, and since he was not present, stoning her would have been illegal under the Mosaic law, in any case. Even TRYING her would have been a damnably (no pun intended) difficult task.

      I understand your point, but I felt the need to clarify what it’s all about. I also hope to disabuse any Judaeo-Christian-hating lefties of the notion that only a completely secular law system can bring justice to all. History has shown THAT is not the case (just look at the Nuremberg Laws if you need convincing).

      I’ll shut up now, because I’m starting to run on… :)

  14. It’s a great day in the Buddhists neighborhood, they have rid there selves of 10 Muslims,this is 10 that won’t commit any crimes. I know,I know this is not what the world wants, mob justice,but until our politicians stop being political correct and see these people for what they are they will continue there barbaric ways and in the process many good people will be ,tortured,killed. ***Wake up World***

  15. I have said before on this site that I am non-religeous, but I have a little Buddha on my bedside cabinet, because of their grace and peaceful demeanour.

    I saw recently, the Buddhist’s anger at the treatment of the Myanmar Govt. towards them and the people. So I guess it comes as no surprise of their actions in this incident. Beware the Buddhist’s of Myanmar!

    Good comments on this post esp. ‘Don Laird’ and ‘juripari’. And to Steve S, you’re correct, but even peaceful people need a backup.
    And BNI’s reply to “Wilhelm, the Leftard – intellectual”.

      • Yes it was. A vital part of Bushido. Zen Buddhism was/is a warrior’s faith. It blended well with native Japanese Shintoism, and was quite similar to Marcus Aurelius’ Neo-Platonism.

  16. Well done!It is cultural war. And some cultures can live together,others can be integrated and respected,but there are cultures which musn’t survive: Mohammedanism

  17. Excellent. But no doubt there will be a huge backlash. The world needs to see these pictures but given past experience the media will no doubt will put it’s lying agenda out to the world turning this into something very much at odds with the truth. I sincerely hope that this Budhists reaction will stop these vile muslims in their tracks but I doubt it.

  18. There is one thing worse than totalitarian regimes that stifle freedom: mob rule.

    When a brutal rape is committed, the ideal response is by the legally constituted government, to track down, try and punish the rapist.

    Mob violence against people who had nothing to do with the rape invites retaliation by a mob of their partisans.

    The government in that part of the world ain’t worth a shit. Worse yet, Islam tells Muslims that they have a right to plunder and rape kurffar. Our blood and property are not sacred to them. There is only one answer to this: send the Muslims home; get them out of areas where they can prey on Buddhists.

  19. Sorry if this is off topic. But last night while flipping thru sites I came across one that was showing pics and vids depicting muslim attrocities. I can’t remember the site, I had to turn the computer off. It was a short vid of a young man sitting down. There were a few men in the background that to the best of my knowledge were muslims just casually hanging out. Don’t seem bad does it? But the guy in the chair was missing his upper jaw below the nose and all off his lower jaw and a good part of his neck. This guy was still alive. The upper torso and head seamed to move and when he blinked a coupla times I felt my heart break. During this video someone points to the awful wound. I heard casual speaking in the background. I have had problems getting this scene out of my mind. This was after viewing pics of women and children mutilated with acid. Pics of chopped up children. Just how do you deal with a people who commit such attrocities out of hand and think it is normal and a honorable thing to do to promote thier religion? One of my jobs is at a local grocery store and we have just a few customers come in that are muslims. I get real nervous around them. I know that they don’t see me as human but as an infidel or some sub-human. I feel sorry for a young muslim girl of around 13 or 14 yrs of age knowing that someday she may be sent back to the old country to be married off some first cousing or perhaps an uncle. She seems to be a sweet girl but if her familiy ever thinks she has shamed islam that they may honor kill her. We now have evil openly, brazenly and defiantly walking the land but we are told there is nothing we can say or do about it. We have our own president openly supporting al-qaeda thru its parent entity the muslim brotherhood. Unless I am mistaken al-qaeda and hamas are just militant arms of the muslim brotherhood. Somehow we must do something to fight back. A young black preacher that works part-time with me at my groc job that I call Philly since he is from there and so eh calls me Texas since I was born there. He has no clue about all the Africans being killed by the muslims. He said he was going to check this site out. I have been reaching out to some others but must be low key because some people have no clue and look at me askance sometimes so I don’t push it. I showed him the 9 yr old bhuddist boy beheaded thats on thats linked on this site. It moved him. I told him this is normal for muslims to do. On this site we are educated to the horrors of islam, its like poring water in the pool. Its already wet. Seems we or atleast I must spread the word somewhat. After that vid from last nite its seems I feel more pressure to act in some way. I can say this, by no means am I a violent guy, but violence isn’t the only way to push back. This evil must be stopped. Communism is bad, but its no evil in the way islam is. This is a war we cannot afford to lose. Sorry for the rant but I cant get that poor soul with half a face on his way to death out of my mind.

