GUIDE HORSES? Obama’s Department of ‘Islamic’ Justice bows down to Muslims’ irrational hatred of dogs

Because Muslims consider dogs to be filthy, the cases of pet dogs being posioned in Europe and Turkey have skyrocketed.  And now, this Muslim dog insanity is being submitted to by the Islamopandering Obama Regime, who have ruled that ‘Guide Horses’ must be allowed in shops, restaurants and even on airplanes.

 logic from DOJ:  Miniature horses are viable  alternatives to dogs for individuals with allergies, or for those whose  religious beliefs preclude the use of dogs,” the rules state. A recent Justice Department ruling that allows miniature horses to be used instead of dogs as service animals for the blind and handicapped, also mandates that shops, restaurants, hotels and even airlines be forced to allow service horses into their establishments or face lawsuits if they refuse to accommodate horses.

First, let me tell you why the use of horses as service animal is both stupid and cruel to the animals. Horses are NOT domestic animals as dogs and cats are. Horses are not physically compatible with an indoor life in a typical home. Horses, no matter how small, are grazing animals who require several hours a day of outside turnout where they can roam and graze at leisure. Horses cannot be housebroken which means these guide horses are fitted with a diaper – humiliating. To confine a horse to a house with only a limited amount of slow walking as exercise is cruel and unusual punishment.

Horses require a lot more room than dogs.. Dogs are fed and walked a couple of times a day, while horses eat hay and grass and produce waste throughout the day. Even the smallest mini needs an 8-by-10-foot stall and room to run around for exercise. Walking slowly in a harness does not constitute exercise for a horse. A horse is meant to be in an environment where he can move about, small or not, eat throughout the day and be with his buddies.

Horses don’t get fleas, but they do get parasites, ticks and attract flies.

Now that the Department of ‘Islamic’ Justice has ruled that service horses must be allowed in all retail establishments, there will be a run on people getting mini service horses, knowing that they can sue any business or restaurant that refuses to allow them in. I can see CAIR sponsoring a program to give horses to Muslims, just so they can sue even more businesses for ‘Islamophobic’ discrimination.

But just as fast as people may rush to get in on the newest fad, once they find out how difficult it is to properly care for horses, they will abandon them,  leaving the animals  homeless if it doesn’t work out. It’s not unusual, unfortunately, for them to end up on the slaughterhouse floor because there’s no home for them.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz  (R-UT) is trying to have this stupid mandate overturned. As he stated,

“What I object to,” said Chaffetz, “is the Department of Justice forcing businesses and restaurants…. think about airplanes. Look, even the Miniature Horse Association  has come out and said, look, you can’t potty train, for instance, a horse to the same degree you can a canine. And so it just seems like the federal government, the Department of Justice, is going overboard in issuing a rule. Sure enough, they issued a rule, March 14th, and within a week, restaurants being sued in California for not allowing horses into their restaurant. It just seems absurd, just over the top.”

This reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what the ADA regulations require.  Those regulations specifically define “service animals” to include dogs only.  As the regulations specifically say, “[o]ther species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not service animals for the purposes of this definition.”  28 C.F.R. 36.104. A business is required to accommodate service animals — dogs — except where “[t]he animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it” or “[t]he animal is not housebroken.”  28 C.F.R. 36.302(c).  So, even if we’re dealing with a service dog, if it’s not housebroken, a business does not have to let it in.

FOX NEWS  Already there is a lawsuit in Los Angeles by Jose Estrada, the plaintiff in the case filed this month in Los Angeles court. His attorney, Morse Mehrban, told that a dog “doesn’t have the sufficient strength to pull him in his wheelchair.”

So Estrada, a paraplegic, uses a 29-inch-high miniature horse named Princess. According to the complaint, the two retail stores being sued “refused to permit said animal” inside along with Estrada last month. The suit says Princess “is housebroken” and would not “compromise” the safety of those two stores. Estrada is suing for “no less than” $4,000 in damages.

Jose Estrada

The federal rules state that businesses should allow in the horses as long as they’re trained, considering such factors as the size of the horse, whether it’s under control, whether it’s “housebroken,” and whether its presence would compromise “legitimate safety requirements.”

Amador says the horses cannot be housebroken.

