FT. LAUDERDALE: ‘Hamas’ Hilton Hotel holds Islamic fundraiser for terrorists

Fellow counter-jihadists, Tom Trento and Alan Kornman of  ‘The United West got in the faces of a Muslim group called Islamic Relief, who recently held a fundraiser for Hamas at the Hilton Hotel. Non-Muslims who tried to purchase tickets to the event were rudely turned away.

Kudos to Tom and Alan as well as the Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party members for exposing the bigotry and hatred of  Islam.

The United West

On June 17, 2012, the Islamic Relief USA partners with Islamic Relief Worldwide sponsored a Fundraiser for Palestine/Hamas. But when at least a dozen American Christians and Jews tried to buy tickets, they were denied entry and were bullied and called names by the Muslims there.

It was reported that the Hilton hotel was not happy that Americans were milling around the lobby and complaining about the terrorist event they were hosting on their property. There was some kind of altercation in the parking lot between Americans and Muslims, which police broke up.

Evidently, there were more Tea Partiers there than fundraisers.