Muslim jihadist came all the way from Paris just to stab two policemen in Brussels

The Muslim piece of sewage who stabbed two police officers during a routine check in the metro Molenbeek in Brussels today, came especially from Paris to kill policemen over the June 1st arrest of a Muslim woman who was wearing an Islamic headbag/niqab which has been banned in Belgium.

Dreuz   (H/T Martin) He carried with him documents held by recurring threats of the Islamists Sharia4Belgium, who promised to kill a policeman to avenge the insult to the woman in a burqa, last week in Molenbeek. The man also said he had planned to visit Afghanistan.

According to RTL, the Muslim had extracts from the Koran over him, and he would have screamed “jihad” (holy war ordained by Islam at all good Muslims) when hit.

The identity of the Arab Muslim was not disclosed, we do not know yet if it were, like other attacks that occurred in France this week, people with criminal records, but left liberty by a court partisan and complacent. We also do not know if it was an Islamist under surveillance, which we know how it failed in the case of the terrorist Toulouse and Montauban, Mohamed Merah.


‘Sharia4Belgium’ Islamist arrested for making a call-to-violence video