HEY, AUSTRALIA! Take a lesson from the Bangladeshis about what to do with all those Muslim invader boats

Helicopters opened fire on boats carrying Rohingya Muslims heading to Bangladesh and fleeing sectarian violence in west Myanmar (Burma), according to refugees who survived the sea ordeal.

(Payback’s a bitch. The Myanmar violence was in retaliation for Muslims raping and killing Buddhist women and children. This is what happens when you piss all over your Buddhist host country, even your Muslim home country doesn’t want your sorry asses back)

The Myanmar government told the Bangladeshi High Commission that terrorist group Jamaat-e-Islam is arming the Muslims in Myanmar to promote violence against the Buddhists.

Rohingya  The refugees said they witnessed children drowning and starving to death during their perilous journey. The shooting took place after Bangladesh border guards turned back six boats of refugees as they tried to enter the country from neighbouring Myanmar across the river Naf to Teknaf town in the southernmost part of mainland Bangladesh, the witnesses told RFA.

“We floated in the sea for four days and my younger brother starved to death,” said Minara Begum, a 10-year-old girl, speaking through an interpreter.

“We had six boats. Then a helicopter came and opened fire, and three boats were lost, all of those people [in them] were killed,” She did not specify the exact date of the incident, which occurred earlier this month, or whether the helicopters were from Myanmar or Bangladesh.

Minara Begum, who is from Sittwe, the capital of violence-hit Rakhine state in Myanmar, is among a group of refugees sheltered and hidden from the authorities by a Bangladeshi woman.

The woman said she was moved by the plight of the Rohingyas, a stateless people described by the U.N. as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

Mohammed Islam, a young father also from Sittwe, said he was among those who left in the group of six boats, three of which he said came under helicopter fire.

“Because we couldn’t endure the torture (not torture, RETALIATION for Muslim crime against peaceful Buddhists), we took six boats and left our homeland,” he said, citing burning of homes and mosques and killings and other sectarian violence triggered in the first week of June in which he said two of his children and up to 25 of his relatives died.

“Three [boats] were together and three became separated from the group,” he said. “These three that fell behind were set on fire by the helicopters.”

At least 2,000 Rohingyas have tried to enter Bangladesh following the violence between Muslims and Buddhists in Rakhine state in Myanmar since early June but most were either turned back or detained.

Bangladesh says its resources are already too strained and has refused to accept the Rohingyas despite appeals from the United Nations to grant them refugee status.


Myanmar considers the Rohingya to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denies them citizenship while Bangladesh says Rohingya have been living there for centuries and should be recognized there as citizens.






44 comments on “HEY, AUSTRALIA! Take a lesson from the Bangladeshis about what to do with all those Muslim invader boats

  1. Bangladesh is a muslim majority country. Yet they are not allowing Rohingyas in. This shows that muslims themselves don’t trust muslims. These parasites should not be given refuge in any country. Let them starve and die. That many less muslims on the earth.

  2. Great news, just hope story doesn’t get picked up by UK lefty press or the frigging liberal goodhearts will fast track them here!

  3. aussiegirl,

    Agreed 100%. I believe that every Western Country should leave the now corrupt United Nations. But if they don’t have the courage to toss all Islamic Nations out of the United Nations I doubt that the West will have the courage to resign from the now ‘Islamized United Nations.

    The last figures I saw recently indicate that a minimum of 42,ooo boat people have landed in Australia since 2009. Multiply by 4 in twenty years the average number of decendants and more are coming.

  4. Oh, boo —-ing hoo!! STFU!! And kudos to Myanmar for sending the puke muzscums packing, AND to Bangladesh for NOT taking the leeching filthy bastards back!!….And you media dhimmi dips are soooo right that “the Inernational Community should get involved”…We, the international RATIONAL community should unite to rid the world of the disgusting obnoxious leeching filty muzzturds!!

  5. This is friggin awsom like everyons says you reap what you soe, had they been allowed to continue in no time they would be raping and murdering everyone that is not moosKum.

  6. Our Australian government is taking us down the same road as all the other countries that have been invaded and -colonised by -Islam,not learning from the mistakes they have made,they all agree -multiculturism doesn’t work,yet we are allowing hundreds to arrive illegally into

  7. I see these muslim men putting on a great show on the boat just crying away, I thought they would be grateful they were possibly going to die, you know…they each would get 72 Virgins ! Good job “BANGLEDESH”

  8. i have posted these uk prison population stats before , ending 2011-2012, 22 buddists , 120 jews, 840 sikh hindu , 14,000 muslims, nev(uk)

  9. cat. Many are standing up. However, most people are oblivious to what is happening. Our mission is to wake the bastards up.

  10. If they don’t like the treatment in their homeland, let them go back and change it ! They are just looking for the utopia of getting “free shit” from the host government
    and then they will riot and demand more of it.
    Islam is a cancer upon the world.

  11. Where are the saudis and the emirates. They can satisfy the obligation for alms and get new servents on the cheap.

  12. The bleeding heart liberal lefties of australiastan will take in all of the muslim garbage if the liberal left in australia is in charge. That being said, it is time for Australia to get tough and to stop all muslim immigration or plan to give up their country and their culture to the evils of islam. I am sorry to be so negative but it seems that australia is not standing up for themselves so why should we try to stand up for them. Wake up australia before it is too late.

    • Do it. Yes! the best way is to block entry to the an enemye country and maybe change their religion for political agenda instead. Now it will be easy to know why we face and enemy. Not a so called religion. Also no more tax break for them under the new statue “politicla agenda”

  13. Bangaladesh a 3rd world banana republic gets it right when dealing with the evil of blood sucking muzzies. So much for the superior brains of the western world!
    So far they are the only country dealing with the evil muzzies as they should be. Turn them away, get them the hell out of your country. Right on!

  14. Love the pic of the cage . Didn’t know they caught the wolf man. But seems someone knows how to deal with these people. But they will all be armed by Russia.

    The letters to the children of Fatima the 2nd said pray for mother Russia for they do not know what they do. Putin is in charge again being a former k.g.b captain playing with the children of the devil nothing new.

    The 3 the pope who read it resealed it and locked it up. He got ill after and died. Now the end is near that letter will never be read.

  15. Bangladesh is the armpit of the world. To be turned away speaks volumns about these miserable rotten muslims being driven out of mynamar.

  16. Ahh, allah the meciful showing her mercy for the world to see how how moslems are so kind & merciful to each other.
    Push has come to shove & Buddhists have in their memory the Holocaust that the moslem invaders unleashed on the Indian Sub-continent murdering 10’s of MILLIONS of Buddhists in a 400 year period.
    Ain’t payback a bitch.
    And no, Australia won’t be copying them anytime soon – even though we have a godless loony left government they still have a semblance to follow Judaeo-Christian form of humanity. Best to shove this in the faces of leftard supporters how musloids treat their fellow musloid ‘asylum’ seekers.

    • lol, i posted this link on the seven news page on a link asking what to do with them, just counting the seconds till they ban it and the bleeding idiots start calling me racist and bitch for suggesting it

  17. Well, this doesn’t bode well for the west at all. If Bangladesh won’t take them, and the UN gets involved, you know what’s going to happen…they’ll wind up in a western nation, collecting refugee benefits. Ugh!

  18. When Muslims flee an Islamic country complaining about Muslim violence and then as refugee status fight to preserve Islam by revering Mohammed and building Mosques they must be described as ‘Scatter-brained.’ Muslims that flee an Islamic country and cannot see that the cause of their misery is the Dark Belief System Called Islam are by far the most ignorant and stupid people on earth. There is only one solution send them back to the hell place they left. Those that revere Muhammad and the Koran deserve no quarter.

    • These undesirables will not be sent to an Islamic hellhole where they belong but rather to civilized nations for the purpose of contamination, infestation, and draining the welfare systems.

