UK: “The hammer didn’t do it, I had to strangle her to kill her,” says MUSLIM asylum seeker who murdered his girlfriend, 17



A failed MUSLIM asylum seeker from Iran who strangled his British girlfriend to death after learning he was to be deported, was jailed for at least ten-and-a-half years today.

(Thats ALL? Kill the Muslim bastard by beheading)

DAILY MAIL  Ako Amin, 19, flew into a rage and battered 17-year-old Cheryl Tariah with a hammer after she showed up at his hostel bedroom unexpectedly. He then grasped his hands around her neck, choking her to death in a ‘prolonged’ attack, the Old Bailey heard.


A neighbour overheard Amin shouting out other men’s names, before Cheryl told him: ‘Don’t hurt me, leave me alone and get off me.’ The shouts were followed by screams and choking that could be heard through an open window in the street below.

After covering his victim’s body with a duvet, Amin casually strolled to a nearby library, where he bragged to a friend: ‘The hammer didn’t do it – I had to strangle her.’

Iranian-born Amin, applied for asylum, but was rejected and he had exhausted the appeals process the day before the killing on February 7 this year.

Judge Richards Marks QC told him his ‘wicked act’ had deprived Cheryl’s mother – whose husband died in 2010 – of a loving daughter’s ‘comfort and support’.

Cheryl, who studied art, lived in Chelmsford and aspired to be a fashion designer

‘This is a shocking incident in which a young woman has lost her life and the consequences for Cheryl Tariah’s mother can only be imagined,’ he said. ‘She lost her husband in 2010 and is left by herself to look after a severely autistic son. ‘She now no longer has that comfort and support through your selfish and wicked behaviour – for there is no other way to describe it.

Cheryl, who lived in Tottenham, north London, and was studying art at Chelmsford College in Essex, had been in an ‘on-off’ relationship with her killer for around a year.

But she often found him to be possessive, jealous and controlling. ‘He refused to let her talk to other boys or let her go to parties,’ said Mrs Whitehouse. ‘It was said he hacked into her Facebook and email accounts and changed her password to stop her sending messages.’




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  1. Fuck her. If she’s stupid enough to date an extremely obvious lunatic, then the rest of us are lucky to have her out of the gene pool. Dated him a year and the whole time he was abusive. Save your pity for the INNOCeNT women, children and animals that don’t have a choice not for this dumb bitch who asked for what she got.

  2. She was too good for this evil scum, why oh why did she go near him, I hope he gets the living crap beat out of him in jail, just kill the fucker!

    • Dave

      She’s a former college student, meaning she has been indoctrinated with the ‘respect all muslims’ and ‘treat Whites as racists if they criticise you in any way because blacks cannot be racist themselves with their opinions’ module, I believe it’s called ‘Multiculturalism = Equality & Diversity, level 3’.

      For a while now she will have known about the EDL and what the EDL as an organisation represent and TOLD to reject our cause and call us racists for simply pointing out the dangers that girls/women (esp.. non-muslim girls/women) face when being around muslims.

      I do hope she’s looking down now and thinking.. “I should have listened to the EDL and avoided my killer, they were right all along and the liberal left have betrayed me

      But as BNI points out.. she will have been hidden from the realities of islam, she probably wasn’t even aware of the ‘terrorist in training mpacuk idiot’. The liberal left have more blood on their hands.

  3. How many other stupid girls will be killed or maimed or mentally injured before they all realize what dating an inbred muslim from ANY country can do to them ?

  4. No doubt the sentence for this muzzturd sonofabitch is not near what he deserves! Ten years?!..For a brutal sadistic murder of a beautiful young woman?! Beheading may be in order for this stinking filthy piece of sh–, but I would suggest he be executed promptly without further recourse, in a manner similar to the way he murdered his 17-year-old girlfriend…..Beat the SOB with a hammer until he is just barely aware enough to feel the rope tightening around his neck until he stops breathing and his evil sadistic heart stops pumping blood through the pile of sh– that is his body!!

  5. I do hope more and more of the black community see this article and start to show more support for the EDL. It proves that it isn’t just White girls who fall victim to the strict, paranoid, insecure, regulatory rule of islamic law.. it’s EVERYBODY!

    Blacks really need to stop using the outdated ‘racism card’ card and defend themselves against islam, not the EDL! The more support we get.. the better and we’ll have more chance defeating the uaf/swp who seem to defend those who are attacking and killing us in our own nations.

  6. Another tragedy that didn’t have to be. To my mind the bigger tragedy here isn’t the murder, we are well aquainted with this type of widespread muslim behavior, but rather the weak sentance of ten years handed out by this wussy-assed, pee pee slapping judge.

    Come on, the poor stupid girl was murdered and all this judge sees fit to do is give the evil rug banger three halal hots and a cot for ten years! Free room and board!

    Geez, I guess crime really does pay in the UK, in the US too for that manner.

    • I agree Whole-Heartedly Randy,
      I think perhaps the sentence should be 50 yrs. of being beaten with angry weasels daily and forced to eat nothing but bacon the entire time would be a start lol

      Rangers Lead The Way!

  7. I hope that all the stupid Australian families that are now opening their houses to Afghan queue jumpers read this article.

  8. She wanted to be a fashion designer? I though that burqas came in one style and design? Sorry to say but this is what happens when you court Satans sperm and this is why you leave muslims alone. Madonna will be next since she is involved with a muslim scumbag. They never learn. Peace to all non-muslims who know better than to court anyone in islam.

  9. Ten and one half years for murder – what a load of sheite. Hanging is too good for this b*stard – bash his head in and then dump him in pig sheite….bury him in his filth. The English judicial system is corrupt, evil, and non-existent.

