Are any pigs flying yet? Rep. Allen West (R-FL) called for Barack Obama to immediately cut off all American foreign aid to Egypt and to denounce the results of the election

In a brief post on his Facebook page, West said Sunday’s results with a victory for Mohamed Morsi, representing the al-Qaeda-founders of the Muslim Brotherhood, were reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian revolution that saw Islamofascists installed as leaders.


The Blaze (H/T Martin)  “A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt,” West wrote. “We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come to reality and the ominous specter reminding us of the Iranian revolution is evident.”

Calling the Arab Spring “nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare,” West said the U.S. needs to “unequivocally reiterate” its support to Coptic Christians in the region and to Israel.

“What an incredible foreign policy faux pas by the second coming of President Jimmy Carter, the Obama administration,” West said. “I call upon President Barack Obama to cut off American foreign aid to Egypt, denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities. 

One year ago, Rep. Allen West warned about the threat to America from the Muslim Brotherhood: