Even the Bangladeshi Muslims don’t want the Bangladeshi Muslims from Myanmar

You know you’re despised when even your own countrymen won’t take you back. And people wonder why the Myanmar Buddhists were driven to kill them?

Bangladesh refuses the boats carrying Bangladshi Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar. Hey Australia, take a hint!





18 comments on “Even the Bangladeshi Muslims don’t want the Bangladeshi Muslims from Myanmar

  1. Thailand doesn’t want to let a Muslim murderes into their country. They will protect their people, not like many countries that are allowing Muslims to change the character of their country.

    I hope India does the same as Thailand.

    Why do so many countries allow these infidel killers into their county that will change them into a 3rd world country?

  2. Polygamous societies do not want the excess males from other polygamous societies. The sex crazed young bulls of polygamy are expelled to non polygamous societies where they prey upon vulnerable females. All polygamous societies need to regularly expell their young bulls. The refugee boats appear to be mostly young sex crazed males

  3. Is there any way to nip this in the bud before they are brought over here in masse? I emailed Florida family Assn suggesting they take this as an issue.

  4. I’m afraid it will soon get out of hand in Myanmar, Buddhist will never give them any rights after seeing how well multiculturalism is working in the west.
    It will turn ugly like in Thailand’s Deep South, and eventually into a civil war. check it out on the tube how it is dealt with in (REAL) Asian countries..

  5. Moslems who are ‘violent’ (ashidaa) are ‘good Moslems’ according to Koran 48.29.

    Moslems who are ‘compassionate’ towards Kafirs are disobeying Koran 48.29.

    Islam is a hostile, fascist, supremacist ideology.

    Mozzies kid themselves about the true nature of this cruel DEATH CULT.

  6. This is the first time that I have seen more women and children then men on the refugee boats. muslims turning away muslims. Finally some truth about the no peace and no love of islam for people.

  7. Susan: What a great solution! I wish I had thought of it. Sending them to a peaceful, loving, caring, civilized nation like Pakistan is a wonderful idea. I’m sure the SLL* in the white house would kick in an extra million or so in aid to be sure that they were made comfortable.
    I’ll bet he would even pay for translators so that the “Bangles” could understand how to demand more special treatment.
    Of course, the Pakis had better be aware of the fact that if they accept the “Bangles”, they will soon have to accept the “Baubles and Beads”.
    * Slimey Little Liar

  8. And yet liberals aren’t accusing Bangladesh of “Islamophobia” like they do Australia or other countries who don’t take in moochers.

  9. Ain’t karma a bitch?
    Bonni, the only hint that the Oz government will take is that they will take these parasites in with hardly any questions asked – & because the “Immigration” Dept is under so much pressure to process 1000’s of claims in a short time, it is far easier for them to tick “yes” than reject – because 80% of rejections are overturned on appeal anyway!
    But imagine that – muzzturds turning away the same muzzturds – ahh, the peace & mercy of allah to his believers, inshallahahaha
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of pricks!

  10. All they have to do is act in a civilized manner. But this is impossible since the qu’ran dictates their lives and they refuse western education.

    Bengladesh should give them food, wster and a map and compass towards Pakistan. They will be very happy in Pakistan.

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