Four Arab Muslims taken off Delta Flight for suspicious behavior

Four Arab men were escorted off a Delta Air Lines plane at Reagan National Airport outside Washington, D.C., Friday morning. The flight was bound for Detroit Metropolitan-Wayne County Airport.

Daily Caller  The men were removed from the plane and interviewed after a report of suspicious behavior, Andrew Ames, an FBI spokesman, told The Daily Caller, noting that there are currently few details. The incident “has been resolved,” Ames said.

According to a passenger live-tweeting the incident, the four men were of Arab descent and did not re-board the plane. The FBI could not confirm those details.

“The 4 Arab men were taken off plane, searched by TSA agents, and escorted away by men in suits,” passenger Jason Kelly, @JasonKelly91, tweeted.

“‘We’ve never seen anything quite like this. We had to check the book in order to know what to do next.’ – Flight Captain #wtf,” Kelly added, noting that all the luggage had been taken off the plane.

Delta did not immediately return a phone call requesting comment. A TSA spokesman directed TheDC to contact the FBI. Kelly did not answer when The DC attempted to reach him via telephone.