  20. Best video I’ve ever seen — a symphony of beautiful righteousness. This is the only language these brain-dead, soulless robots understand so let’s speak it loud and clear around the world.

  21. they might get away with murdering -rapeing young girls in a muslim country but no where else in world!you don’t kill those who don’t believe the way you do eather.

    so muslim go home and rape your dead wife and have sex with your ass

  22. Ain’t pay back a bitch?
    Buddhists, probably the most peaceful of any religion that I’m aware of, finally have had enough of the muzzturds!
    I wonder if they’ll be labeled “racists” or “Asians”? oh, wait….
    It would be so ironic that the impending violent backlash against moslem scum would be started by non-violent Buddhists 😀
    Anyway the muzzturds shouldn’t complain – they get their 72 virgins – don’t they?

  23. Beastiality Pedophilia Necrophilia Incest FGM Anti Semitism Honour Murder Assault Perjury Anti All Religions Anti Democracy
    Anti Womens Rights Anti Music Anti Dancing
    Anti Intergration Anti Freethought but
    Pro Social Welfare thats why SHARIA sucks to piss the Buddists off about time we followed their example and start spreading what will happen if these events keep happening.I notice that in Great Britain not very many Muslims can be seen at the Queens Jubilee Celebrations.Rather than the EDL we should have a WDL Western Defence League and start confronting this cancer.If Muslims want to live in our society they need to be compliant with our laws and what is acceptable in our society if not go back to the shitholes they came from .Syria sounds nice at this time of year all lovely Sharia Laws to follow.

  24. Great to hear peace loving people, not being pacifists, but actively defending themselves. May more and more Budddhists, Hindus, Christians, etc. follow their example, and defend themselves against the Muzzy invaders.

  25. Norway and(and Europe) Swedens citizens need to take some lessons from this. STOP letting the muzzies get away with rape in your countries!

  26. Well only muslim scum has managed to piss off the peaceful Buddist….. never heard of anyone else other than these fucktards whom have pushed the Buddists to kill as thats not in their peaceful nature. Obviously theyve had enough of these peices of shit and shown them a taste of muslims shitards owm medicine. I applaud and support the Buddists they have the courage to enforce poetic justice and not kowtow. As others are saying on here payback is a bitch muzscum hope you learned your lesson and to not fuck with the Buddists!! domehow I dont think the inbred muzscum will learn. How can they learn when most if not all have an IQ of -1000 lol.

  27. Sometimes Buddhists have been known to be cruel and intolerant. I’ve been reading and watching things lately on the dark side of Buddhism and Buddhist societies. They are not perfect.

    But Buddhism generally teaches and preaches non violence. So in this case, I will say that the Muslims probably started it, given their penchant for violence and being shit disturbers, and they got what they deserved.

    Too bad! But that’s karma!

    • I just read the post more fully! It is karma! They did get what they deserved, even if these were not the actual perpetrators. Because they would defend the purpetrators and doing the will of Allah. Those Muslims thought they were entitled to raping a young kuffar girl! Not so fast!

    • “Buddhism generally teaches and preaches non violence. So in this case, I will say that the Muslims probably started it” Huh? have you been living under a rock or belong to Code Pink?

