The future of England looks brighter thanks to the joint power of the English Defence League and the British Freedom Party

The British Freedom Party and the English Defence League are totally separate and independent organizations. Here’s how they will work together.

British Freedom is a fully registered political party; we can stand people for any election in Britain and offer the electorate the opportunity to vote for a patriotic, non-racist, non-anti-semitic party, dedicated to the anti-jihad cause.

The EDL raises awareness of the threat of Islam to the UK and puts pressure on the politicians; but what is it raising awareness for? The politicians don’t care what people think and are unconcerned about a street movement that cannot effect political change.

Kevin Carroll, Co- Founder and Joint Leader of the EDL and also Deputy Chairman of British Freedom

British Freedom now offers the opportunity to change that. EDL members already highlight injustices in our society through their marches and demonstrations, but they can now stand up and try to actually replace the corrupt, pro-Islamic politicians who are destroying our country, our culture and our peaceful future.

Successful local election candidates for British Freedom could join planning committees and vote against planning applications for new mosques. They could fight to have funding taken from Islamic centres which breed terrorism, sexism and homophobia, and have it spent instead on new sporting facilities for all our youth.

The alliance between British Freedom and the English Defence League takes our patriotic movement one step further. With a combined network of patriots it’s now time to take the struggle into the council chambers and Parliament.

Tommy Robinson, Co- Founder and Joint Leader of the EDL and also Deputy Chairman of British Freedom

Commissioners for Crime and Policing

November 2012 will see the first ever elections for Commissioners for Crime and Policing, who will decide policing policies and budgets. This means that in 2012 we could see candidates from British Freedom being elected to help run local police authorities.

Imagine the difference in police attitudes this would bring about! Especially with regard to EDL demonstrations and the voicing of opinions you feel strongly about. Now THAT surely must be something worth fighting for?

EDL supporters are welcome to join British Freedom whilst remaining in the EDL – enabling them to take their beliefs one step further into the political arena.

If you think so too, then JOIN British Freedom today!