ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE & Tommy Robinson rally against Muslim paedophile ‘grooming’ gangs in Rochdale

On Saturday, 9 June 2012, the EDL held a protest in Rochdale, where nine Muslim men had recently been found guilty of involvement in a child grooming gang. Don’t miss Tommy’s explosive speech in the video below.

Digital Journal (H/T Alain)  According to the BBC about 400 people attended the protest and 11 arrests were made, which Greater Manchester Police Ch Supt John O’Hare said was “not uncommon for an event of that size”. He added: “I do think it is testament to the organisers themselves who worked with us to ensure the event passed off as peacefully as possible.”

Standing in front of a St George’s Cross flag with the message “It’s time our government grew a pair and stopped the two-tier system” in the bottom left corner and “No to Sharia law, No to halal foods, No to more mosques” in the bottom right corner, various speakers addressed the protesters.

As reported by Digital Journal, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) had gone to the unusual step of issuing an ‘urgent notice’ to its members after Casuals United (a group affiliated with the EDL) had issued what it called a ‘fatwa’, due to alleged incidents involving “left-wing journalists” and online harassment, etc.

Tony Curtis believed that the Muslim grooming gang arrests made recently had something to do with the EDL. They had said, “If that’s happening in your town or city, we are coming there! We are coming there and your Chief Constable is going to have to explain why it is costing him a million pounds to stage this, when all he has to do is make a few arrests.”


Tommy began by saying, “I sense a lot of anger, a lot of frustration. Justified anger, justified frustration. We are a community that has been let down by our politicians; let down by the leaders of our police forces. There has been a conspiracy of silence by police leaders, Islamic leaders and politicians to facilitate the orchestrated rape for twenty to thirty years of members of our community.” Speaking about the inaction of police officers he went on to say, “Their hands were tied. They were tied by political correctness.”

Amazing speech by Tommy Robinson begins at 5:25