The Guide Horse Foundation, though, says on its website that the horses “learn exactly the same behaviors as a guide dog,” and that they “never bite or kick except when attacked.” (That is crap! Horses will bite or kick for many reasons. But the biggest problem is horses, by nature, will spook and run away from a myriad of seemingly non-scary objects. I know from many years with horses, that they will spook at a plastic bag blowing in the wind, a piece of white paper on the ground, a loud noise, a dog that runs up to it, rustling leaves, and more. Nearly anything can and will spook a horse at one time or another. And because the horse’s natural instinct is to run away, that is what they will do every time)

The organization could not be reached for comment.

The American Miniature Horse Association does not condone the use of miniature horses for that purpose. Association President Harry Elder applauded those who have received “ADA certification” to train animals but questioned the use of miniature horses. “Although the American Miniature Horse is bred to be intelligent, curious, gentle, sensible, willing to cooperate and easy to train, it remains in all respects physically and instinctively a true horse. The American Miniature Horse can be readily trained to be lead or driven but, in most cases, it would not make a suitable replacement for an animal such as a guide dog,” he said in a statement.

 Guide Horse NO! Why Miniature Horses should NOT be used as Guide Animals for the Blind.  In fact, they are a DANGEROUS alternative to a Guide Dog.

Not that it will do you any good, but you can contact the DOJ here:

Eric Holder


Because of an irrational hatred of dogs, this Muslim blind woman’s parents would not allow her to have a guide dog in the house. So now she has a totally inappropriate guide animal instead – a horse.

UK DAILY MAIL As a blind Muslim woman, Mona Ramouni has had to make do without a guide dog her whole life. The 28-year-old’s strictly religious parents would not allow a dog in the house, considering the animal unclean.

But then Miss Ramouni stumbled across a website article about miniature guide horses in April 2008. ’It was something that I never thought about for myself,’ she said. The psychology student used three years of savings from her job at a Braille proofreading company to pay for a horse to be trained to act as her guide.

Since welcoming three-year-old guide horse Cali into her Dearborn, Michigan, home last year, Miss Ramouni has seen her life turned around. Cali measures about 2ft 6in tall and has been taught to stand still indoors. She also helps Miss Ramouni get out of vehicles and move through crowds.

Her proud mistress said: ‘She is an awesome little horse. What I really want is to be able to take her places neither of us would have been able to go without each other. (Places no horse should ever go)

‘Before Cali, I had given up. I got to the point where I thought, ‘I’m going to get nothing out of my life’. Cali has given me the confidence back I used to have as a kid.’ (And you have ruined this horse’s life, thanks to your Islamomaniacal beliefs)

Among the challenges she had to overcome in order for Cali to stay at her home were getting a permit to place a large shed in her family’s garden and to find a farrier to look after the horse’s hooves.

Her friends warned her it would be a difficult thing to do. But Miss Ramouni said: ‘The more everybody told me “No, don’t do it,” the more I wanted to do it,’ she said. ‘I got to a point in my life where I thought… “Why should I settle for something less than I can have?” (That’s right, why should you have to settle when you can deprive a horse of the life that it is supposed to have?)


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  1. Sure, we gotta do this out of respect for the muslim’s religious convictions. But it’s just fine to force Catholic institutions to pay for free abortions for their employees. Seems like Christian religious convictions are something this criminal president spits on.

  2. The fact of the matter is horses are farm animals not pets. They were domesticated by man for riding,plowing,and pulling buggies,etc. Just because a “horse” is under fourteen hands does not mean it does not deserve to live life as a horse. They were never meant to live in diapers or wear sneakers on thier shoes. They can kick and bite. Not to mention they will run if scared. I personaly would not trust a pony to get me up a flight of stairs for example if I was blind. People that argue against this point out this and everything that BNI is saying. These ponies are said to became depressed and listless until they are around other ponies. I believe this. When we lived out on the farm my pony (that I rode as a child) enjoyed the company of the horse we got. Now, I still rode my pony and seen him but Iwillhonestly say he was nocodependent on me. Before the horse when I got home from school I would go see the pony who would perk up his ears, look alert, neigh and rush up to see me, etc. While, I still pet the pony etc the horse full filled more of his need for companionship. Since my pony was in a pasture and did not live like a guide pony he was never listliss but since we were at school and work we could never a 24 hour heard companion.

    • Arwen, a lot of horse owners insist that their horses be turned out in a paddock by themselves, fearing their ‘expensive’ show horse might get kicked by another horse if out in a group. We have always put our horses out with a group and yes, they do come in with little bites, knicks, and scratches but no real damage. Being out on the grass with the herd truly is their natural environment and much better for their mental condition.

