Two Emirati sisters brutally tortured by their own father, only one survives

DUBAI: A six-year-old Emirati girl, Mira (right), is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries after she and her sister were systematically tortured by their father and his girlfriend. Eight-year-old sister, Wadima (left), died of the torture which included being scalded with boiling water and being kicked by the couple.

Wadima 8 and Mira, 6

Emirates  “They had shaved her head and poured boiling water on her until she lost consciousness. Then they started to kick her and locked her in the bathroom,” the six-year-old Mira said, quoted by Emarat Al Youm newspaper. Mira said her father and his girl friend had also shaved her hair off and beat her up.

Torture marks

“They have also poured hot water on my naked body and tortured me with sharp objects for no reason. We used to ask my father if we could go out and play but he wouldn’t let us because he said we are dirty,” said Mira.

“When they opened the bathroom door later, they found her dead. I heard them saying they would bury her in the desert, and my father then wrapped her with his wizar (waist cloth) and carried her outside. I have not seen her since.”

Wadima was buried by her father in an isolated desert area before her body was exhumed by police and buried by family this week.

“She cries during her sleep as she is still in shock,” said her mother, who is now seeking to regain custody of her daughter.“

Her mother said she was forced to give up custody of her two daughters in November in return for a divorce, adding that she married in 2002 and got a divorce in 2006. She said their grandmother was given custody of the two girls and that she handed them later to their father, who started to beat them up and torture them with the help of his girl friend.

“I can not say why we were divorced because you can not divulge everything going on at your home and I don’t want now to start insulting him (ex-husband), but I can only say life with him was impossible,” she said. (Sheeesh, he just killed your daughter and nearly killed the other one and you’re afraid of insulting him?) Mira’s mother was quoted as saying she blamed Wadima’s grandparents for her death after they handed her two daughters to their father.

Saood Juma’a Saeed, grand father of Wadeema shows her photo who was allegedly killed by her father, as grand mother Eida Mohammad Salman and uncle Mohammad looks on.

Hamad Saud, 27, acknowledged he and his girl friend had beaten up and tortured his daughter, Wadima, but that he had not expected her to die. He said he got a big shock when he found that the girl was dead.

“I tried many times to wake her up but she was not moving. I woke up her younger sister Mira and started to scream many times I was screaming unconsciously ‘Wadima is dead….Wadima is dead….’…,” he said in a telephone interview from jail.

Reacting to the crime, Hamad’s father has demanded the execution of his son for murdering Wadima by systematic beating and torture with a hot iron. “It is a heinous crime, they tortured my granddaughter with a hot iron and forced her to eat her own waste and discharge, he told the Dubai-based Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily.

Grandfather with granddaughter who was killed, Wadima