  28. If more people would fllow the example of these Busshists we would have fewer girls raped and murdered in this world

  29. My God, are the “peaceful” Buddists the ONLY ones who’re prepared to stand up to the godless mudslimes?!? Although very grim and gruesome, and I’m still hesitant re urging bloody revenge (prefer “unforgiving justice” instead), I can quite understand and sympathize with the Buddists, who’ve experienced countless acts of terror from the mudslimes; only this time, they’d had it – and definitely needed to send a strong message!!

    If this bloody act serves to deter future terrorist attacks on the Buddists, then it will, indeed, have been an “unforgiving justice” – albeit a “vigilante justice…”

    • Buddists are very sensitive to tolerance and intolerance. Zen practitioners in particular need to be more vocal in their opposition to Islam. Not accepting intolerance is vital for our species improvement. Don put it very eloquently – and showed “we” are tolerant, peacable societies – the only issue we have is with intolerant, totalitarian Islam.

  30. MUZZIES are evil and need to be shut down for good! I am sick and tired of the MUZZIES Killing innocent people.. MUZZIES have been killing innocent people for 1,400 years…Get rid of the MUZZIES and Commies and that IS when you’ll have peace in the world!

  31. Muslims have been slaughtering the Buddhists for years. I guess they finally had enough and decided to give the Muslims a taste of their own medicine. Payback’s a bitch.

  32. This one can be laid to Osama. Continuing anti-muslim actions spurred by the destruction of the 2 Bhuddas at Bamyian by al queda/taliban. Initial riots in 2001 – 200 muslims killed and 400 mosques destroyed. Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

  33. Sadly, it’s all the muslims will understand and possibly respect. Hopefully it will prove effective is dealing with the 7th century reprobates.

  34. Slowly, ever so slowly……around the world and on every continent….glowing embers of sullen outrage, indignation and anger are bursting into flames….and did the muslims expect anything less?

    Not content to co-exist peacefully with their neighbors, they, the muslims, have embarked on a course of action that now has the attention of the entire world.

    But it has not always been this way in Canada….it was quieter, much quieter, before our recent guests arrived…..

    I grew up in areas of large cities and smaller towns, in provinces across Canada, that were multicultural long before multiculturalism became the grotesque cancer it is today.

    I grew up with Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Koreans, Poles, Eastern Slavs, Ukrainians, Germans, Portuguese, Italians, Russians, Hindu’s and a wide variety of North American Indians……..and without exception we all got along very well together…….

    Later in life I worked and soldiered with this same diverse group. To say that my life would have been better without these people and the friendships I made would be an outrageous lie.

    From my slavering lust for Genoa salami and mortadella sandwiches….to plates of Chow Mein….to plates running rivers with curry and wedges of Naan bread…to sauerkraut and perogies heaped with bacon, sour cream and fried onions….to steaming bowls of Pho soup laced with eye watering chili sauce….to bratwurst and schnitzel….to potine and tourtiere……to souvlaki and baclava drenched in honey….. to plates of buttered egg noodles dripping with paprika laced goulash… slices of toasted bannock and thick, juicy moose meat steaks…… to dusty rodeos and chuck wagon races and beaming rodeo queens….to big loud noisy Italian weddings with ringing church bells……to bustling open air markets along Danforth where haggling is an art form…to Chinatown with storefront windows draped with BBQ-ed pork and whole chickens and ducks….to the Chinese medicine stores with all manner of strange wonders in glass jars.

    To those who chose to worship and live differently like the Hutterites who would, hawking their wares, wander down our blocks following pick-up trucks loaded with fresh chickens and vegetables……….to the brightly painted Buddhist temples with prayers flags snapping in the breeze……to those who could not speak without wild gesticulations like the Italians……to Catholic cathedrals with stirring choirs……to the bags of roasted chestnuts sold by ruddy faced old men warming their hands over the flames from cart mounted roasting pans……to the quiet battles waged in parks over chess and checkers by chain smoking old men rubbing foreheads………to my classmates, every single one, as, in September 1972, we rose screaming from our desks at school when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the Canada/Russia series and acquitted Canada in glorious fashion…… and all of this, from Cape Spear to Long Beach….from Inuvik to Coutts….all of this bound together by a national anthem……”Oh Canada”….. all of this bound by a fierce pride and quiet gratitude in being Canadian……it was unspoken but it coursed through our veins….each and every one of us.

