Egyptian Muslim butcher slaughters his wife, skinned and deboned her, then chopped her up in pieces that he sold in his store for $62/pound.

NDJ World  (H/T Martin) The man even advertised the ‘daily special’ as ‘homegrown goat meat’.

An Egyptian butcher loved his trade so much he chopped up his wife, rolled up her meat in neat hand-sized portions and sold those over the counter to his unsuspecting ‘endearing’ customers.

A horrible fight between the butcher and his wife led to the man committing this most gruesome act.

But one customer with a more ‘refined’ set of taste buds wasn’t convinced it was goat meat he was eating at dinner time. The man notified local police who had the meat examined at a laboratory where it was concluded that meat in question didn’t come from a goat but was in fact human flesh.

The butcher was arrested. He confessed to killing and butchering his wife. An investigation of his shop led police to the cooler, where they found one of the women’s hips and what was left of the ‘roulades’. As his defense, the Butcher told authorities that he had killed his wife because she refused to listen to him.