  10. Beheading or any of a dozen or so deaths will be fine but you absolutely have to wrap ’em in bacon first.
    Strike terror into their hearts. Death ain’t going to do it as they see death as a stepping stone to paradise. Getting them pigged up first means no 72 virgins, no paradise.
    If this government had any balls or brains they’d use this tactic on every terrorist they caught & the rest of the son of a bitches
    would skulk back to the shithole they came from willingly & put an end to all of this jihad BS.
    Use what they fear most & use it every time.

  11. So to avoid deportation, simply kill someone. Why only 10 and a half years? Life is cheap in England. I hope that the scum muslim will be deported once he is released after 10 and a half years.

    • He likely will, but it makes no difference!!!!

      What really would have made a difference would have to execute him!!!! The traditional penalty would be one of the following: place lead weights upon his chest until all life is crushed out of him (this is known by the French term “peine fort et dure”) OR hang him, then cut him down while still alive and quarter him while ALL his goods would be confiscated by the state!!!!

  12. I can not imagine why some females continue to associate with muslimes in any way at all.
    muslimes are below animals in conduct and really should be caged.
    Sorry piles of maggot infested camel dung.

  13. When are woman outside of the Mideast going to get it, don’t they see these horrors committed by Arabic men…the hurt and abusive treatment that is directly characteristic of these animals. Don’t date them, marry them, or have children by them. They will beat you, kill you, and take your children. When they tire of you they will find excuses to honor kill you, even to be able to marry some one else will give them the reason to end your life. Islam kills, you are committing suicide by Qur’an…You know better by now?

    • You would be surprised…or maybe not, as to how ignorant the general public is about the news so clearly presented here. If say 15-20% of the MSM (Moslem Socialist Media) were devoted to the atrocities of The ‘Religion’ of Peace(™) the general public might get it. But 99% of their bestiality is CENSORED by the MSM.

  14. Ding Ding the warning signs were there eg possessiveness, hacking into her facebook. Why not run 100 miles from this inbreed scumshit first signs of the obvious? I am sympathetic to a certain extent but not fully as MOST women know this day and age what Muzscum men are like. Shit, im sure her mother would have known. Did she warn her daughter? or were they bleeding hearts that were sympathetic to shitscum like this? if so well thats a hard lesson learnt. Trust shit like this and they will kill one of your own. I hope the softcock government deport this peice of shit back to the sandune where he came from. Why let this inbreed arsewipe live like a King in jail? Hope he gets annally raped with barbed wire on a daily basis in jail. Most men who committ crimes against women get their karma in jail and im sure any British boys in prison there will sort this peice of shit out, he will be begging to be deported.

    • “Swedish daily Aftonbladet said the unidentified man, an associate professor at Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute…”

      Probably Asian! Will be promoted to full professor.

  15. He should be locked up in prison “for the duration of her majesty’s pleasure,” a British term for an indeterminate length of time in which the only way he would get out of prison would be for the Queen to pardon him.

    But given the heinousness of this crime, it makes you wonder why the UK doesn’t bring back hanging.

    • only 10 years? he should be castrated and hung from London Bridge. but that is just wishful thinking.
      somebody has to stop this multicultural BS

  16. There’s a story I sent you this morning about an Iranian that chopped off the lips of his wife and ate them. I think it happened in Australia possibly.

      • I understand. It’s incredible the amount of gore related to muslim men killing women we could receive in one day.

        I’ve noticed they have no sense of empathy whatsoever. Even the muslim men I know personally. No empathy and very quick to react with violence.

        • Susan, they don’t need to have empathy because they have decided that any muslim who commits a crime is no longer a muslim. So it exonerates all muslims and frees them from having to “feel” anything.At least, that’s the way I see it.

        • Much worse yet, for them to kill “infidels” is nothing!!! They’re so taught to hate all non-Moslems that right there is the reason for them being like that – and a principal reason why Moslems should NEVER be allowed in the West under ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!

  17. Another promising life/future of a beautiful young woman snuffed out by an adherent of the “Religion of Peace.” I have informed my daughters that they will NEVER bring a muslim home…that is NOT on! I’ve told them that I love them so much that I am willing to have them hate me by never allowing this. My girls are smart young ladies, and have assured me they will never become involved with a Muslim.

  18. 10 years!?!? Life is cheap in the UK. No to mention he got what he wanted…to stay in the UK. The day is coming when all these crimes will cause the dam to burst.

  19. Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to date muzzies!
    So he killed her to keep from being deported. Englands prisons must be better than being deported to his islamic hell hole. Yet muzzies want to turn England into their hell hole. Where’s the sense in that!

    • I can tell you that the food is by far much better than in his home country. They actually have specially catered food brought in for special muslim holidays.

      He’ll have a good bed, clean clothes and linen, prayer times and lots of muslim company. A T.V. also and access to a computer.

      Since they’re almost all anal-raped in their youths, he’ll also have sex.

      So yes, he will be living a much happier life in jail.

    • Well that was weird…the same song came to my head, then I read your post…. Guess we ‘normal’ people think alike on the subject…;)

    • Although this is a very sad story, the first sentence of your comment is very funny and should actually be taken seriously.

    • The JEKYLL AND HYDE PERSONALITY of the Mozman is revealed when a woman doesn’t say yes to all his demands to which he has been told since childhood HE IS ENTITLED!

      Western WOMEN need to be warned about the inbred, braindead, ENTITLED, misogynistic, supremacist, narcissistic, killer zombie Mozman jihadist PERSONALITY DISORDER!

      Tell Western women, before it’s too late.


      • They wouldn’t believe you. They know better. So all I can say is if warned, and they have fallen into this trap and deception is, oh well, must suck to be you. Then ask if they learned their lesson yet or do they need a rerun. I just have no sympathy for these women.

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