    How far we have come from that…….now we are gifted with the “Hyphenated Canadian”……..

    And of all the Hyphenated-Canadians, as despicable as they are for their self entitled arrogance, selfishness and haughty demands for accommodation and capitulation to their every whim and desire….for their manipulations of our immigration laws and regulations and welfare benefits…..of all of them, rising from the masses with a new standard of arrogance and entitlement….. are the muslims.

    Muslims…..almost singular in their outrageous and injurious behavior….almost singular in their desire to destruct, to destroy and to divide, their vexing malevolence knows no bounds.

    From Valley Park Middle School where little girls are treated as human garbage for their menstruation’s, treated as such in accordance with the edicts of vile, poisonous old men…… the Toronto 18 plotting a festival mass murder and terror……….to the slaughter of children and wives to assuage the delicately bruised egos of brutish, cowardly neanderthals wrapped in the cloak and rhetoric of religious propriety……to the blackened eyes of errant housewives, a reflection of her insufficiencies of housework, culinary skills or sexual performance…… the assaults on our culture and customs and traditions…….to the mosques and madrassahs, shrilly demanding public funding and secretly instilling a seething hatred of the “filthy, unbelieving Kufar” and the “evil conniving Jew”………oh yes………muslims, ever the community players…..ever the lovers of peace…..have followed, to the letter, the murderous ramblings and poisonous lies of the greatest madman to ever walk the face of this planet…..muhammad.

    Let us not forget the thinly and not so thinly veiled threats of violence and the vigorous programs of lawfare as they use our criminal justice system, tribunals and avenues of civil litigation as personal weapons of intimidation.

    Their efforts, these muslims, these malcontents, are hardly inclusive, hardly harmonious as they seek out the protections afforded those full participants in a democracy, afforded citizens who truly are injured and seek redress. They use those protections to harass and injure us with specious and vexatious claims… that overly litigious, thin skinned, vile little puffed up, pretentious, Pakistani peacock, Syed B. Soharwardy……..the vulgar little “Cartoon Cowboy of Calgary”………with his insipid ramblings….a vulgar little man who drained a couple of million dollars of tax-payers money away funding an Alberta Human Rights Commission witch hunt…..a witch hunt to mend his battered muslim sense of propriety. How utterly wretched….. how utterly muslim.

    In short, as reflected in Western countries around the globe, there is no other group who has so tirelessly, so unswervingly and so diligently, assaulted the very men and women who opened their doors to them and offered them little else but kindness, generosity and hospitality.

    This video above…is, on an international scale, the growing backlash they have so diligently cultivated. Now, they can be scarcely heard to complain……its a backlash they richly deserve.

    In closing….trouble me not with arguments about the “Good Muslim”……in their absence and in their silence and in their refusal to publicly and loudly condemn the murderous hobbies of their brethren can be found volumes truthfully spoken to their sullen complicity and wholehearted agreement with the same.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Wow. Excellent post. It completely sums up my own views. It is so good that we have this site to help us realise that we aren’t alone in our views on the death cult.

    • I have never seen a better response to the malignant tumor that Islam is to North America.
      As a fellow soldier in arms, I know that freedom is not free.
      Unfortunately, most of the Left leaning sheep in the United States are more concerned with not being called a racist than with defending the republic. How pathetic
      These monsters have to be stopped.

      • You’re a bloody moron and a disgrace to the intellectuals in general. Leftists are usually the most active in defending the people around the against the barbaric banner of Islam and ridiculous policies of religions in general. Has any GOP representative ever stood up and spoken out against the malignant cancer of Islam without being concerned with being branded a “racist”? By the way, Muslims are not a race so get your facts straight before saying something this intellectually inept.

