BULGARIA: Keeping up the protests against Muslims who insist on throwing their religion in the faces of the Christian majority

Waving banners such as ‘Stop the cries of the Imam,’ ‘The Mufti is not above the law,’ ‘You are the mayor of Sofia, not Ankara’ – politicians and patriotic citizens staged another controversial demonstration against the Islamization of  Bulgaria.


Last year, anti-Islamization activists physically attacked Muslim worshippers who prostrate themselves all over the streets and blare their eardrum shattering Calls to Prayer five times a day, which protesters say is “psychological harassment” of non-Muslims. This time,  police kept protesters away from the Islamic hall of hatred. Press TV calls the protesters “racist” but fails to tell us what race Islam is.

NOTE: This is Iranian TV, that always sympathizes with the Muslim side.












22 comments on “BULGARIA: Keeping up the protests against Muslims who insist on throwing their religion in the faces of the Christian majority

  1. The Country is called BULGARIA and that means it should be filled with BULGARIAN PEOPLE,!! now if there are too many muzzies there,then,they should NOT BE THERE end of Story,they should be in their OWN COUNTRY,now,there’s plenty of Sand in your own Country to build as many of these mosques as you want to build,i’e no doubt you’ll get plenty offers of Cement to compliment the amount of Sand you have,so just FICK-OFF and we’ll send the Sand over to you,O.K.muzzie men?? do we have a Deal-Yes??? -Yes !! good,now one Question : Are you telling me the Truth.??

  2. If Muslims feel unwelcome, maybe they should leave. Too bad for Muslims that they are so obnoxious that even other Muslims don’t want to live with them.

  3. I wonder how much money it takes to buy a politician? A Congress? A Presidency? A Nation? Anyone have a close approximation?

    • ICE, I’ve heard that the Saudis have close to a Billion dollars in an account with Obama’s name on it. Nothing I can confirm, just rumor.

  4. Absolutely delightful comments and I agree with all of them – Either we Stick Together or we Fall Apart !!

  5. Yes! Bully for Bulgaria and any other country where there are a large number of people with the gonads to stand up and let these muslime pukes know without a doubt that they ARE NOT WANTED there!! “Far righ”t, lady?!…Up yours!! And Islam IS NOT a race…dimmwit dhimmi!!

  6. I know people want to live in peace, i know i do…But you won’t unless you fight back AGAINST these Muslims…Non-Muslims MUST stick together at all times…We non-Muslims need one another to fight these creatures from hell!

    • Unfortunately, the Libtards are siding with the Muzztards. How on earth can NMs stick together when the NM lefties bend over backwards to appease the Muslims while vilifying those of us who dare to speak the truth about Islam? I say deport the Muslim invaders AND their ass-kissing lefty friends!

  7. It’s very rare I hear of Bulgaria, (the last time was in my philatelist days as a child when I owned some old stamps from that country) so rare that I had to look on the global map to see where that country was, lol

    Anyway, good to see the Bulgarian nationalists with balls, that’s what it takes to speak out against muslim infiltration/domination. Pity the liberal left don’t possess such hard gonads.

    BNI: Little mistake in your thread description..

    “NOTE: This is Iranian TV, and therefore, biased toward Muslims”

    Biased: Show prejudice for or against (someone or something) unfairly, i.e.. gave an untrue and biased account of a scenario.

      • BNI

        No problem, we all make the little one every now and again. After a recent mistake I made whereby I didn’t read the thread description properly.. I made a comment that made me look a complete arse, so since then I read the descriptions properly.

        Btw.. I’d be interested to know if anybody else did what I did and actually looked on the global map to see where Bulgaria is 😀

        • Some people, if well taught in childhood their world geography, will remember these things for life. Being half-Serb, half-Russian, that part of the map’s reasonably well-known to me. [Harder will be the Central Moslem Republics…]

        • ADHD

          As mentioned in a previous comment.. I used to be a philatelist in my younger days, whereby I knew where every country was where the stamps originated, I have 1000’s of stamps from 1000’s of country’s from around the world (even Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka and Constantinople, now known as Istanbul, Turkey). I still have some very old Bulgarian stamps, it has been over 30 years since I’ve heard or seen Bulgaria mentioned and my memory of it’s location has elapsed, let’s put this down to vices I used in the early 90’s.

          After seeing Bulgarias location.. it reminded me instantly where it was. However, I thought my question was genuine enough and I bet there are many others who don’t even know where it is nor ever known where it is, I was hoping someone else would admit it, regardless of any geography lessons they were taught (like I was at school).

        • “Ever Watchful”, I happen to entirely agree both with your question being genuine enough and with your betting there are all too many people who don’t even know – and likely never knew where it is!!!

          [And yes, yours also truly remember the time when Sri Lanka was still Ceylon and Istanbul was still Constantinople (that latter renaming was Atatürk’s doing, if I remember correctly).]

    • Oh that’s one of the words that gave me a headache when learning English as I was struggling with its “contradiction”, given that one of its synonyms being partial thus implied it could be used either way, depending on the phrasing. Decided to stick with the easier option of partial/impartial instead!

  8. Usually you have to have a permit to make a demonstration in a public place.

    If you get one, the police come out to protect you.


    Mozzies provoke violence to denounce violence so that they may commit violence.

    It’s Mo’s trick from early Islam.

  9. ummm, what “race?” NO asslifiting on the sidewalks, that “MOSQUE” looks large enough to hold the asslifters!! They don’t NEED to lift on the street; they only do that to once again, shove it down your throat! Don’t like it, go back to the deserts and look at all the space you’ll have then. Always whining of poooor me
    They make me sick

  10. Do the mohammedans seriously expect to be treated with kiddygloves after the all the massacres and rapings they have perpetuated in Bulgaria ever since they occupied it?

  11. Controversial? only to Muslims. with over 1200 mosques they can pray elsewhere. it is not racism regardless of what that woman said.

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