Muslim jihadist came all the way from Paris just to stab two policemen in Brussels

The Muslim piece of sewage who stabbed two police officers during a routine check in the metro Molenbeek in Brussels today, came especially from Paris to kill policemen over the June 1st arrest of a Muslim woman who was wearing an Islamic headbag/niqab which has been banned in Belgium.

Dreuz   (H/T Martin) He carried with him documents held by recurring threats of the Islamists Sharia4Belgium, who promised to kill a policeman to avenge the insult to the woman in a burqa, last week in Molenbeek. The man also said he had planned to visit Afghanistan.

According to RTL, the Muslim had extracts from the Koran over him, and he would have screamed “jihad” (holy war ordained by Islam at all good Muslims) when hit.

The identity of the Arab Muslim was not disclosed, we do not know yet if it were, like other attacks that occurred in France this week, people with criminal records, but left liberty by a court partisan and complacent. We also do not know if it was an Islamist under surveillance, which we know how it failed in the case of the terrorist Toulouse and Montauban, Mohamed Merah.


‘Sharia4Belgium’ Islamist arrested for making a call-to-violence video


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  1. One of the wounded policeofficers was a muslim, but what the hell she was only a woman and that makes it fot that kind of animals exeptebal.

  2. Islam, is not that much different from the normal crime riddled gangs we witness here in the major democratic controlled cities, in fact they have much in common as they do almost everything a gang controlled individual would seek out to do to others not of their gang, it is purely an ” us vrs. them mentality. I can see a day coming where there will be another kind of, some will call those who participate in this new form of payback, as terrorist, I’ll call them Patriots for the time being until it is proven beyond a shadow of anyone’s doubt of their true intentions, person of this very nature who has gone over to the dark side in defense of our freedoms. If these scum sucking parasites are willing to go this far just to prove a point, surely we can afford to the very same thing to curb their numbers. Don’t think for a moment it cannot happen? because as a retalitory action, it is highly possible. Always remember, there are those who think outside of a normal given box, although many are at least smarter than the average muslim scumbug, they might just get away with it until a point is proven and taken for what it represents. It is fast becoming a dog of war vrs. parasite attitude among the freedom loving peoples of this world.
    Semper Fi, keep’m high, dry, well oiled, locked, cocked and at the ready. Someone wants to play “fall down and never get up again”. The smell of death reeks in the air we breath daily and it tastes like payback.

  3. PigSlam is not even a religion, it’s pure TERRORISM in the name of religion. Deport them to their own SHARIAH BASED country. NOW!!! Before it’s too late, because they are growing like COCKROACH.

  4. Either way, let that tell you just how ultra-fanatical these people actually are as to be truly willing to go harm “infidels” even of their own initiative!!! Obviously we don’t know if he was on drugs or totally sober; however, let’s ALL remember the origin of the word “assassin” – from the Arabic or Persian “hashasheen”. Those under-people would drug themselves up on hashish and then go kill targets they had a grudge against…

    Thus, this arch-bastard would have definitely been following a LONG-STANDING Islamic tradition of over a millennium’s pedigree. Thank goodness he failed to kill anybody; what I lament is that lady-judge who DARED to let him go!!!! [Any judge who dares let a criminal get off scot-free like that should give himself up in surety for such a fellow…]

  5. If I re-translate the last two paragraphs (with your permission, dear Ms. BNI) from the original French:

    “The identity of the Arab wasn’t disclosed, and we don’t know yet if he was acting by himself (like the other aggressors that have made trouble in France this week), or if he has a criminal record; however, he was freed by a biased and complaisant lady-judge. [Perhaps Alain, Dubi or some other Frenchman (or woman) can tell us if he was released on bail or on his own recognizance.]

    “We don’t know either if he was an Islamist already under surveillance, of which we remember how it failed in the case of the terrorist of Toulouse and Montauban, Mohamed Merah.”

      • Truly, Ms. BNI, I wish he had been at the very least remanded in custody until his trial!!! I don’t think most murder suspects are EVER released on bail anywhere in North America.

