FRANCE: Once banned, now the Marseilles monstrosity mega-mosque has been approved

You elected the Marxist/Muslim sympathizers, you deserve what you get. Enjoy the deafening Islamic Call to Prayer five times a day. And even more crime in Marseilles, as if there isn’t way to much already, thanks to the Muslim slime.

Overturning the will of the French Christian community, a French appeals court has granted permission for the building of a a gigantic Islamic doctrination center, a mega-eyesore in the southern city of Marseille that has been touted as a symbol of Islam’s ultimate goal of turning the Catholic country into a filthy Islamic state.

The court overturned an October ruling by Marseille’s administrative tribunal that cancelled the project’s construction permit for  failures to meet urban-planning requirements. The 22-million-euro ($31-million) project would have seen the Monster Mosque, boasting a minaret soaring 25-metres (82-feet) high and room for up to 7,000 asslifters, built in the city’s northern Saint-Louis area.

A community association led by a local butcher had filed a complaint against the building permit, saying the mosque project did not fit with the surrounding urban environment.

The project was granted a permit in September 2009 but construction was suspended following a myriad of  outrage and complaints from local residents and businesses.

“The construction of this ugly Monster Mosque will serve as a showcase for Marseille’s Muslims to promote bigotry and oppression, the hallmarks of Islam, an Islam that has never gotten out of its barbaric roots from the seventh Century. 

Muslim leaders in the Mediterranean city had hailed the approval of the project as a key step in recognising the impending dominance of Marseille’s large Islamist community, famous for its skyrocketing Muslim crime rates. France’s second city is home to an estimated 250,000 Muslim infiltrators, many of whom flock to makeshift prayer houses in basements, rented rooms, dingy garages, and all over the streets of Marseille to worship.

This is Islam in France. Soon to be all of Europe:

At 4:00, a Muslim attacks an old woman and beats her to death: