Amazing, Muslims believe they have nothing at all to do with the rise of ‘Islamophobia’

“It’s a ‘Jewish’ conspiracy. The ONLY reason there is anti-Muslim sentiment in this country is because of the JOOOOOOOOOOS!”

According to Muslim speaker, Hatem Bazian,  in the video below, there are many causes of Islamophobia in America, but absolutely none of them involve Islam, Muslim behavior, or the most basic of Islamic teachings which calls for the domination of Islam for the entire world. He mentions that $42 million dollar number allegedly provided by rich Jews to all the online Islamophobia merchants. I dunno, 4 years of publishing anti-Islam news stories and videos and I haven’t gotten a dime from any of them. 

The producers of ‘Jewish’ Islamophobia are, in order of importance:

1. Israel Advocates (Some Jews but more evangelical Christians)

2. Right Wing Political Organizations (None of the major ones are run by Jews)

3. Military Industrial Complex (Jewish involvement unknown)

4. Anti-(Muslim) Immigration Groups (None are Jewish)

5. Election Issues, i.e. creeping sharia (Most Jewish politicians are liberal Democrats)

6. Arab Authoritarian Regimes (Jews are irrelevant in this discussion)

7. Republicans and Tea Party Members (Only a small percentage are Jews)

The Goals of the ‘Jewish’ Islamophobia Campaigns are:

1. Demonize Islam and everyone who believes in it

2. Criminalize Islam by making people think it is connected to terrorism

3. Isolate Muslims in America (More than they try to isolate themselves?)

4. Marginalize Muslims in Society (No need for that as Muslims marginalize themselves by constantly demanding special accommodations for their religion)

5. Hoping for Increased Radicalization of Muslim Youth and hoping it leads to more Violence

6. More Violence means increased security and surveillance of the Muslim community as well as more military actions