Romney advisor, Walid Phares, on the radical Islamist takeover of the Middle East

Walid Phares* is Mitt Romney’s special advisor on foreign policy and national security, which has enraged the terror-linked goons at CAIR. So much so, that they waged a campaign to harass Romney into removing Phares from his team. He did not.

*Phares is a Lebanese Christian


16 comments on “Romney advisor, Walid Phares, on the radical Islamist takeover of the Middle East

  1. Anybody who doesn’t roll over likse a piddling puppy to the demands of islam and cair is a friend of mine.
    Islam means to conquer America and the rest of the world using countries own freedoms.
    Anybody that tells the truth about islam and cair is a really CLOSE friend of mine.

    islam (SLI*)is a cancer upon the world.

    *small letters intentional

  2. Good for Romney! I do NOT want an appeaser in OUR White House. I do not see Romney as the type to bow before anybody. In addition to having a president who actually loves — gasp — America, we’ll once again have a First Lady who will be an asset, and not an embarrassment to be snickered at by the rest of the world. Of course, at this point, I’d vote for my dog before I’d vote for Obama, but I’m definitely finding a soft spot in my heart for Romney. Too bad so many voters in 2008 had soft spots in their heads!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this. When I started watching the debates, Romney stuck out as the most capable and professional, but seemed to lack luster. In fact, I pegged him as the mannequin candidate, who the Republicans had just pulled off an assembly line. However, after seeing him loosen up since the primaries and become passionate about winning and bringing jobs back, as well as standing up to countries that play the dirty game, I have really identified with the guy. His wife is also a real inspiration. It takes a strong woman to go through what she did. Much stronger than Michelle, who until recently, wasn’t proud to be an American.

  3. Romny made a very good choice. Walid Fares is a well known fighter against Islam. I listened to him for a very long time.
    Only, I wish that Romany knows how to play the dirty game of obama. He should have waited until he wins. As Gingrich said that Romny should get his ‘animal instincts’ ready.

  4. Hope this Romney guy beats that Moslem In Disguise Obummer. He is the better option out of the two from what I have been reading on BNI over the last 12 months. I cannot for the life of me, understand why alot of Americans havent woken up to this traitor…. are they that naive and conned by this evil shit? and dont get me started on that bloated old bat Hillary. Hope she gets a bullet between the eyes too the trecherous liberal cunt… that bitch is a hypocrite “Do As I Say Not As I Do”. Surely Romney and this Wahlid Phares will do much better in the White House saving the US from the invading Muzscum and the economy. Ive always known Smericans to be passionately patriotic and I can see you guys wull fight till the end to save your country and I say dont hold back get rid of the scum in the White House come November.

  5. @EW: Thanks for the disclaimer at the bottom. Yes, it is very heartening to see Romney thumb his nose at CAIR and stick up for Walid Phares. I truly hope he will be tough on islam and a conservative White House will, i’m sure, help bolster to some degree, European conservatives, and set the tone for future policy.

    I actually do however, feel the French conservatives (not the Sarkozy kind) will be heartened by a Romney Presidentcy as long as he continues to be tougher on islam than the (hopefully) previous Obama regime.

  6. The question is….are enough americans aware of obama’s destructive policies that is destroying USA, politically, socially and economically like never before ?

    Given the close poll stats majority Americans are plain stupid . They fell for this silme ball ….they seem making the
    bigger mistake by electing him again.

    Its time to spread the list of obamination failures and how it can get worse to the ignorant masses…the mainstream paid media will back obama …the battle is going to be hard…..word of mouth propaganda based on facts is required
    to end the obamination & save America
    for future genrations..

    • How much impact do you think a hundred different types of election fraud might have on the outcome? Just wondering.

  7. I’m liking Romney more, too. Hang in there, Mitt, and we’ll make you the president to succeed George W. Bush. Ignore the interloper Hussein bin Obama who just thinks he’s the president.

  8. I’m liking Romney more by the minute. I hope he wins in November because I believe he’ll be the best president Americans have had for a long, long time. Being a (center) right-wing Conservative he’ll get on with Cameron, re-inforce UK-USA friendship and send a message to the rest of Europe that right-wing Conservatism is the right way forward.

    France will reject Romney; but no worries.. Americans and we English know that the french are moaning sods; cheese eating surrender monkeys, more so for submitting to left-wing socialism and islamism.

    I apologise to any French right-wing, I’m not including you guys in my damnation of France, you’re on our side and we support you.

    • We hope by that time, France will be in such a death spiral Hollande will be given a vote of no-confidence and Le Pen will be voted in. We just have to watch out for Obama trying to rig the voting here. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  9. Phares=Romney
    This is one of the best things I have heard about Romney since he has began his run for the White House.

    • I agree. I’m a liberal Constitutionalist, and I’m not big on Romney, but having Walid Phares as his advisor is a HUGE plus.

      I love Ron Paul for many reasons, but his contrived naivete when it comes to Islam is really an enormous minus. Ditto with all the other Islamopanderers. Pander to Islam? You’re not fit for national office AT ALL.

      On the contrary, you are enabling sedition and possible treason. Islamopanderers should be concerned that they will be viewed as treasonous.

      Who will create a website – if there is not one already – that lists all the Islamopanderers in national and state politics? All those who are in bed with CAIR? Should that not be a voting guide for free peoples of all stripes, from Conservative to Centrist to Liberal?

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