MSNBC host says, “9/11 gave America a chance to turn those who are committing terrorism against us into imagined racial enemies”

Melissa Harris-Perry: “9/11 vaulted America into a nationalist fervor that was similar to post-traumatic stress disorder which gave America a chance to shift its racial hatred from Reagan‘s welfare Queen to an imaginary enemy that is somehow Muslim or Arab.”

The Blaze  During a speaking engagement Monday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made some startling accusation concerning 9/11 and Americas War on Terror.  Perry, who anchors The Melissa Harris-Perry show on the weekends, remarked that 9/11 vaulted America into a “nationalist fervor” that was similar to PTSD because “for about a year, there were African-American men walking around the city of New York with NYPD hats on. That can only be explained as a PTSD response.”