Words of ‘wisdom’ for Muslim wives

Ladies, if you want to be like those black-eyed virgins of Paradise, you must stay covered up and rarely ever leave your house. Those black-eyed beauties awaiting your husband don’t menstruate or do any of the other things that men find so disgusting…..like childbirth.”

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  1. It must take many generations of inbreeding to end up with such as sorry excuse for a human being as this guy.

  2. “Black-eyed virgins”…so they beat the gals in “paradise,” too, eh? Gosh, maybe that’s the deal for the Muslimas…”paradise” for the ladies is that instead of getting beatings, they watch the houris get beatings.

    Seriously, I know that they say it’s the pupil and irises that are black, but when you’re talking about muzztards, it’s just natural to assume the worst.

  3. I wish there was a way for all those Gullible young Women who are “Hoodwinked” into believing this muslim-allah crap,before they Don the islam Blindfold.

  4. “Muslim men” = oxymoron of the day.

    “Yay! of the Day” comes from FOX News. The moo-slum doofus who threatened the kill the South Park guys for exercising their right of free speech can now look forward to doing 11 years of prison dawah.


    Jessie’s claim to be championing the “weak against the powerful” b.s. didn’t go down too well with the judge. He’s lucky no one seems to have investgated the “Revolution Muslim” gang thoroughly enouogh. They were doing dawah in Times Square the day the would-be SUV bomber was caught, and many believe they had knowledge aforehand of what was going to go down later in the afternoon. Fortunately, the crack highly trained little shahid wannabe in charge of setting off the bomb screwed up and got caught by some nearby street peddlers.

    • 😛 If there’s anyone here, please knock once for yes, twice for no (who the hell’s gonna knock if no one’s there!)

  5. Oh boy, do they slam their head hard against the wall at birth to be so incredibly so full of shit?

    Since menstruation and childbirth is soooooo disgusting then DON’T DO EITHER! Pump them with testosterone, steroids, or whatever that would solve that problem.

    As for those black-eyed beauty awaiting (yeah, right), are they the kind you see in the series Supernatural?

  6. A white girl slapped the shit out of a paki outside a business where he worked and two police crusiers showed up with their lights and sirens blaring. All I saw was the white girl screaming at the paki while he was trying to hold her arm down from getting hit again. I had pulled up across the street with a crowd that had gathered to watch and a spanish girl told me the white girl slapped the shit out the guy(she didn’t know the guy was a paki, but I did).


  7. Muslims are also so ignorant to believe that a child completely lies in the semen of the man and the woman is only the “incubator” — they don’t know that the child is created by the joining of the DNAs of both the man and the woman — that’s why a child will always be given to the father, even if he is a drug addict, a criminal or a pederast. Muslims also believe that semen comes from the spine.

  8. TROGLODYTES: How can any rational person even come up with these bazaar ideas and espouse them and expect others to believe them?

  9. You’ve got to laugh co’s thats the voice of the real islam.
    Hey, you wanna buy a camel. Its a virgin.

  10. And people are supposed to find childbirth DISGUSTING!?!!

    If you can’t take anything but negativity from one of the most important parts of human life, you can only have a real DEATH WISH in your hearts!!! Granted, it’s meant to be a private act, it still is NOT a disgusting thing ‘per se’!!!!!

    [Wow, this screaming with the equivalent of ‘fffff’ in music – very seldom seen in scores, but which this ideology evokes with its insanity of barbarism and extremest depravity – is leaving me drained…]

      • Wahrhaftig!!!!!

        [Verily (in German)!!!!!]

        This all the more confirms what I stated above: Islam is the cult of DEATH, just as Judaism and Christianity are religions of LIFE!!!! [As Our Lord Jesus Christ Said: “I’ve come, that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (St. John 10:10)

  11. In fact, the extremest form of Moslem “purdah” wouldn’t traditionally allow women out of their houses in even a burqa. They had to be confined to a carriage with blocked windows so they would NEVER be seen by men even as human shapes in the slightest!!!!!

    No wonder Moslemahs in those regions like India, Pakistan et al regularly develop rickets and other diseases due to lack of any exercise, thinking, &c.

    • Truth be told ADHD, rickets are now a problem for covered up muslims in the UK now.

      Guess who foots the bill for the treatment.

      • The ordinary NON-Moslem UK citizens, who’re despised by the “élite”, educated at such prestigious LEFTIST HOT-BEDS like Oxford and Cambridge (PLENTY of Commies have been there since even the end of the 1920s, if not earlier – Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Anthony Blunt, John Cairncross and Melita Norwood are among the TRAITORS those places hatched!!!!), holding the top plum jobs in academe, the civil-service, the “Church” of England (notably such good-for-nothings as Rowan Williams, John Jeffries, Colin Slee), the Parliament, &c. ad nauseam, and who despise their ordinary fellow-Britishers and are all too happy to tread them into the ground as the new top-dogs and “nobles” they want to be!!!!

        When the British Revolution comes (as part of the Pan-West Anti-Moslem war), it will be vitally necessary to round up, try, convict and execute a LOT of “blue-bloods” (maybe even including royalty – e.g., Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, that “prince” really is a flake!!!!) throughout British society as the collaborators, aiders and abettors all too many of them have been and are!!!

  12. No wonder Muslimas risk their lives to have sex with Jewish men. It’s said there’s not a Fakestinian Muslima older than 25 (nor younger than 18!) that hasn’t had sex with a Jewish man.

  13. I know of nothing easier than to dislike, or worse, these people. They are truly of another dimension. And not a good one.

  14. That has to be a joke, he cannot be for real.
    Maybe some travelling circus has lost a CLOWN.
    No wonder these people are so backward.
    Once again they believe the imaginations of a 7th century camel driver called muhammad

    • Yes, I DO believe a travelling circus has indeed lost their number 1 assclown!!…You heard him ladies…Just follow this stupid looking trolls advice and save yourselves, cover up in preparation to be given to some disgusting asslifter like this in “Paradise”!…Don’t know about anyone else, ladies, but THAT sounds a lot more like HELL than “Paradise”!!

    • Ol Muhammed didn’t just drive the camels.
      We have it on good authority that he could get them up to speed by just walking up behind them.

  15. The insanity is beyond unbelievable~! Even an ATHEIST knows this is taqiyya and a lie straight from the mind of shaitan~!

    • Yes, this ATHEIST does know that it’s moo-slum b.s. (and there is no “shaitan”, just evil people willing to kill in the name of gods), and what’s this “even an”?

    • Question: Have the 72 virgins been trimmed?

      Have they had their Female Genital Mutilation beautification?

      Does anyone have access to an “Ask the Ayatollah” hotline, to submit this question?

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