Madonna dons a headbag to show respect for her boy toy’s religion – Islam

If she marries Muslim Brahim Zaibat, she better get used to covering  more than just her hair. Not exactly the image her fans pay big bucks to see.

“Age isn’t the only gap between Madonna, 53 and her Turkish boy toy Zaibat, 24. The Lyon native, who has an “obsession” with dancing that he credits with bringing him closer to Madonna, is a devout Muslim, which could spell trouble for his (Jewish) Kabbalah-practicing gal pal. And Zaibat shouldn’t look for support from his parents, either.

Patricia Vidal, his 44-year old divorced mother, has publicly disapproved of the union, noting that her son’s new girlfriend is eight years her senior. Vidal told UK’s Daily Mail, “I certainly wouldn’t say we’re overjoyed by Brahim’s relationship with a non-Muslim, and the fact that she’s Madonna doesn’t make things any easier.”