WOO HOO! Norwalk, CT zoning commission REJECTS al-Madany Islamic Center plan to build a 27,000 sq. ft. monster mosque

The commission gave nine reasons to reject the plan. The proposed building, according to the denial resolution approved on a 4-3 vote, was among other things ‘out of scale and does not allow for’adequate screening and buffering.”

The Hour  (H/T Sharona) More than 100 people attended the special meeting in Norwalk Concert Hall. Al-Madany members wore T-shirts reading “All Faiths Can Co-Exist Peacefully,” while neighbors of the proposed mosque site had buttons reading “Keep 127 Fillow Street Residential.”

Those neighbors left the meeting pleased with the vote but unconvinced that they had heard the last of the mosque plan.

“I don’t think this is going to be the end of it. They own the property and until they don’t own the property, I won’t feel comfortable,” said Bob Caserta, a resident of Stonegate Condominiums. “I agree with the fact that they should have a place to worship. I don’t think anybody disagrees with that at all. The problem is the site is inappropriate. It’s just inappropriate. It’s small and as (one commissioner) said there’s been (traffic) accidents.”

Marc J. Grenier, the Norwalk attorney who represented Stonegate and Fillow Ridge Condominium residents, described the commission’s action as “well thought out.”

Among the nine reasons given to deny the plan: The claimed accessory uses of the multi-purpose hall at the rear of the building had “not been clearly defined,” Al-Madany’s traffic report “failed to identify” the uses of the rear portion of the building, a proposal to share parking with an off-site church didn’t comply with parking regulations, the project would “adversely impact property values,” and was “out of scale in its density of use and bulk of buildings.”






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  1. I grew up right near Norwalk, CT. There is no way that Fillow Street has the capacity for something that size. I have not lived in CT for 15 years, but it doesn’t change all that much. Fillow Street was a four lane road when I was growing and parts of it are only two lanes. Behind anything else, this building is just too big for the neighborhood

  2. They have warned us from all over the world about who is going to take the USA over and we are letting it happen.Get ready for a lot of these stories unless we do something about this NOW!!!ANY SUGGESTIONS out there???
    Remember how we took care of JAPAN????

  3. Go to Norwalkhour.com for an up to date article on Mosque appeals with the DOJ in The U.S. Norwalk is not one of them. Not looking good for the Ass Lifters!

  4. Good. I’ve been to Norwalk many times and the buildings there are increadibly small compared to that in width and height. It is absolutely designed to stand out for miles and make a political statment.

    If you know the area like I do there should be no doubt that this mosque is a statement of conquest.

    There are many empty large office buildings in the area already that can be leased. What could this building sadisfy that existing buildings could not. The answer is that those existing buildings do not make the profound visual statment that this design does. It’s only purpose is to dominate the landscape.

  5. In the UK the EDL promoted an organisation
    who we can contact to fight mosque proposals.

    It’s called Law and freedom .org and they point out to the planning people that what is to be taught in the mosque is against the law, so they cannot give it permission to be built as this would be aiding and abetting
    unlawful acts, could your legal people employ this arguement in USofA?

  6. Muslim leadership will not be happy until they can saturate residential areas with these monstrosities. It isn’t even common sense to allow something this large. It would be like putting a Target or Walmart or Barnes and Noble right in the middle of it. I hope they can keep this out of the courts. Communities to get busy and make sure they review their zoning laws. Some towns and cities are vague about them or don’t have any comprehensive ones at all.

  7. Hey Almandy Muslims, the city of Norwalk has made their decision, take the hint you are NOT wanted here and if you appeal every resident will fight you tooth and nail. You lied about everything to do with this Mosque and got caught. We do not want you in our country least alone our community. You dont allow Christian Churches in the Mid East, actually you murder Christians. We dont want your stinking Mosques in our country. Sell the property and get to Hell out of Norwalk! Go back to your stinking black hole!

    • ICE, it feels like one step forward, 3 steps back. For every mosque that is rejected, 3 more get the go ahead.

  8. PigSlam is more dangerous that Nazi because it is a combination of truth (borrow from the bible) with serious errors propagated by the pedophile MooMAD the murderer, raper, and robber in the name of allah the black stone vagina god that reside in mekkah worship by PigSlam worldwide. Stop PigSlam at all cost !!! Do what you can to stop PigSlam before this politicoregio of taqiya (liar), murder, raper, and terrorist for the sake of 72 plastic virgin is growing too big and too strong!!! Stop PigSlam NOW !!!

  9. The racket that would come out of that minaret should be enough to prohibit building this monstrosity anywhere close to human habitation.

  10. Just when I think local government is devoid of common sense, this comes along and restores at least a little faith.

  11. This doesn’t sound like a peaceful religion to me.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”.

    This must be that good ‘ole fashioned bad translation concept (taqiyyah) the muslims try and pull, basically lies and deception.

    I had a paki tell me a stupid story and he kept repeating after the story, “you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me.” I never gave him any indication whether I believed him or not. After the third “you don’t believe me,” I said, ” I don’t believe anything you guys say,” He said, “WE LOVE YOU TOO, nomosque” with a look in his eyes like i was his mortal enemy. If this makes any sense???

  12. Look at the size of this future terrorist training center. Especially, the 7 story tall tower from which the filthy muslims will bombast the neighborhood with their Pagan yodeling five times a day. Obama says it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. He’ll probably be playing it from the white house if he’s reelected.
    ——- I can’t wait. Can you ?

  13. Who’s funding all these places of hate? Can we guess the Saudis and other Muslim countries with deep pockets wanting to spread their evil ideology.

    • Fox, of course its the Saudis. How else would congregations of under 100 people raise enough money to built these giant mosquetrosities?

  14. Theae people already have PLENTY of places to worship. The best thing to do is take muhammed to the mountain and send them all back to their respective homelands. They have proven time and time again that islam is determined NOT to peacefully co-exist.

  15. This needs to happen over and over again, keep the heathens from erecting their freakin mega mosques…where they’ll be screeching 5 times a day! They will fight it tooth and nail and start their whining. SO what!! Have to fight back and NOW is the time to start! Can’t NOT let these heathens get an inch!

  16. Islam does NOT coexist with any other group, even Sunnis cannot coexist with Shi’ites.

    Islam legitimizes hatred of ‘the other’. Al-Walaa wal-Baraa teaches Moslems to hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheists and agnostics for rejecting Mohammed.

    Islam gives Moslems political authority over all ‘others’ and women.

    Saying Islam is tolerant is obvious MENDACITY.

  17. Great news. The muslims will keep trying so the people will have to continue to be vigilant and to make sure that the muslims know that they are not welcome there or anywhere.

    • Cat, Agreed, our problem is we have to knock down the wall of apathy and ignorance to defeat Islam. Persistence against Islam is our best weapon.

  18. Islam has made it absolutely clear- all faiths cannot Co-Exist Peacefully. And I do not agree with Bob Caserta; Muslims should not have a place of worship. In fact all Mosques should be closed down and the cult of Islam should be banned around the globe.

  19. Maybe, just maybe neighborhoods are waking up to the fact that a muslime center anywhere near them is akin to living close to a sewage treatment center that also serves as a garbage dump.
    Loud and sinking.

    • Don’t direspect sewage plants. I worked at the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant for 31 years. If necessary, primary and secondary tanks and clarifiers can be glass enclosed, the effluent water is definately sweeter then the “Call to Prayer”.

      • Right Lord K. Sewerage plants clean things up.
        These huge terrorist training centers slime up the neighborhood where ever they are built. The lead to the disrespecting of adjoining private property, littering, and noise pollution. They should NEVER be allowed in any neighborhood where the lifetime investments of homeowners will be lowered to next to nothing.

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