UK MUSLIMS want to stop Amazon from selling e-books that tell the truth about Islam

Muslim Council of Brtain accuses Amazon of making money selling offensive, racist, ‘Islamophobic’ and potentially dangerous e-books.

Dangerous to whom? Only those who write anti-Islam books.

Daily Mail  The internet giant sells a vast number of ebooks, downloaded by readers from its website, some for as little as £1. It allows anyone to upload an e-book for sale, without safeguards against content that would be refused by traditional publishers.  One e-book, Prophet Muhammad: Monster of History, includes images of a Quran being burned and a woman being hanged.

The author, Jake Neuman, says of its content on his own website: ‘The writings contained in this book are now illegal in most Western countries.’ (The truth should never be illegal) But users of can access his work at the click of a mouse. (We call it freedom of speech in the non-muslim civilized world)

The Muslim Council of Britain has now called for Amazon to ‘take proper responsibility’ for the content of the books on its site.They added: ‘Freedom of expression should not be unlimited (then it isn’t ‘freedom’ of expression), and publications that cause anti-Muslim hatred, anti-Jewish hatred or homophobic hatred should not be allowed.’ (CRAP! You only care about anti-Muslim hatred because it is Muslims who hate Jews and homosexuals more than anyone in the world)