GREECE: 2 Million illegal, mostly Muslim infiltrators, leads to drastic measures

As if the current circumstances of austerity-riven Greece were not bad enough already, it seems the country is set to open a dozen or so, as the left likes to call them, ‘concentration camps’ designed to house the Muslim invaders who have brought nothing but crime, filth, and relentless demands to the citizens of Greece. These establishments will be known as ‘closed-hospitality’ centers.

All photos are of Muslim riots in Greece

Intel Hub  The incarcerates will be undocumented – meaning unwanted – Muslim refugees flooding in from North Africa, particularly the once prosperous and richest country in the Maghreb belt, namely Libya.

Most of the Mediterranean countries are in the thick of the refugee tide, but Greece is so far the only country that plans to compulsorily pen them up. The first ‘reception center’ is scheduled to open at a former army base near Athens in the next few weeks.

There is no doubting that Greece is in the forefront of the refugee wave emanating from the Middle East, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. 

Greek officials maintain the pretense that unwanted guests arriving in droves are almost entirely responsible for the wave of crime sweeping the capital. “On the basis of arrests and investigations we believe that up to 70% of violent crime is perpetrated by foreigners and I say this without wishing to demonize migrants,” said police spokesman Thanassis Kouklakis.

RMI Global  Nearly a million people flocked to a party that the mainstream dubbed NAZI in the extreme for spotting the elephant in the room. Golden Dawn isn’t your run-of-the-mill ethnocentric radical element.  For a country of roughly ten million Greeks, the recent flood of economic migrants rightly feels like a planned invasion and some have elected to forego multi-culturalism pushing politicians for those who promise to enforce the Law, which is concretely contradicted by dictatorial EU Edicts and nigh impossible to circumvent on claims of sovereignty.

Even though none of the parties in the May 6th election garnered enough votes to form a  coalition, forcing new elections to be held perhaps in June, Golden Dawn, Greece’s most-recognized populist political party has the establishment shaking in their shoes, having  taken only a 0.29% share of the vote in the 2009 election, but garnered 7% of the overall vote in 2012. Their fast-rising popularity due to a strong patriotic message along with crippling economic woes and massive illegal immigration, has seen the party that was only a grass roots nationalist movement with explode in support.

The roughly two million illegal aliens that entered Greece over the past two decades, mostly in the last five years, are portrayed by the media as innocent refugees, although Greece’s crime rate, once one of the lowest in the world, has skyrocketed in recent years exclusively due to illegal immigration. Golden Dawn’s support of the victimized Greeks and their insistence that the borders be closed and illegals deported has been portrayed as fascist and cruel by the mainstream media even as Greece’s 22% unemployment rate is twice the Eurozone average and bare survival is becoming impossible for Greeks. In fact, Golden Dawn alone has provided food and assistance to the neediest Greeks, completely at their own expense.

Although the preferred strategy by the media had been to completely ignore them, their popularity is growing so rapidly that the current plan is to constantly defame and slander them in order to scare the masses from joining their ranks. As is done throughout Europe and the West in general, nationalist groups are routinely portrayed as fascists, Nazis and hooligans. 

Even though Golden Dawn’s policies strictly prohibit violence and seek only political solutions to these problems, they are consistently portrayed as violent thugs and are routinely provoked into situations of self-defense by agents provocateurs in order to incriminate them as Nazi thugs in the mainstream media.

Not only are the Greek media and rival political parties pursuing this mudslinging, but as Golden Dawn’s popularity is surging, the international media is joining in this smear. Recently, both The New York Times and Bloomberg News have written derogatory articles about them with constant references to Hitler and “goose-stepping Nazis.” Their ancient Greek symbol of the meander design has been called a “disentangled swastika” by Bloomberg. The leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos has been accused of being a Nazi for giving a raised arm salute in the Athenian Council in protest to being called a fascist by an adversary. That image has been played over and over again in the mainstream media.

“Only a detached leftist academic would think that in a time of economic depression, mass immigration of mostly unassimilable and often culturally hostile foreigners would help the working class rather than harm it. Only a deluded leftist ideologue or a media-brainwashed useful idiot would keep scratching their head at the persistently stubborn resurgence of nationalism without pausing to ponder that perhaps tribalism is an ineradicable human instinct rather than a sinister psychological aberration.” Jim Goad

One thing is certain. When new elections are held, Golden Dawn will be in the Parliament and it will be a strong force for nationalist Greek interests as opposed to internationalist banking interests.





















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  1. the EU isn’t working. Greeece is starting to get it and these illegals should be deported. Spain’s banks are being bailed out. The whole area is a tinderbox waiting for one match to make it go up in flames. will it IMPLODE or EXPLODE? time is rapidly running out.

  2. Good business for Greece to get out of? Importing freeloaders. mohommedist’s have got to go back to their welfare states in the Middle East.

  3. End Violent Aggressor, Muslim Turkey’s ILLEGAL Occupation of Cyprus!

    Why is warmonger, Turkey, a member of NATO, ENDANGERING the Free World?

  4. “That the borders be closed and illegals deported has been portrayed as fascist and cruel by the mainstream media” The mainstream media are the ones who are fascist and cruel!

    Every one of the 2 Million mostly illegal, violent Muslims must be sent back to their countries. They are an invading army obeying the command Muslims are given in the Koran to conquer all nations. Protect innocent non-Muslims. Send the invaders back fast!

  5. The lefties need to create anarchy and chaos to achieve their one world socialist agenda The United Nations will not be happy unless they bring about the Third World War to cull the population and Islam will not be happy until everyone is a muslim. What an evil world we live in. The UN is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in its conquest of all Middle eastern countries and the murder of Christians in all these countries, just as it has lied about the real murderers in Syria.

    • Exactly! And U.S. leaders are HUGE supporters of Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR, and all of the other Muslim Brotherhood groups in America. The Muslim Brotherhood stated goal in America is DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.

  6. The Greeks are the first truly western civilization as the Jews are the first monotheistic civilization that showed tolerance to those not of their own kind. The Muslims are trying to invade and overrun Greece. The so called moderate Turks are encouraging this process just like Indonesia is cooperating with the Saudis and arresting those journalists fleeing Saudi Arabia on behalf of Sharia interests!
    The Greeks are getting real in the Golden Dawn! The reckoning must come and I for one welcome it! The western world must defend itself globally and quite frankly start taking out the trash that is being dumped in all western countries-Muslims!

  7. The USA could use some of those “shelters” for the inbred Somali “refugees” Obama keeps loading on States welfare rolls.
    Possibly, it would reduce the rises in the crime and rape index that always accompanies his sweet charity.

  8. Ten million impoverished Greeks cannot support 2 million unemployed illegals. Simples, as Sergei says (you have to be British to get that). The Greek government would still have to take drastic action if the illegals were white Christians.

    • Les, yes, but at least they wouldn’t have to worry about the Christians slaughtering the native population and raping their women to the same extent.

      • The Greeks should make those illigals citizens under 3 conditions.
        1)You have to pay 5.000 Euros
        2) you have to learn to speak fluent Greek in 3 years.
        3) You have to convert to Christianity if you want to be a citizen.

        I think the 3rd one is going to keep them out.

        • CB, none of the above. Just kick the bastards out, they are leeches on a society that cant afford them.

  9. There should be no need for “reception centres” of any kind. Send them back as soon as they land and in the same transport. Do not allow them to land or even set foot on European soil if possible. If they expire on their way back to their own continents then they have only themselves to blame. And where sea crossings are involved, patrols should turn back invaders before they approach western shores with sinking as the ultimate deterrent if they resist. Harsh measures and a harsh response, is called for.

  10. the core issues must be addressed to solve this problem.

    restore national sovereignty of all western nations. leave the eu and the un. bring back pre-eu currencies, and work towards viable money, not fiat currency.

    restore sanity. end multicultural/pc/diversity training in the schools and universities. transition from being a nanny state to a nation of liberty and responsibility.

    restore the right of self-defense to all citizens. it’s more difficult to have a tyrannical govt when citizens exercise their G-d given rights of free speech and weapon ownership.

  11. It is interesting how the Americn and European leftist central governments parrallel each other, and present the same set of challenges to the state governments by trying to circumvent common sense and the rule of law. The Greeks are brilliant. “Reception Centers” I love it PC with an edge. Once word gets back to the muslim world that they will end up in prison when they are caught in Greece, they will go somewhere else. We need to do the same thing here in this country to contro illegal immigration.


        The Americans have no clue about Islam, the Europeans especially the Greeks were under Ottoman rule for almost 500 years, the most oppresive rule in Greeces occupied history, my grandparents lived under the Ottoman Empire rule, the stories they told my mother you wont want to hear.
        The Greeks are trying to preserve their Heritage and sovereignty, it has nothing to do with racism, the muslim countries are doing the same.

      • The cradle of Democracy is in danger, key word “Democracy” muslims have no clue what that is.
        When 90% of the population is of the same nationality and religion you can not have an outside minority group come in and make rules and laws for the majority.That happens only in the US and socialist Europe, and the Greeks are part of that socialist group and they are paying the price now.
        Remember the ROMAN LAW,..When you are in Rome, you do what the Romans do, if you dont like it, hit the road.

  12. AS I have said before the marxist/liberals are responsible for this muslim crisis and must be held accountable. They must know that their actions will be noted and they will be deported along with there muslim friends. How they are treated after doesn’t matter given that they are willing to destroy their own country. Nuslims are just using them, smiling there sickly smile whilst plotting to take them down at a later stage- f ing tragic.

    • What got Greece in trouble financially were 3 things.
      1) The European banks gave them loans knowing they may not pay it back.
      2) The politicians kept borrowing $$ to make the economy look good so they can get re elected, most Greeks did not pay much tax in 20 years, so the government had to borrow,.
      3)The people expect the government to take care of them and fix all problems, when the Government is actually the problem, so the Greeks were living on someones elses money,(credit card) now cant pay it back, that means Greece is no longer a sovereign nation, they have to take orders from Germany and the banks, and as collateral they have to give everything of value to the Germans.
      This is modern day war fare,if you want to take over a country you dont go to war, let them borrow$$ to the point where they cant pay it back and just simply take over the Government behind the scenes,.
      Similar to what the Chinese are doing with the USA..

  13. A war is brewing in Europe.

    Last week, a Golden Dawn representative was on Greek T.V. debating alone against pro-immigration Greeks, men and women.

    He lost his temper, couldn’t take it anymore and lunged at a female leftist debater, punched her etc.

  14. The last thing BANKRUPT Greece needs is 2 million welfare recipients who hate Greece and will soon demand discriminatory Sharia.

    Have the Greeks truly forgotten Constantinople? Five hundred years of occuptation, oppression and massacres?

    Are Greeks having a DEATH WISH?

    • Amost 500 years of Ottoman occupation is NOT forgotten by the Greeks, the biggest problem is the communist liberal Government and the propaganda lead press, the Greeks see what is happening in the USA and the rest of Europe, and are trying to protect their heritage and their sovereignty, the American people have no clue about Islam, the Greeks have lived it.There are more mosques in France then there are churches, and they are a Catholic nation, France will be under Islam in a Generation, the Greeks are trying to prevent that, go to a muslim country as a non muslim and see how you are treated,.

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