75% of Egyptian-Americans voted for the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate in Egypt

While Egyptians inside Egypt were near evenly split in their vote in their recent election, Egyptian Muslims living in the West were overwhelmingly in support of the sharia-proponent Islamist candidate…95% if you don’t include Egyptian Christian voters.

FRONTPAGE  Indeed, many Egyptian Americans who have dual citizenship and are living in America voted at Egyptian consulates throughout the U.S. They did so both in the primary Egyptian elections, which occurred a few weeks ago, and now in the recent final elections for president of Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and the former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

Alarabiya TV and Egyptian national TV reported that Egyptian immigrants voted 75% in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the primary. Now in the final elections, again Egyptian immigrants voted over 75% for Mursi. If we don’t count Egyptian-American Christians who voted for former prime minister Shafiq, the percentage of Egyptian- American Muslims who voted for Islamists could have reached over 95%.

While voters inside Egypt are almost equally split 50/50 between Sharia and no-Sharia, we find the votes of Egyptian-American Muslims reflecting an unprecedented level of radicalization that surpasses most Muslim countries. This should be very troubling to Americans. (But hardly a surprise to readers of BNI)