You know you’ve gone too far when you can enrage a group of Buddhists this much

Buddhist Mob in Myanmar beats 10 Muslims to death in retaliation for the rape and murder of a young girl by Muslim men.

VLAD TEPES (H/T Seriously?)  About 300 people belonging to the Buddhist majority stopped a bus carrying Muslims from a religious gathering, dragged 10 of them out and beat them to death before burning the vehicle in Taunggup, in the state of Rakhine, 300 kilometers north of Yangon, the state television reported.

Anti-Muslim pamphlets were distributed in the region after a young Rakhine girl had been allegedly raped and murdered by three Muslim men.


Graphic photos of the damage done by the Buddhists to the Muslims in video below:

Well apparently, Youtube removed the video for disgusting content. So let’s go to the photos: