Oh, Boo Hoo! ANOTHER Muslim on the ‘No-Fly’ list is not ‘racial’ profiling

It’s called ‘Terrorist’ Profiling. And the one thing most people on the Terrorist Profiling list have in common is NOT their race, it’s their religion. Besides, Islam is NOT a race.

Kavon Iraniha, 27, an Iranian American SDSU graduate, who spent the past year studying international law in Costa Rica, was not allowed to board a flight home to San Diego. When he went to a Costa Rican airport Tuesday, he was told he could not fly because the U.S. government had put him on the “No Fly List.” (Who goes to Costa Rica to study international law, amyway?)

When he went to the U.S. embassy, Iraniha said he was interviewed by FBI agents for several hours.  “Essentially at the end of the day, he was told he was on a No Fly List with no reason,” said Hanif Mohebi with the Council on Anti-American Islamic relations. (Oh, you can bet there’s a reason, it may only be that his name is the same as a terrorist, in which case he will eventually be allowed to fly. But until they confirm that he isn’t the terrorist, he’s stuck there. But that’s the price you pay for 9/11 if you’re a muslim. Too bad. )

According to the FBI, the Terrorist Screening Center is the agency that compiles the “no fly list”. A list that allows the US government to keep certain people who are considered a security risk from boarding a plane. A local FBI spokesperson says agents are well aware of Kavon’s situation, but could not comment on the case at this time.