        • Wilhelm, do you want a list of GOP reps who have stood up against Islam?

          Just off the top of my head.

          Allen West
          Newt Gingrich
          Herman Cain
          Sue Myrick
          Pete Hoekstra
          Trent Franks
          Rick Santorum

        • That’s too easy, let’s make it harder, can you off the top of your head, list any liberals who have stood up to islam?
          another easy one, can you name any democrats who have kowtowed to islam?

        • Chris, Question 1 – NO, I can’t. Even Joe Lieberman fails on that one.

          Question 2 – Most of them, judging by their silence on the issue.

        • NOTHING of the sort, you LIAR!!!!

          We know better than to believe you – it’s so obvious that you’re in absolute cahoots with the Moslem soul-murderers, since you so extol the leftists who’ve been bringing over and dumping that Moslem garbage upon our Western nations and communities, aiming to destroy our entire Judæo-Christian, Western civilisation!!!!

          You Commies are liars on the same debased plane as your Moslem “allies”!!! God Willing, just as we’ll kick the Moslems back out to Saudi Arabia and Iran, we’ll ensure you Marxists are dumped into North Korea, your favourite “workers’ paradise!!!”

          Where did we Westerners get our ethics and morality from?? From Judaism and Christianity – NOT that soul-murdering pair of monsters Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (not to mention their followers Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot and their many underlings and followers)!!!!!

        • Dear Ms. BNI: I believe you can tell that my above post was meant for Wilhelm that Communist and traitor…

        • Mmmmmm, just guessing here, “sheer conjecture”, but my instincts tell me that the a–hole Wilhelm with his typical libtard demeanor that says: “I know better than the rest of you ignorant people”, that he is also an avid supporter of our traitor-in-chief, the “O”!! And hell yes! It is called “karma” or “retribution”!I can say this because my in-laws are Chinese Buddhists, and NOT the type people a bunch of muzzy pukes would want to piss off!!

        • The “moron” here, is you !!

          As explained in the title of this article, buddhists are the most peacefull in the world…

          ISLAM is trying to spread, with problems we are more and more to view !!!

          I invite you viewing my videos on youtube – Im a frenchman – some are english subtitled :

          Please, feel free to comment or reply to me on this channel !!

          We, french people, become more and more FED UP with these NAZISLAMISTS !!

          France is known as the country who saw birthing the human rights – remember 1789 : we cut the king’s head !!! –

          These scums think that we are now only slim they can invade and make slaves with…

          NO, french people are awaking up, as problems with ISLAM are raising up …

          So, SUPPORT to my BROTHERS, Buddhists, Christians, JEWISH, in fact, anybody who refuses NAZISLAMISM !!!

          The day France will wholy wake up, SO WILL EUROPE, and then, THE WHOLE WORLD !!!

        • Cher Compatriote, as you can see, stupidity is universal and knows no boundaries. This moron here who may regard himself as an intellectual would no doubt get on like ‘larrons en foire’ with our so-called philosopher BHL who calls us nazis for loving our country!

        • Have you not comprehended anything I just said? I am an atheist and I have nothing against the Buddhists, certainly the one of the most peaceful demographics in the world, except for Muslims and those who follow the barbaric teachings of Islam.
          And ADHD, I am sorry to displease you and your fantasies over the bible but, I do not believe that women like you are possessions like cattle and deserve to be treated like cattle, raped forcefully, and forced to marry their rapists. I do not believe that disobedient children should be stoned to death. I don’t tolerate bigotry, slavery, and genocide. I don’t believe in the burning of witche because I am a non-believer, with the moral of an atheist, which says all of the things above are evil. So think twice before accusing someone of being a communist. Nice try though.

        • First, I honestly know all too well that VERY FEW leftists have so much as lifted a finger to defy the Islâmic menace!!! Name me those who have, I hereby solemnly DARE YOU to do so!!!!

          Republicans who HAVE stood up to denounce Islâm include Allen West, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, as far as I know (I’m not from – or in – the USA).

