Islamic Scholar: “Homosexuality is an anal disease, a well-known medical condition, which can only be ‘calmed down’ by semen”

“A worm grows inside someone who, God forbid, has been anally penetrated, and causes a disease which makes him addicted to anal sex. But, inshallah, Allah protects newborn Shiites from this ‘gay’ devil.” 

Here’s how it works according to the ‘scholar’ – “If a newborn boy is not a Shiite, the devil inserts a finger into the anus of the baby, which turns him into a ‘passive’ homosexual when he grows up. If a newborn girl is not a Shiite, the devil inserts a finger into her vagina, which turns her into a whore when she grows up.” He also outs the King of Morocco and Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, as ‘passive’ homosexuals. 

Yeah, I know, you just make make this stuff up.


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  1. LoL yes i agree with the Cleric but he missed further explanation why Sunni grow up and become Jihadist because the devil inserted 2 fingers when born.

  2. comeing from a relgion where any thing with a pulse is fair game for that relgion and anything without a pulse up to six hours after death that is,sounds like bullshit. and i,m sure the cliric who said this crap has a wirm the size of an anaconda liveing in him and gets multiple injections of semen on a daily way.allso he must be a major stockholder in vasaline and preperation H. what a bunch of hypocrites muslims are

  3. I feel so ignorant for never having known this until now when it was all right there in front of me. It’s like emerging from the science and medicine of caveman times into the Space Age.

    Can we at least acknowledge the contributions Islam has made to medical science and psychology around here, people?

    I smell Nobel Prize for this guy. How could he miss?

    • Calling the leader of the Afghan taliban a homosexual, and a passive one at that…

      This problem solves itself because the Taliban will assuredly cut this sub-primate flopwit into many quivering chunks for insutling their bossman.

  4. “A worm grows inside someone who, God forbid, has been anally penetrated, and causes a disease which makes him addicted to anal sex. But, inshallah, Allah protects newborn Shiites from this ‘gay’ devil.”

    Strangely enough, I read in the 1001/Arabian nights (which is mainly Persian in origin) that a certain Princess engaged in bestiality because of a worm in her vagina.

  5. While I can’t stand Mohammedanism, I also can’t stand political correctness and especially so when applied to science.
    Looks to me like their conclusions about the causes of homosexual perversion are arrived at with about the same scientific reasoning as those in the West today.

  6. Oh boy, this is rich!

    There’s only a two letter difference between “shiite” and “shit”, and they both stink.

    Methinks he speweth too much shiite! He’s obsessed with fingers and butts. Sorta makes you wonder how many little boy’s butts he’s had his fingers up.

    Q) Why do muslim men wrap turbans and keffiyya around their heads?

    A) To hide their curcumcission scars!

    Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😉

  7. And yes, mullahs ‘just make stuff up’ if they think they can get away with it.

    Intelligent people are afraid to contradict them and be denounced as blaspheming apostates who should be executed.

    In Moz countries, everyone lives in constant fear!

  8. It is a POLITICAL crime punishable by death to disagree with orthodox Islam, whether the Shi’ite or Sunnite variety.

    Non-Moslems are sent to hell for the POLITICAL crime of not believing in a paranoid, plagiarizing, psychopathic pedophile pirate.

    (What sane person

  9. I daresay that even ol’ Halal bin-Shakar (aka Satan) is shaking his head and wondering where in all of the Inferno THAT came from. Even SATAN thinks this is some REEEEEEEALLY WAAAACKY S***!

  10. Wait! Wait everybody – something’s gone terribly wrong. The Shias are ‘crying out’ for our help to get them all to Saudi Arabia, where they can commune with the Sunnis; you know, work everything out. We can help the Shia’s, Sufis, Sunnis, Amahdiyas and Alawites ALL come together in the Saudi desert where Islam originated. The misunderstanding of this poor misguided “cleric” is just further proof: it’s time for an Islamic “group hug”. They just need some help getting to their “rightful place” in the kingdom of two holey places. Good King Saud would be so proud! Gather the members of the MSA and the OIC and the ISNA and – of course – our dearly beloved Muslim Brotherhood, ALL together for a desert fun-fest (sort of like Burning Man)! Muslims have been separated from each other for far too long. Muslims have contributed SO MUCH to the rest of the world – it’s time now for us to help them overcome past differences by gathering them all in one place. AND, we can help them even more by making sure they don’t come out again until everything is piece-full between them. Won’t you help?


  11. Medical schools are still 5th Century, evidently,,, Hippocrates was never born, nor Paracelsus, either!
    W O W ~! ~!,,, What TECHNOLOGY~!

    • Hippocrates? He predates Mohammedanism by about 1200 years, at least.

      Still and all, he was definitely more advanced in treating illnesses than Mohammedanism. Of course, so were the Mexica (Aztecs), Inca, most Animists wherever they are from, etc.

  12. Laugh! There’s no reply possible to this.

    It reminds me of their obligation to thoroughly rinse out their nostrils every morning to eject Satan that lives in them at night while they sleep.

    • :-) So they have to perform that “ritual” every morning? Guess they have to count themselves lucky satan didn’t choose to cuddle up elsewhere. Can you imagine them having to stick a hose up their ass every morning?

    • If a Muslim doesn’t get up for his morning prayers because he doesn’t hear the Adhan (call to prayer) it is because the Devil pissed in his/her ear. That is from the Sahih Bukhari, a Sunni Hadith.

  13. This is an actual Hadith from the Shia collection of Hadiths, which are different from the Sunni collection. If you think the Sunni Hadiths are crazy, the Shia Hadiths are even crazier. And the Sunni Muslims actually revile Shias for these Hadiths. The passage referred to is in the book called Tafseer al-Ayyashi, p. 218. It is also found in a couple of other Hadith sources. These are Bihaar al-Anwaar, vol.2 p. 1319 and Tafseer al-Burhaan, vol. 2, p. 300 .

    • Steve, you’re right. I checked. I also read that their ideal guy, mohamed, enjoyed sticking his head between his daughter’s breasts before going to sleep.

    • The Sunni Hadith Bukhari 4:54:506 simply says that a newborn baby cries because Satan touches them, but does not mention any sexual aspect. The Shia Hadith apparently expanded on the Sunni tradition.

  14. What! That is just too funny. And, muslims (perhaps others) actually believe that? Well, there is one thing in commom between islam and christianity. There’s a devil.

      • Oh I more than chuckled over this idiot’s speech. I laughed so much I almost fell out of my chair.
        Exactly, how do they come up with this crap?

        I think he needs a finger inserted somewhere…….

        Perhaps his hat is on too tight.

        • The most funny thing of all is that Muslims expect everyone to take them seriously despite the fact that their claims and beliefs are so utterly absurd.

  15. dont tell america its a disase.. how ironic sperm cures it? lame lame LAME i wish san francisco could hear about this

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