FRANCE: No Muslim bagheads allowed

French police say three Saudi Muslim women who refused to take the bags off their heads at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport have been barred entry to France.

A 2011 French law bans people from wearing Islamic face-covering veils anywhere in public. The official says the women refused, border police refused them entry in France, and they returned to Doha last night.


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  1. Hollande has promised to give voting rights to immigrants, but before you freak out, he cannot do that by executive decree, constitutional change will be required and with FN around (and UMP members who see the light), that isn’t likely.

  2. Slow but sure. Keep them from doing what they want. Then kick them out. That has a way of dispelling the superior attitude.

  3. Take your odor, your puddles of sweat, your anonymous identification and go the hell out of here.
    Good on you, France.

  4. I am happy that France is getting tough with these people.If they do not like it they can stay in the Middle East where they belong and stop overtaking all other countries!!Wish the rest of the non-Muslim countries would start getting tough with these people too,,including the USA!!!!!

    • If Norway does nothing about it, that whole family should move to Israel and make as public a scandal about it as possible!!!

      With the exception of that teacher who told the Moslem attacker that he was mad (the ONLY bit of intervention from the school authorities), that whole school should be closed and all its employees FIRED!!! They didn’t even bother to notify the victim’s mother (the father was in Israel on business) – let that tell you how much anti-Semitism has sunk its teeth into that country!!!!

      • ADHD

        That’s socialist (liberal left) Europe for ya, it’s the socialists (liberal left) of Europe (and elsewhere) who blame Jews for EVERYTHING bad, they’re the anti-Semitics (just like the nazis where), they hate Jews (just like the nazis did), they want to see Judaism die (just like the nazis did), they rejoice and partake in attacking Jews (just like the nazis did), they call Jews by a racist, defamatory name (just like the nazis did).

        So.. when you call a socialist (liberal left) a ‘nazi’.. they deny it and call you one and add ‘racist’ to their drug-fuelled, snakebite swilling, unemployable retort, for some strange, uneducated reason.

        To the socialist (liberal left).. if you oppose islam, dislike islam, will never be a muslim.. you’re a ‘racist’, apparently, but hey.. if islam is a better solution.. why don’t socialists (liberal left) become muslim and move into closed muslim communities, for some reason they won’t, I wonder why.

        The socialists (liberal left) are indeed the modern day nazis, I just wish they’d grow a pair and just admit it, the evidence is out there.

        • If I may add to my damnation of the liberal left.. take a peek at this new entry I’ve just uploaded, courtesy of CBN (to annoy the liberal left):

          Tyrrell: Take Heart! Liberalism Is On Its Way Out

  5. So sad, to bad. I wish they would kick them all out. That bag they wear is just a crock of shit, there is no religious laws or anything saying they have to wear them. Just some arse telling people what to do is all it is. All they were doing was trying to cause trouble. We anyone goes to their country they have to obey the laws of the land so they should have to follow our laws and customs. Peace to all non-bagheads who say “No more Bags on our heads”.

    • What, are you criticizing SACRED MISOGYNY???

      (Allah HATRS women…they’re ALL such unintelligent sluts…they have to be veiled and watched constantly or they ‘run away’).

  6. I think that was the best news i heard in a long time. i’m glad france didn’t let them in. more countries need to do this.

  7. OT Tunisia -Salafist clerics are calling for armed uprising Friday June 15th after the prayer !!!!

    Tunisian Islamists riot after ‘insulting’ art show

    Tunisian authorities declared a night-time curfew Tuesday in the capital and seven other cities and suburbs in the wake of riots by Islamists angered by an art exhibit they say insults Muslims. The curfew ends Wednesday at 5 am.

    REUTERS – Thousands of Salafi Islamists, angered by an art exhibition they say insults Muslims, rampaged through parts of Tunis on Tuesday, raising religious tensions in the birthplace of the Arab Spring and piling pressure on the moderate Islamist government.

    Protesters hurled rocks and petrol bombs at police stations, a court house and the offices of secular parties in some of the worst clashes since last year’s revolt ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and launched uprisings across the Arab world.

    Salafis, who follow a puritanical interpretation of Islam, blocked streets and set tyres alight in the working class Ettadamen and Sidi Hussein districts of the capital overnight.

    By morning, protests had spread to a number of residential districts in the capital and to other cities, posing one of the biggest threats yet to Tunisia’s democratic transition.

    Stone-throwing youths stopped trams from passing through the capital’s Intilaqa district where demonstrators entered mosques and used the loudspeakers to call on Tunisians to defend Islam.

    Some 2,500 Salafis were still clashing with police in the area by Tuesday evening, an interior ministry official said, adding that 162 people had been detained and 65 members of the security forces had been wounded trying to quell the riots.

    Interior Minister Ali Larayedh told parliament he expected the riots to continue in the coming days, stretching security forces.

    The clashes came a day after the Spring of Arts exhibition in the upscale La Marsa suburb provoked an outcry from some Tunisians who say it insulted Islam. The work that appears to have caused most fury spelt out the name of God using insects.
    The work that appears to have caused most fury spelt out the name of God using insects. ( I think it’s called SUICIDE ) :


  8. I saw a couple bag heads today – black from head to toe with a slit for their eye balls. It should be against the law everywhere. I find it to be disgusting. How our societies can tolerate such treatment of women under the guise of one f’ed up religion is beyond me.

    • Jo, did you go up and say anything to them? Laugh at them? Did you make them feel uncomfortable? We have to start doing that. They are a blight on our countries. And they must be made to feel unwelcome wherever they go.

  9. This is good, this is very good. It’s about time someone took them to task at least upon attempt at entry wearing their masks.

  10. More good news about people saying no and no more muslims who do not want to obey the laws of the countries they want to travel to and to live in. Well done France.

  11. They’d probably get the shit knocked out of them by their husbands if they removed their veils…it was probably self-preservation that kept those women in their hefties.

  12. Well, this time sanity in France won but I wonder how long it will last given their sorry leadership.
    Opps, I temporarily forgot – the US has sorry leadership too !!

    • It’s “Vive la France”! And yes, I’m VERY glad those Arabs got barred from entering that country!!! May this be the start of a trend throughout France, then all Europe and then the ENTIRE West – it’s the highest possible time!!!!! Also, may this also start the most-badly needed EXODUS of Moslems from the West likewise…

  13. Yeh but for how long will this law stick now that France unfortunately has a new Socialist Government? what a shame Marie Le Pen didnt win the election. Anyway good to hear that the bagheads were refused entry serves the dumb c**ts right for thinking they are above the law as most Moslem shit do.

        • So what ? Here in the U.S. we have many laws that our current muslim and illegal immigrant loving administration refused to enforce. And don’t forget the laws broken by “Holder’s People”.

    • Helen

      That socialist idiot has only just taken office with a massive burden on his head.. the IMF and EU crisis. Just because the law banning burkas hasn’t been reversed yet doesn’t mean to say it won’t be. One thing is for sure though.. if he does reverse the law then he’s on a downhill trend because he’ll be going against the majority who voted in favour of the ban.

      Let’s not forget that he’s banned pork products be eaten in government buildngs and schools (I can’t remember how that vote came about), so there’s still time for him to fully submit to islam, just like socialists do.

      We’ll have to see what issue the bagheads make when they get to their complaining station in Gayrabia, the gayrabian’s may threaten an export sanction (as they always do, but hey.. as long as it’s exporting muslims, obviously).

      • Oh, I am sure a little oil boycott by the Saudis and/or an offer of Saudi money to help out with France’s finances will induce a lifting of the baghead ban. We are talking about France here and France ran by leftists. To the French the only lasting principle is their own skin.

        • S. Wolf

          Good point, however.. gayrabia NEEDS money, without oil exports they’re doomed to bankruptcy (again!), so I don’t believe an oil export sanction would be a consideration. In fact.. the majority of muslim controlled middle eastern sand dwellings rely on oil exports to survive, they have nothing else to produce nor offer.

          I pose this question to everyone..

          “Apart from oil and jihadist muslims.. what else does gayrabia, libya, iran and other middle eastern oil nations export that we in the West take for granted, buy regularly and basically couldn’t do without?”

          I can’t think of one damn thing, can you.

          Chances are it will be a bribe that gayrabia offers, they’ll probably give the money to ‘pay off’ Greece’s and Spain’s debts in return for anti-burka laws, anti-halal laws and anti-minaret laws to be reversed. The EU will accept the bribe, as socialists being the greedy bastards they are.. they need all the money they can get, even if it means deceiving the people at their OWN expense.

        • I can think of several things the Muslims have that we all might want. First, there’s the flying carpets. Then, they have excellent tea leave readers, astrologers and wizards. Plus, they have lots of thieves, in case you want to steal a Genie’s treasure trove. Oh, and sand. Lots and lots of sand.

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