MARYLAND: Self-hating Leftard Jew demands Montgomery schools close for two MUSLIM holidays

Councilman George Leventhal (D-At Large) says it isn’t fair that Montgomery County Schools close for some religious holidays for some faithsand not others, so he asked the board to consider closing schools for two important Muslim holidays.

I wonder how much is Leventhal getting from CAIR? This story first appeared in a CAIR press release.

FOX NEWS  “These are the two holiest days for Muslims. Eids, which means festival, Eid-ul-Adha and Edi-ul-Fitr. “As a Jew, I think it’s important that all religious faiths are recognized by the school system,” Stephanie Rubin says.

“It sort of depends on how much of a disruption there is tothe school calendar, and how many Muslim students and teachers, and staff wouldwant to take off on these holidays,” David Rubin said.

But there are opponents who say students miss enough classtime already without adding two Muslim holidays into the mix.

“Schools are closed for the primary Christian and Jewishholidays. We’re talking about one day– Eid ul-adha which I don’t think would be inconvenient or burdensome.” Leventhal says.

Leventhal received a letter from Superintendent Joshua StarrFriday.  Starr writes, “It is extremelydifficult to consider all of the potential holidays as school closings in sucha diverse community as Montgomery County. MCPS gladly would welcome a representative from the Muslim community to serve on the schoolcalendar committee work group.”

A move Ronit Eisenbach says presents a teachable moment tothe county’s students. “I think in this day and age and all that represents the U.S., it makesa lot of sense,” Eisenbach says.