      There is a reason that our DOJ is making sure that Megamosques are being built in the US in violation of zoning ordinances.

  19. Bangladesh – from memory that is where ‘Nasrin’ was sentenced to death by Muslims for writing a small book in late 1980’s. She fled to Europe to survive. I am surprised that Bangladesh opened fire given that so many evil Muslims live in Bangladesh. The Australian Government will never open fire on unarmed refugee people for obvious reasons. Puppet Prime Minister Gillard will continue to let Muslims invade. We urgently need to toss her out at the next election. The government must reject all Muslim refugees and toss them out of Australia.

    • Australia needs to withdraw from the UN which is dominated by muslim and commie countries, thats why they demand we take their crud of the earth muslim effluent. We don’t have to do anything that is not to the benefit of this country, and uneducated, tribal, hatefilled islamic welfare- dependant misfits are of NO benefit at all to our nation. PM Juliar Gillard needs to be turfed out, we have had more illegal boats under her watch than anytime previously. , so far in one year they have cost us 1.2 BILLION $$$… now just imagine if all that money had been put into our schools, hospitals , roads and infrastructure.. One of the major reasons western countries are in deep financial shyte is the drain on our economies of these money sucking parasites..ALL MUSLIMS OUT OF OUR COUNTRIES!!

  20. A.T. Feel sorry for ANY muslim? I think not. From the moment of conception they are pumped full of poisonous hatred against every living thing, plus their all in bred. I fell sorry for my child that must live in a world where Muslims and liberals exist, and the animals cruelly tortured by these devils. Don’t waste your pity on evil.

    As for the 3 boats being set on fire and all on them perishing. Excellent, excellent. Maybe you shouldn’t violently gang rape little girls you barbaric fucks. Hope hell is Treatin u n your families well.

    • Considering that some 2.5 million Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims in Bangladesh, I don’t care how many Muslims the Thai Buddhists kill. They know exactly what the Muslim rats will be doing to them if they immigrate in sufficient numbers. It’s nothing more than self-defense. I hope everyone realizes that Afghanistan was once a peaceful Hindu-Buddhist state.

  21. One has to feel for the many innocents who happen to be born into Muslim families and whose brains get washed with their garbage. And it is next to impossible for them to escape the hold of Islam. What the world needs to do is to kill the proselytizers, the Mullahs who perpetuate the disease. Their majority is to be pitied but the evil minority of Jihadists must be killed.

    • Bzzzzzzzzzzt. Wrong. The ideology of pisslam is fundamentally intolerant, violent, xenophobic, supremacist and antisemitic. The disease is the ideology of pisslam, not the mullahs who merely preach it.

    • How do you figure? LOL!!..this is what the Australian Government NEED to start doing, give em’ a sanga and a bottle of water, and send them on their way..but we would hear the Wah wah wah wah from the UN and other muslim lovers, about human rights, something ISLAM knows nothing about…..notice they are all males? I am so done with this throwing their arms in the air, bawling their eyes out, we dont fall for that crap…our men have more pride than that…take the boo hoo session to someone who cares….

  22. Why would anyone want a religious group in their country that is openly hostile to them? There should be zero muslims & zero mosques in civilised countries.

  23. The helicopter pilot needs better training, if he could only get 3 of the 6. I know they are small boats and make a hard target, but give me a break hover and shot not hard.

  24. Finally, they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Since empathy is a trait missing in the islamic culture, I doubt they will draw a parallel between their fate and the Christians and Boudhists that they persecute on a daily basis.

  25. Sanity at last…. I hope this upsets the bleeding heart brigade. I can see them now crying into their tissues, with their hearts bleeding all over the floor,O deary me those poor people. What ever can I do?
    As for myself I have a bag of popcorn, enjoying the video with a big grin on my face.

  26. The poster is not complete. There should be read: “send pallywood media and muslim-backing UN to myanmar arkan state for protect arkani rohingya muslims in their raids against buddhists”

    Fortunately not every country as been contaminated with political correctness nor has been castrated by the UN.

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