The depravity and inhumane behavior toward animals exhibited by Muslims is staggering

A Saudi man grabbed a little cat by its tail, leaned it against a wall and used an ax to cut off its tail, accusing it of damaging his car fan.

Emirates (H/T Marin)  Saudi newspapers said the first blow failed to sever the tail, prompting the unknown man to hit the cat again and again until its tail fell off its body. “The man kept hitting the cat which was writing in pain and mewing loudly…after the tail was separated from its body, the man let the cat go,” Sharq daily said.

The paper published a 25-second film on the incident but U-Tube said it had been removed because its contents violated its terms of service. It quoted the unknown Saudi man as sarcastically telling the cat :”The one who breaks my car fan should have its tail broken.”