        Alas, yes, he’s already out of jail: the question is if he’s on bail or – as seems likely by the phrasing used in the original French – on his own recognizance. Alain or somebody else, please come and help!!!

        • Charging to the rescue as per your pleas ADHD :-)

          No he has not being released, what the article said was that, as they didn’t know this shithead’s name, they couldn’t find out if it was someone with a criminal record as heavy as those asslifters who caused trouble here this week, but who were left free (not jailed) by a biased and complaisant justice system.

        • One tiny correction, dear Alain: in English, we speak of a lengthy criminal record if there are many offences of which somebody is guilty of.

          Just for your information – and God Knows, my mistakes here were much worse…

        • No sorry, he is not free – it’s an attempted murder and he will have to stand trial for that…


          The right translation of the phrase

          [Nous ne savons pas encore s’il s’agissait, comme les autres agressions qui se sont produites en France cette semaine, de personnes avec un casier judiciaire chargé, mais laissées en liberté par une justice partisane et complaisante.]

          is this :

          We still don’t know if he has a criminal record, like in the case of the other aggressions that occured in France during this past week where suspects with lenghty criminal records were let free by a one-sided and lenient judicial system.

          ( In French “une justice” never means a lady-judge – it only means “justice” as such – the judicial systemn )

          And ( as usual ) today imams and politicians declare that the suspect misunderstood islam and that islam is peace love and tolerance


          They [people of sharia4Belgium] don’t understand anything to Islam :

        • To Alain and Martin:

          Many, many thanks!! I was suspicious of my not having things right. En français, “Plusieurs grands-merci!!” [Please feel free to correct me – only through mistakes can one really learn to be better… Thanks to both of you, I’ve already learned a fair bit in this way!]

          Martin, can I ask you, please, what is the expression for a lady-judge? Peut-être, “Madame-juge”?

          Either way, I positively REJOICE for once in being wrong: it’s VERY good that the suspect has been refused bail – truly, thank goodness!!! [As to the Mohammedans and leftist politicians trying to excuse Islam by saying that the suspect misunderstood it: “BULL-S–T”!!!! We know better!!!!!]

        • One other thing: so the phrase “il s’agit” might be translated in this case as “it concerns” (“it concerned” if it’s in the past) – or “one is dealing with”.

          Thus, the paragraph in question might be more closely translated as:

          “We still don’t know if – as with the other acts of violence that occurred in France this past week – one’s dealing with suspects with lengthy criminal records ({if in plural the way the original French has it written in}) but left at liberty by a one-sided and lenient judicial system.”

          See, please, I’m simply trying to get as much of the correct sense as possible, prior to THEN rendering it in proper English… Many thanks for your help!!!

        • to ADHD


          it’s is almost impossible to follow the same word order in English if you want to keep the meaning of the sentence… and it’s precisely the part with «s’il s’agissait» that creates a grammatical problem because it refers to the suspect (singular) in relation with the other criminals ( plural ) having lenghty criminal records ( singular in French).

          I guess the journalist used that syntax to make an assumption because he is taking almost for granted that the Belgian Justice will be as indulgent as the French one is with Muslim criminals… who are left free more often than not despite the fact that they have criminal records…

          and yes you can use the expression « one is dealing with » in the translation but then you have to leave out the comparison between “this suspect in Belgium” and “the others in France”

          then for « lady-judge » I guess you can say «la juge » or eventually «Madame la juge» if you talk to her…

    • I hope that obvious lady-Communist soon gets given a good taste of Islamic “medicine”. Perhaps, if she were to be gang-raped by – say – 20 of those Untermenschen, she might be singing a different tune…

      As to her DARING to offer a £2,000.00 bounty for somebody to slap a burqa upon Filip DeWinter: that’s so utterly O-B-S-C-E-N-E!!!!! After all, his daughter posed in a niqab-style burqa…

      • The above comment relates to the posted video-clip from the “International Business Times News”, with the presentress being the Communist referred to above…

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