Uncle Dougie’s Weekly ‘Islamophobia’ Whinefest

Terror-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper waxes on about intolerant ‘Islamophobic’ Minnesotastans who don’t want a mosque in their neighborhood where no Muslims live; makes demands that corporations welcome Muslim headbags; wants tiny fire at mosque building investigated as hate crime; continues whining about NYPD spying on Muslims, adding that the Pilgrims came here to escape that.

Sorry, Dougie, the Pilgrims had no idea there would be subversives like your ilk here, hiding behind a false religion, using our laws against us, for the sole purpose of destroying the American way of life and system of government and replacing it with a barbaric one called sharia. Every time I post something about this lowlife sewer rat, I have to XXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX out what I really want to say about him.