      Horses in a paddock all by themselves don’t run around much and are bored, so often the owner has to lunge* the horse for 30 minutes before getting on, so he won’t get bucked off. I never do this, because I prefer the hot, feisty horses with spirit anyway.
      *Lunging is putting a horse on a long line and having it trot and canter around you in a circle to blow off steam.

      That said, these guide horses are treated like house pets and never have enough room to really run around as they should. They are robbed of any joy in their life.

  3. BNI, you’re missing the endgame. If mustards can get guide dogs replaced by guide horses, they can get get bomb-sniffing dogs off the job too.

  4. How the hell can a minature horse guide it’s owner from overhanging branches,or when the traffic lighs have changed,or an obstacle is in their way?this would be the most -ridiculous -idiotic -stupid ruling handed down by a judge??also it is so cruel to the horses,I hope the animal organisations fight this,if one of these poor little horses kick or hurt someone I would sue everyone -right up to the president for allowing this stupidity,commonsence did not -prevail,what is happening to us as people to allow these barbaric neanderthals to be dictating and changing -our culture and customs,I hope a -big black dog spooks the horse and it -piddles and poo’s in fright on it’s owner.

  5. I just lost a precious mare that I had owned since she was filly in May. Man, she would have been a great guide horse. *Chuckles* Granted, we would have seen her in the fridge more than anything. “I said get me a soda, not to free graze, butthead!” LOL!

    muslims don’t deserve horses. That offends the horse woman in me. I know how cruelly they treat their animals.

      • Yeah. Her mother, who was a few months shy of 30, had died during Thanksgiving. We think she may have just given up. I’m sorry to hear about your old mare. They leave a mark, don’t they?

      • WC, oh, that’s really sad, losing two in a short time. My husband’s horse died a few years before mine, and she never got over it. They were inseparable and best friends, always turned out together. Even worse, when he died, she was up at Cornell Veterinary center where she had been in and out for the better part of a year. (It’s a long story).

        When we brought her home, we didn’t put her in her stall which was next to his. We put her in a paddock to stretch her legs but she somehow sensed he wasn’t there anymore. She speny 20 minutes frantically smelling the ground in the paddock, obviously looking for his scent. She was upset. Finally, I couldn’t stand watching her anymore, so I went over to her, wrapped my arms around her neck and told her, “Lacey, Skinny (his nicknmame) is dead. He’s not here.”

        I don’t know how she could have understood, but she tore herself out of my arms, ran to the end of the paddock and just stood there staring out into the distance for about a half hour. She didn’t sniff the ground again. It broke my heart. I tear up just writing about it again.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that. :( And people like to say that animals are dumb. They know. They know. May the Lord bless us with many more years and many more equine hearts to fill our own.

      • WC, in my entire life around horses, I can only think of 2 or 3 times where I was sure they understood exactly what I said. Otherwise they would not have reacted as they did. I know that sounds crazy but I believe it was true. Of course 99.9% of the time they act as if they are clueless about what you want from them. I like to attribute that to horse sense of humor. I know my horses laugh behind my back all the time!

      • LOL Yeah, my mare that passed, she was a real character. She enjoyed sneaking up behind us just to hear us scream. I swear you could see a smirk on her face.

  6. It’s really helpful BNI that you explain why horses aren’t meant to be used this way.

    It just goes to show how Muslims make other creatures suffer for the sake of their hateful diety.

  7. This proves that Muslims are insane and so are those scatter-brained people that accept and tolerate Islam and their inferior thinking idiotic ideas. MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction cruelly applied by Islam impacts upon all infidels, dogs, pigs and now miniature horses. Added together with their inhumane Halal slaughter methods Muslims have demonstrated by proven path behaviour that they are evil in every sense of the word.

  8. My wife and I stop by a farm frequently in a town in New England and we always have to visit the two ponies that are there who are named Jack and Perfect. The pony named Perfect is very shy, while Jack loves human interaction. I can’t even imagine seeing these two ponies in restaurants or on buses mixing with people in that capacity.

  9. Jesus Christ…. There are distinct categories for BNI articles.

    1) Ones that make you say, “Yes! Stick it to the Islamic invaders!”

    2) Ones that make you say, “WTF! I am enraged that they are allowed to do this!

    3) Ones that make you say “I can’t belive Muslims are even a problem. They’re just waaaaay too retarded”.

    This is a category 3 article. Guide-horses? What next? Guide-elephants? I am glad that soon, the number you posted for Eric Holder Of Islamic Values might actually belong to someone competent. House vote tomorrow. This turd’s about to get his ass handed to him. Especially if they also vote on civil contempt. I hope to see the Sergeant At Arms hauling him out of his office and dropping him in a large trashcan full of horse shit. Goodbye Holder.

  10. This alone may cost our donkey-in-chief the presidency in November. Make sure you mail this to everyone on your mailing list. Make sure the whole country knows about this.

  11. That one ladies parents wouldn’t let their daughter have a dog because they thought it was unclean. I thought wouldn’t it be easier to teach muslims that dogs are not unclean rather than try to teach horse to be housebroken? AAHHHH what was I thinking!

      • I remember a parade in San Jose with one group of Mexican Riders and their horses. In the middle of a routine, one of the horses let loose without losing the routine.

      • LK, horses can poop as they go. In fact, when you are learning to ride, you are told to not let them stop to take a poop, they must keep going. Imagine jumping a course of fences and the horse stops right before a jump to poop. That said, some horses stop to poop anyway, no matter what you do.

  12. How about Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs? I understand they are very intelligent. Pigs have been used as service animals. Consider the truffle hunting pigs in Belgium.

  13. Horses, no matter how well trained, are not domesticated animals.

    If a kid tries to feed one of these horses something, and not done correctly, it can bite their fingers off. Not due to aggression, but due to the way a horse’s mouth closes.

    Also, horses can kick when the are spooked.

    What happens when a 5 year-old gets kicked in the head or the chest, and ends up dying from it?

    People who are around horses by choice know how to act around them. I can’t say the same for the people in Walmart or Pathmark.

    I think Sirius is right. A pig can become more of a domestic animal than a horse can be. And they are actually very intelligent and are, for the most part, docile.

    But I don’t believe, for a minute, that the Obama Idiots would allow this.

    I’m actually surprised they aren’t rounding up people’s dogs and exterminating them, because of the Muslims hatred of them.

  14. As a horseman and one who grew up on a working ranch and has rode in rodeos and rode and trained horses….this is insane ! and it’s cruel to the pony. Wait till one of em kicks somebodys head off..and just because they’re minature does’nt mean they can’t. I would sue for every penny they had. Leave it to that shitstain Obama to okay this HORSESHIT !

    • Annie, there will be a lot of people pretending to have a disability because they think it’s cute to walk around with t a little horse.

      • A lot of people got Chihuahua after the cute ads from Taco Bell. Then the recession came along or they got tired of the novalty and many of them landed up abandoned on the roadside (a felony in California).

  15. This is the result of 1,400 years of raising sons and daughters in DARKNESS, and HATRED.

    When they finally stepped into the blinding light of modern times, they show how devoid they are of manners and polite interaction with others.

    These sand scorpions are jealous of every beautiful creature, and sting them to death at every opportunity… what is the best thing you can do when encountering a scorpion?

    …then do it. How many times must you be told to defend your freedom? What are you waiting for… Christmas???

  16. These mini horses will have a duel purpose in every Muslim household. If you know what I mean!!! Remember the the little donkey scenes from Irac.

    • Pin the tail on the donkey or pin the donkey’s tail?

      Oh, the infamous “Tikrit Donkey Show!”

      “He Haw He Hawahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

      • Most dogs, even super well traained working dogs, would turn around and bite Abdul when he romantically approached it. This is probably the main reason islam calls dogs “dirty”.
        Before giving a guide horse to a muslim household, would it be possible to teach the horse to kick when scenes like happened ? How about guide goats ? Guide donkeys ? ?
        The possibilities are virtually endless.

      • Guide goats for capracidal muzzturds?


        “No kllz me plz!”

  17. I have nothing against horses. I do have a problem with the culture of death called islam. to all freakin muslims you are as insane as your founder mo ham ed. Pigs are too good to be in your presence ans are dogs. You death cult will be brought down by the One True God and it aint allah

  18. i agree that these poor horses lives are ruined. i love horses but they are expensive and will pee and poop anywhere. as smart as they are can you imagine a long flight with a horse? pee and poop in a small space like an airplane is not a pleasant thought or smell.

