PAKISTAN: Police side with three Muslim men who gang-raped a 13-year-old Christian girl, tortured her family, and caused the deaths of her cousin’s unborn twins

Although the incidents have been registered, police have already declared that one of the three accused, a retired inspector’s son, is innocent in the rape case. In the case for causing two stillbirths, the police are not arresting the accused. What about the one who tortured the family – a slap on the wrist?

Tribune  The rape victim, a 6th grade student, told Civil Judge Mansoor Ahmed Warraich that Irfan, his employee Shahid and an unidentified man had kidnapped her as she walked past Irfan’s house.

She said they drugged her, took her to the fields and raped her. She said she had been unable to cry out as her attackers stuffed some cloth in her mouth. She said that she woke up the next morning still in the fields, roused by family members who had been looking for her since she went missing. She said she had not gone to school since the day of the incident and never wanted to return.

Parveen Bibi, the family matriarch, told The Express Tribune that they had tried to lodge a case first at Domal police chowki, then Saddar police station, Narowal, but the police refused to register an FIR and instead urged the family to reach a settlement with the accused. They refused, and around 10 days later an FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code was finally registered at the police station.

A medical examination of the victim was conducted and established that she had been raped.

Parveen said that the accused and others then attacked the family to put pressure on them to reach a compromise and withdraw the case. She said on May 8 Irfan, his father Safdar Ali (the retired inspector), Salman Arshad, Asad Ali, Rashid Ali and Muhammad Boota invaded their home and beat up the family. She said women and children were also beaten. As a result of the attack, she said, her daughter-in-law Nosheen gave birth a day later to two stillborn girls.

She said, however, that the police were favouring the accused. She said though a judge had cancelled the bails of some of the accused, the police were not arresting them.

(Adding insult to injury) SI Sarwat Hakeem, the investigation officer in both cases, told The Express Tribune that the 13-year-old girl had gone to the fields with the three accused of her own consent. He said that she had a “friendship” with Shahid and they had fornicated “with her consent” He said the family had not found the girl in the fields; she had gone home on her own. He also dismissed the family’s claim that Nosheen’s unborn baby girls had died due to being beaten.











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  1. If any muslims try that kind of thing here, well, this isn’t Pakistan, and there isn’t a single muslim judge in the city.
    We do NOT refer any criminal cases to Provincial Courts anymore, at all.
    Break our laws, we try you here, where you broke them.

    This case merely shows, again, that muslims and their cult are inimical to Human life and anathema to all civilized behaviour and standards of conduct.
    islam is a threat to the entire Human species in the same way the Bubonic Plague was.

  2. Why is the UK not offering asylum to these persecuted Christians??? Instead the UK prefers to allow Islamic radicals, terrorists and hate preachers into our country, taking free housing and benefits and allowed to spew vile Islamic hatred against our Christians!!!

  3. Pakistan is a louse on a louse on a louse.
    They allow and go wink-wink at each other when the sadistic behavior of slime like this is brought to their attention. The whole country should be eliminated. Along with the bastards who stole not only the girls virginity, but also her youth, her freedom, and her mind. They should be put to death.

  4. pakistan our allies eh? So these three savages rape a 13 year old Christian girl and the pakistan savages in charge blame the girl. What a bunch of inbred monsters these islamic devils are. This is the type monsters that are coming into America bringing in their evil cult of islam. With allies like pakistan, we do not need enemies.

  5. Some how I don’t think they will escape justice from man either.

  6. No surprise coming from pakistan and the so-called religion of peace that’s supposed to be tolerant of other faiths, at least that’s what the muslims (falsely) tell us.

    On another note, adding to this thread:

    Pakistan and Taliban acused of poisoning Afghan schoolchildren

    Tut tut (my favourite newspaper), it’s spelt ‘accused’.

  7. The best thing ALL Christians in Pakistan can do is to flee to India (preferably to Christian enclaves like Goa). The same things apply to them as to Westerners living in “dar al-Islam” – the sooner ALL Westerners flee from that area and ALL Moslems are likewise expelled from the West and forced into the Islamic area, THE BETTER!!!!

    Otherwise, may God Hound these hard-hearted, EVIL people who’re so obviously guilty of such atrocities!!!! Truly, Pakistan is one state whose disappearance wouldn’t be lamented much or long…

  8. Holy mother of god – give strength to this family in their hour of need. They will surely need it.

    Those f@cking muslim savages – one day they will reap what they sow.

    The time is coming Muslims. when free people around the world will give you 3 simple choices:-
    1) leave your cult of death and convert to another religion of your choice. There are plenty to choose from to fill your spiritual needs, or have no religion at all. As Perceptor1 says so often – we will help you to deprogram you if you ask for it.
    2) if you do not leave p-islam we will deport you from our lands and bring in non-muslims who will gladly live beside other human beings in peace.
    3) if you refuse to leave p-islam we will have no choice but to force you out along with the repercussion that this action may lead to i.e. violent action(if you get my drift)

    Your choice muslims – but time is running out.

    Curse your so called prophet – muhhammed (pigs blood upon him) the plundering, murdering, rapist & pedophile of a long time Arabia for this evil he has brought to mankind. May allah(aka atan) torture you in that dark & deep corner of hell where you reside for eternity.

    know islam = no peace
    no islam = know peace

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