ATTENTION AUSTRALIANS! Protest against ‘Walk Together,’ a UN-initiated Refugee Week event that supports the invasion of Australia by thousands of mostly Muslim parasites

Torpedo Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s infiltrator boat policy! An obscure, bleeding heart leftie group called ‘Walk Together’ will be holding a nationwide rally on the 23rd of June to celebrate the UN initiated, but misnamed ‘Refugee Week,’ that more appropriately should be called ‘Invasion Week’ by economic opportunists, not real refugees.

 Before the last federal election Gillard said that she would be tough on the boats issue. Gillard will use any deceptive means possible including lying to the Australian public to achieve her end which includes flooding Australia with Third World invaders. Gillard’s act of treason on illegal boat arrivals has exploded into the most serious problem facing the Australian Parliament and the Australian nation. The illegal invasion is underway and supported by both Labor and Green parties to the detriment of our social and cultural order and this most heinous act of betrayal is a complete burden on the taxpayers of Australia.

This is what the infiltrators do to government housing in Australia while awaiting asylum:

It is obvious Walk Together is working with dark forces to destroy Australia’s identity and in the process bankrupt the Treasury by welcoming further welfare-seeking opportunists into the community.

Over 17,000 boat entrants have invaded Australia since Labor took office in Dec. 2007, what with Kevin Rudd abolishing TPVs (temporary protection visas) and also ending the past successful policy of offshore processing of asylum seekers.

Once the asylum seekers have been granted permanent residence they are entitled to bring their family members to Australia, putting further stress on welfare, public housing and gaols. The media has reported that asylum seekers “are costing us billions, with 85 per cent of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here”.

The Australian Protectionist Party is the only Australian political party calling for Australia’s removal from the UN Protocol on Refugees. The document is outdated and is obviously working against the interests of the nation. Sovereignty should be restored to the Australian people and that includes withdrawing from a raft of unlawful UN treaties and protocols including the Convention on Refugees.

Over the past week APP representatives held two meetings with Police to discuss our Schedule 1 protest permit request. On both occasions the Police denied our permit request citing possible “violence” and the need to maintain the peace. Police acknowledged the good behaviour displayed by APP protestors over the past two years, but were worried the other side might resort to using violence.

Over the past two years of holding protests APP members have witnessed many examples of pro-asylum seeker protestors and leftists groups using violence against APP members and also members of the NSW Police Force. Legally speaking, a protest can be staged without a Schedule 1 approval. The Police have been informed that APP members will be holding a peaceful counter protest regardless of our request being denied. The NSW Police Force’s decision to deny APP members the right to hold a protest looks like a double standard.

With any protest our aim is not to cause public disobedience or mischief but to highlight the many disastrous Labor and Green policies that threaten our way of life. Our country is being invaded on an almost daily basis so why should we just sit idle and surrender our nation to the huddled masses of the Third World?

So inform your friends, family and neighbours of this most important counter-protest. If present trends continue, you and your children will be strangers in your own land. This is our country and we plan to take ownership back. The counter protest is open to all Patriots regardless of political affiliation.

Faceless members will also be involved in the counter protest so if you would like to wear a burqa or hold a placard please don’t hesitate to contact the APP Sydney organiser Nick Folkes for further details or information at

Stop the invasion!