    • Can you also imagine a horse in PANIC inside a plane in the middle of the Pacific?

      Hey, you muslim infra-humans, I have a splendid idea free to you scumbags: how about training a horse to kick the flight cabin door?

      • General, when horses fly, they are tranquilized and there is always a vet on the plane. But horses don’t ride with the passengers. There are special cargo planes with stalls in them for carrying horses.There have been a few cases where a horse panics so badly on the plane that they have to shoot him. Can you picture that little baghead on the plane with her horse when he goes nuts? I doubt a vet will be accompanying her. Just because the horse is small, doesn’t mean he can be handled like a dog. Even the smallest minis weigh a few hundred pounds.

  19. ADA and its mushrooming regulations has become a pot of gold for litigation lawyers. We all know who really pays for all the costs of compliance and payouts. Our freedom gets smaller and smaller and soon it is just a pinhole we can peep through.

  20. OMG!! Yes, the insanity never ends! BNI, you are most definitely the right person to blow the lid off this crap given your years of experience with horses. Do the impositions of this regime ever end? We simply will NOT survive another four years with that big-eared, ass clown in office.

    The imposition of this “initiative” from DOJ upon businesses and the general public, not to mention upon the poor horses themselves are totally unjustifiable. Too effin’ bad muslims think dogs are unclean! They want to live here, then let them change to our ways, not us to theirs! THEY SHOULDN”T BE ALLOWED TO LIVE HERE ANYWAY!!

    The executive branch is completely out of control now. Torches and Pitchforks to 1600 Penn Ave! Is there anybody in Congress and the Department of Defense (not civilian appointees) willing to cooperate with one another and remove these filthy, muslim-kowtowing, Chicagoland thugs from our house and into “posh” maximum security lodging at beautiful Ft. Levenworth Kan.? Better yet, a Carribbean getaway in Guantanamo Bay!

    • Randy, I was upset when I posted the story about the Muslim woman here 2 years ago. Little did I know BO would encourage this by passing laws forcing businesses to accept it. And this comes right after he legalized horse slaughter for food in the US. (A practice that had been banned for years) This goes along with him not wanting to save the wild horses out West.

      • Yea, this hit me like a left hook. I had no idea about this, and the Southside slob issued it as an executive order, a decree!

        Then there is the issue of legalising the slaughter of horses for human consumtion. For an American President to do that is just unthinkable! Traditionally, that has been a taboo act in American culture, and is right up there with the eating of dogs and cats, but then again, it is doubtful he even IS American, lol.

        This sickness of Obama’s is all about a narcissistic pandering for the votes of certain “ethno-religious groups”, especially those he grants “refugee” status to, all in contravention of the nation’s culture, the country he is supposed to lead!

        God, I loath and deplore him! Hurry up November, please!!

  21. I s BO going to clean up after the horse leaves a dropping of used hay? And stinks the place. At least dogs will let you know.

    • I wouldn’t never wish a muslim on a poor mini pig. Perhaps as a guide animal for a blind pig. No, forget that, can’t trust a muslim with a pig’s life.

  22. You damn right BNI this goes against all the rules of nature ! mini hores have a short run on life let alone this misstreatment god damn selfish people go to far one day one step to far an be their last step !

    • BLR, actually mini horses have a longer life span than full size horses, which the Guide Horse bastards tout as a benefit because that means the horse has many more years of suffering to endure in an endeavor he was never meant to do every day of his life. This is pure, unadulterated horse abuse at its worst. I hope people who use them for this get killed because of it.

  23. OK. We agree that Muslims are crazy. But, what about the president of the USA? If he is crazy then he must be impeached. Am i right or Ami right?????

  24. this is a great example of muslim reasoning; a dog is filthy, but a horse is clean?

    i think the intellgence of these animals ranked in order is 1.)dogs; 2.)horses; 2793.)muslims.

  25. Is somebody having a LAUGH?
    Now i’ve heard it all, you yanks are NUTS.

    What happens when “my little pony” jumps onto your LAP? {Gasp – Squidge}

    BNI have covered all the points on this, but really,bag heads must NOT be allowed to do this, is there NO limit to their cruelty?

    • I’m beginning to believe you’re right. We are nuts! Nuts for ever letting this Kenyan “false Dimitri” in office. Sigh.

  26. I fuuuuuuuucking haaaaaate Obama and every Muslim! How much more is everyone going to take before we rise up! I’m ready NOW!

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