          As to atheism: while I know there are decent people who adhere to that “faith” (I know and have known a few personally), what does Communism do but torture and kill believers – especially Christians!!! – IN THE NAME OF ATHEISM and Communism?!??

          Finally, virtually NO Christians whosoever think of women as chattel or appropriately made to marry their rapists!!!

        • Wilhelm, Do you know your left from your right? what part of cognative dissonance do you not understand? It is generally understood that most leftists are in bed with muslims, even the radical ones, and are very keen towards looking the other way in the face of muslim attrocities while screaming bloody murder at lesser ones committed by others. This is the conventional wisdom, and there are plenty of facts to support this. Your insane rant is a contradiction in terms! Have you ever had to take the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Identity) Test before?

          I would even be so bold to suggest the use of your statement above for a textbook definition of the term, “oxymoron” (with an emphasis on the last five letters).

        • Liberals do “look the other way” when Muslims are committing atrocities, but it’s towards more important things like the “war on women” because evil republicans are trying to deny them contraception, and fighting for race and gender selective abortions and redistribution of wealth so we’ll all be equally poor.

        • @ Wilhelm

          You’ve already had a pasting by others, so I’ll go easy.. I’ve got one question, where in the satanic hell did you get idea that “Leftists are usually the most active in defending the people around the against the barbaric banner of Islam”?

          I would love to see the evidence, truly.

          I’m guessing you’re of a Belgian or Italian descent, I would mention German descent.. though I wouldn’t want to embarrass you any further.

        • EW, I’ve only known one leftie celeb trash Islam and that’s Bill Maher, And he is really quite good at it. Can’t think of any politicians though offhand. He has talk show in the US called Real Time. Not sure if you get it over there.

      • The problem we have is that the concept of a religious war is unthinkable to most Americans. In our entire history, we’ve never had one.

        In general, we’ve gotten along fairly well among ourselves. The 1st Amendment is part of our DNA.

        Now we have a religion that specifically repudiates the religious freedom we love. It’s a problem. We have to learn how to defeat the Islamists while not destroying the religious tolerance we’re accustomed to by right.

      • Thank You Keith. an American by birth and a Muslim hater by choice. Islam is a cult not a religion..It must be treated as a cult and eradicated wherever it stands. We must thank the Knights Templar for there fierce defense of Christians and the death they brought to Muslims so many years ago. I pray there blood runs through our veins and we have the courage to do as they did in defense of our culture and our very lives. Death to Islam. May the Christian warriors flourish once again

    • Masterful, Wonderfully written and poetically and philosophically integral within itself~!
      Thank You, Don Laird, for speaking my heart~!

    • Sometimes, I skim over long posts..but this one I sat and read word for word. Great post, and OH so true…

    • You hit the nail on the head. Up until about the time of 9/11, maybe a little before I had no more thought of muslums than I did any other people. But because of their actions and nothing else, I now hate them, and would be willing to fight and kill them if they start something that affects my loved ones or friends or myself directly and it seems to be very close to that.

    • Good job! Thank you for this dauntless post, the time has come to put hesitant skepticism aside and voice the truth as you have done here. A show of toleration can only result in weakness and intimidation.

    • Thanks Don for an excellent post you summed up my own views 100% here in the highlands of Scotland the muslim vermin are slowly arriving yes even here! The U.K. government is so wrapped up in not offending these human bags of sh*t that us normal ordinary citizens are now 2nd class !! (3rd class if your a Scot!!!) Thanks Don and BNI we need more like you

    • Wow! Excellent post, Don… really informative. And I couldn’t agree with you more, having lived and worked in Canada (from the west coast to the east) for 34 years before choosing to retire in a new EU country. I saw exactly what you describe over those years that I lived in Canada – and yes, I surely and sorely miss the great Chinese food in Chinatown! muslims do not deserve any help nor gratitude from the normal people of the world – period. And yes, where are all the so-called “good muslims” (that’s a paradox if I ever saw one!)?

  35. Tolerant / reasonable people from all walks of life usually have an adverse psychological reaction to Muslimss in general. It’s no surprise that even peaceful Buddhist will turn violent at the mere presence of these parasites

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