ISRAEL set to deport thousands of African illegal infiltrators

Tensions escalate in Southern Tel Aviv where 60,000 Sudanese and Eritrean illegals have flooded the city and made it very dangerous for the residents. One leftie Israeli bitch defends the invaders, while a South Tel Aviv resident shouts at her, “They rape our children, soon they will rape you, too.”

Southern Tel Aviv residents shout at the lefties who come from other neighborhoods to take the infiltrators to their homes if they want them so badly

Observers 24  Hundreds of South Sudanese immigrants are frantically preparing to be deported in the coming weeks, after a court ruled that Israel could send them back to South Sudan. Throughout the past decade, they trickled into the country illegally; until now, Israel had tolerated their presence and welcomed them. When the trickle turned to a flood, and the crime rate soared, the Israelis fought back.

Violence has surged in the streets of Tel Aviv as a 1000-strong protests against illegal African immigrants seeking asylum in Israel turned violent. Residents of a low-income Tel Aviv neighbourhood descended to the streets, waving Israeli flags and chanting “Deport the Sudanese” and “Infiltrators get out of our homes” to protest against the increase of African migrants moving into the area and the country.

After South Sudan gained independence from Sudan last summer, the Israeli government began to push for South Sudanese immigrants to be deported, no longer considering them to be at risk of persecution. The Israeli courts have decided it is time to return these illegal aliens to their home countries.

Please note, this video was made by a leftist illegals supporter: