“Please God, make it stop,” cries British female journalist, stripped naked and brutally sexually assaulted by Muslim savages in Tahrir Square

A British journalist was brutally sexually assaulted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as thousands of Egyptians gathered to celebrate the nation’s presidential election results. Natasha Smith, 21, has detailed how she was violently attacked by a ‘group of animals’ who stripped her naked, scratched and clenched her breasts and ‘forced their fingers inside her.’

Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric — Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, compared women who do not wear the Islamic headdress with “meat that is left uncovered in the street and is then eaten by cats.”

That’s the problem with lefties, they see several examples of Western female journalists being sexually attacked by gangs in Tahrir Square, yet refuse to believe it is because Muslim men look at non-muslim women as ‘uncovered meat,’ that deserve what they get. Natasha Smith is deserving of neither our pity nor our compassion.

  Daily Mail (H/T Martin) Writing on her blog, she said: ‘All I could see was leering faces, more and more faces sneering and jeering as I was tossed around like fresh meat among starving lions.’ She only escaped by donning men’s clothes and a burka and being whisked away to safety by two other men.

The incident occured on Sunday when Egyptians flooded the area celebrating the announcement Mohammed Morsi would be the nation’s first democratically elected leader.

Smith, who will graduate with an MA in International Journalism from University College Falmouth in August, was in Tahrir to film the crowd for a documentary on women’s rights. But the initial ‘atmosphere of jubilation, excitement, and happiness’, quickly turned against her.

She said: ‘Just as I realised I had reached the end of the bridge, I noticed the crowd became thicker, and decided immediately to turn around to avoid Tahrir Square.

‘My friends and I tried to leave. I tried to put my camera back in my rucksack. But in a split second, everything changed.  She wrote: ‘I began to think, ‘maybe this is just it. Maybe this is how I go, how I die. I’ve had a good life. Whether I live or die, this will all be over soon.’ A friend eventually reached her and managed to guide her to a medical tent. Local women helped protect her as she put on the burka and clothes.

French television journalist Caroline Sinz was molested in a way that ‘would be considered rape’ near Tahrir Square.

She said: ‘The men savages outside remained thirsty for blood; their prey had been cruelly snatched from their grasp. ‘They peered in, so I had to duck down and hide. They attempted to attack the tent, and those inside began making a barricade out of chairs. They wanted my blood.’

She then escaped by posing as a stranger’s wife and walking out hand-in-hand with the man. She added: ‘The women told me the attack was motivated by rumours spread by trouble-making thugs that I was a foreign spy. ‘But if that was the cause, it was only really used as a pretext, an excuse, to molest and violate a blonde young Western girl.’

Smith is not the first western woman to be assaulted while working in Egypt. CBS News’ Lara Logan was attacked during the 2011 revolution. She said ‘men in the crowd had raped me with their hands’.

Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy was also assaulted by Egyptian security forces in November.

This is an attack on another female reporter in Tahrir Square.







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73 comments on ““Please God, make it stop,” cries British female journalist, stripped naked and brutally sexually assaulted by Muslim savages in Tahrir Square

  1. I absolutely believe in the execution and extinction of all these Muslim savages. The men that is, take the children (who can obviously be male) and the women out and carpet bomb all there barbaric backwards disgusting putrid pathetic excuse for sentient being. They are dumb, they hide they savagery behind a obvious false god. I am not christian so don’t go there. I do not believe in any religion I believe in life. No story told a in ancient times will make me pray down on my knees, nor view another human in a lesser way, Any “GOD” or “ALAH” that condones that is false and just plain stupid. FUCK ALAH! FUCK MUHAMMAD… pussy scum.

  2. Gee, isn’t that why you were there, to report on the “success” of the Arab Spring? and Islam treats their women like dogs, worse than dogs, like they treated you…right? So you should be happy that you are experiencing “the Arab Spring” on a personal level, what Arab women go through on a daily basis, and you can go home now and live normally again until Islam/Sharia law tries to make it here too, like it is doing right under your nose with Sharia compliant banks in America. get ready for your Berkasrus and babyberkasrus…coming soon because we are all knotheads like this reporter, the reporter that thought Arab Spring was a good thing and that Islam is a religion of peace…..Islam is a theocracy and a theocracy is a totalitarian state…they control you from the time you wake up in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night…and that’s the way they want it…this religion was invented to control its people..so it’s not a religion, it’s a government within a pretend religion and this reporter deserves everything she asked for by her stupidity in being there in the first place and believing Obama in the second place and being highly educated in the US in the third place (Sesame Street).


  4. This young woman published her account of the assault in todays Daily Telegraph, and while i DO have sympathy for her, i’m sorry to read how she excuses those people saying it’s “just a small minority”.

    Yes, she was foolish to go there, but she had a male escort, and those muslims are always at fault when they behave in this way, wherever they live. Where she loses MY sympathy is when she defends them.Next time she should pack a hollow point .22 pistol with a spare clip.

  5. I do feel for the young woman/all women that have been harmed there. But the truth is, that is the law of that land. We westerners need to respect that if we travel there for our own safety. You don’t go there and say I’m American and I have rights and I will be protected. You are so, so wrong, you don’t have rights there. I use to work for an airline and if we went to a muslim country the women were given clothing to cover them head to toe to protect them. Given the rules of the land. Basically told to stay in their hotel room was the safest. Couldn’t swim in the hotel pool, suppose to walk so many paces behind the man. Don’t and repeat don’t go anywhere alone, and if you went out of room with another male from the crew, pretend he is your spouse and be covered. When you travel you need to know where you are and the rules… She was niave to believe she could report the story dressed as a blonde american woman. The smart reporter would have worn a disguise. Unless she wanted to see what would happen to her to be there dressed as a blonde American woman and that was her true story…??? It is a shame what happened to her, but it is a lesson that we American women need to understand. Not all women have rights and your rights stay when the plane takes off. Scary but true.

  6. We do not have any influence in islamic countries, unfotunately. Nobody – I mean for example Foreign Office will do nothing with what has happend to Natasha and other White non-muslim women. But I think we have some possibilities in our countries. Let’s stick to EDL or similar organisations and make a pressure on your officials like parliament or deputies to inforce a new special law for all northern still non-islamic countries then any rapist should be chemical sterilised. when we speak about islamic rapist I have e special proposition – no chemical but phisical castration. It is fear and power what they understand, nothing more. They do not respect our laws, our way of life, they do not respect women at all but especially infidels…Or we have to take things in our own hands….if one or two of them would lost their “raping tools” the rest will probraly start to think…. You make a very good job BNI, take care.

  7. Muslims state a woman must be modest, but they have no problem stripping a woman naked and molesting her for any reason. Mass castration is in order.

  8. It occurs to me that if she actually works for a news outlet, should they not be held accountable if they SENT her there?

  9. I wonder what this dumb lieberal idjit thinks of the fact that most women were subject to clitorectomies in Egyptistan regardless of their personal choice (i.e. their parents forced them to have it done)?

  10. Nice to see these liberal idiots learning the hard way!! They may now perhaps realise that they are dealing with savages who live in a world of middle ages depravity. There is only one way to live with a beast. You must treat it like a beast.

  11. Dinah
    The point everyone is making is that if a person with a brain, that does not have some extreme issue, like retardation or any such deficiency, jumps willingly into say a pit of rattlesnakes or decided to take a jog through the African savannah or take a swim with Nile crocodiles and happens to get eatin alive, do you feel sorry for them or do you go DAMN your stupid! Did you happen to look at the above picture with millions of Muslims shoulder to shoulder? I don’t even like looking at that picture let alone becoming part of it. Nobody’s saying anybody deserves rape, but when a women willingly throws herself into a situation where she will certainly be raped if not torn to pieces. Then ya she deserves what she gets

    • Shame on ALL OF YOU. how dare you say a woman ever DESERVES something like this?! Where is your compassion?? Why are your hearts so hardened?!…maybe the reason this happened was so that the world could see how morally depraved that country is. NOT so you can sit at your computers and say “that’s what she gets” God forbid anything like this happen to any of you, I should hope you are given more empathy than what you’ve written here. I’m appalled at the state of this world. Maybe this type of violence doesn’t happen often on the US. but judging from these comments, the “savage” way of thinking is there. I pray that this reporter somehow finds a piece and is able to get passed such a traumatic event.

  12. It all sounds very familiar to me. She, like me have lived to tell the story, but only just, however many others, their story never sees the light of day.

    I got no help from our police, the Muslims using Taqyya got to them before I ever had a chance. I was hoping to draw other women out in Australia to tell their story, but we are not allowed to speak about it.

    Sheik Hilaly, a criminal himself said it was not the fault of the rapers, 2 from the Scaffe family of Lebanon, and several other were all members of Hilaly’s mosque. He blamed all the women who had been brutally raped by many men, because they were “Like meat on the streets, left there for the cats”.

    These young Muslim rapers, would abduct a young girl travelling home by train from work, throw her in their van, then ring all their friends to meet at different points in the local parks in the area and come and have their fill of these poor young woman.

    You can all imagine how terrified they were. The journalist in Egypt I know was traumatized as well. I, as an old woman, I was terrorized too. None of us deserve this, but as far as a Muslim is concerned we are fair game as the Koran spells it out to them. They are kings of the earth in their opinion.

    The brothers Scarfe are in gaol for 28 years each. The other rapists have all different sentences. The abused women have had to change their identities as well as their families have had to move from Sydney. They have been threatened with death, just how I was and my family, was their bargaining tool. They know which buttons to push. They are monsters.

    But, like in most other countries, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK ABOUT IT. I cant get any publisher to tell my story. My friend in the USA has been dropped from society like a hot turd. “It is too contentious” and they said they were afraid they would be harmed or their businesses burned to the ground. For the love of Jesus Christ! What do they think I feel like. I just don’t matter at all. I have no value to my country, or to any publishers, the police, no one it seems wants to know the story about an old lady loosing everything and being brutalized for over four years.

    Now, I just wage once again my own battles. It all seems hopeless to me, but I still believe in the fundamental goodness of most human beings. I cant say this about Islam. They are evil and rotten to the core.

    • God Bless you for having exposed your soul in the manner you have. Now go forth in life Therese with the true meaning and understanding of the islam plague and tell everyone who will listen to your experience and teach them well to understand all woman are chatel to these demons in the fleash, otherwise known as muslim males and that they intend upon inflicting this same treatement to even you, no matter where you happen to live. Be of cheerful mind and soul. Pray for those who need it, and shoot at all others who pose any ganger to your well being. I have found it really serves to get their attention to the mistakes they might not want to make again. Semper Fi, sister and good luck in the healing process.

    • “Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric — Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, compared women who do not wear the Islamic headdress with “meat that is left uncovered in the street and is then eaten by cats.”

      There is a reason stray cats get neutered.

  13. Well, I *do* have sympathy for any woman who is sexually harrassed or assaulted. Even if she goes into Tahrir Square in the middle of a Muslim Brotherhood celebration.
    I don’t blame her for going there, she’s doing her job and it’s never anyone’s right or privilege to attack a woman, no matter where or when.
    Nor should anyone else soemhow justify her being attacked because of her location or whatever.
    The blame is solely on the Muslim mentality, the male supremacist views it promotes, and the male privilege it imposes with an iron fist (and a groping hand).
    Natasha, Lara, Mona, and countless other women all over the Muslim world – you have my love and care for you.
    BNI, I honestly think that this post is in poor taste. If this is a blog about the wrongs of Islam, why then do you blame the woman for being attacked?
    Blame those Muslim creeps, and ONLY THEM!

    • That’s like saying why blame the idiot that jumped in a vat of acid, it was the acids fault.Yea everyone with any sense knows muslums are shit bags and so should liberals but they don’t compute it for some reason,oh, it’s because they’re stupid. And like I said before she’ll probably place the blame on America, George Bush, conservatives, white men, anyone except the muzzies that did it.

    • This is true Dinah, and in our world I would agree with you, but in a Muslim country their rules apply. I tried to get my abuser into the court in Turkey, I was unrecognizable with the injuries to my head and body.

      The police interviewed me two days later and I looked worst than when it was first done. I went to court and the offender was sent home. I was laughed at. besides the attack on me he stole five hundred dollars from me too.

      You cannot rely on protection in any Muslim on earth. We are the dirt beneath their fingernails, even though they are the scum of the earth.

      This is why we must keep them out of our countries and don’t go near them. They are exceedingly dangerous people and I hope they keep fighting within themselves and leave us alone.

    • Dinah, I have a job for you. I will give you $100 an hour to walk around Tahrir during a protest. Tell us all how the crowd behaves. However, if anything goes wrong, your problem. Take the offer or stay out of Egypt. Your choice, and your choice only.

  14. I’m sorry, maybe it’s my fault for not being
    able to tell if the quote is from BNI or from
    misogynistic Muslims (was that redundant?),
    but why is Natasha Smith NOT deserving of our

    • WW, because she intentionally put herself in danger, knowing full well what happened to Lara Logan and other female journalists last year. She’s like all lefties, thinks the enemy will love her because she agrees with them about America. The lines in red and italics are usually mine.

      • I just now finished watching the clip and
        reading all of the comments. I will have to
        agree with everyone that she made some UNWISE
        and UNSAFE decisions. HOWEVER, she had the
        courage to speak up about her experience as
        a warning to others. Based on this, she has
        MY compassion. Anyone unwilling to join me
        in that feeling is certainly within their

  15. Behold the joys of Islam. The world would be so much better without this disease. They all need to be converted. Women who venture into a Mooslim country need to be well armed. Shot a couple of allahs little perverts in the junk and they’d probably stop. After all, without the family jewels who cares about the 72 Virginians.

  16. And the leftists and Muslims are stuck together with glue FOREVER. Even if there is rape on the part of the Muslims, it must be because they are impoverished and disenfranchised by us Westerners. I feel sooo guilty! :( Filthy savages.

  17. Most of the comments got it right – no woman in her right mind would go into a Muslim country and into a crowd of that sort without her own army around her. Even non-Arab men take more chances than I would ever consider.

  18. No matter how much the inbred muslim scum needed “killin”, ( an old southern word meaning the subject should be killed ) she should have had more sense than to expose her blonde haired self to a pack of inbred, goat molesting, males (males, not men) who are known for thinking with the little head.

    muslims are led through life by the appendage between their legs. They do not reason. They choose not to think. They will follow it anywhere.
    They are a cancer upon the world.

  19. Like Natalies comment I think Mz Dumbass Lefty in this article (I have no doubt in my mind this dingbat is a Lefty/Liberal) has no one to blame but herself for putting herself in a situation where she was a target to the pack of genetic defective Moslem shitscum pack raping perverted males. As with all these Lefty/Liberals, when they are on the receiving end (which most, if not all will be) they expect sympathy from the public… sorry bitch no sympathy from me, you deserve to be taught a invaluable lesson – take off your rose tinted glasses and see what these inbreed scum really are. There are plenty of newsworthy events in the world in non Muzscum coubtries that are worth your time and effowert. Added to this comment fellow BNI’ers I do not condone in any way filthy crimes like rape against women but if stupid dimwitted pro Muzscum/Shitslam sympathisers get attacked by the Shit they defend

  20. No doubt these women were very brave. But, they were also very stupid. What did they really expect? They are very lucky to be alive and, hopefully, any injuries incurred will heal with proper medical attention. Hope that their work pays well. But, I seriously doubt that the risk is worth it. White, blond and western they might as well of had a target on their crotch. It is so easy to hate these Muslims. And, I have never heard of a word from their brothers condemning this behavior. Which, I guess, is acceptable to most of them. Sickening.


    • Martin, please don’t hold it against Ms. BNI: she has let us know as of today (from her Israeli Web-master) that many hackers – almost certainly Moslems and/or Commies – are trying to bring down this Website with all sorts of attacks (no doubt including denial-of-service).

        • it just happened again… :( I tried to post a link for the following video and the comment disappeared in the virtual nowhere then the bni page didn’t reload properly :( [after that I closed all browser windows and deleted all cookies – maybe that will help … ]

        • Martin, the video was there, although it did not show until I approved the comment(essentially a blank space) and then looked at a preview of the page. Please don’t post anything without a note about what it is because the URL no longer shows here when you post a video. There are some site issues now, which we are trying to fix.

    • Australia’s slowly getting more and more Muslim as well… Soon, the whole world will be Muslim, if the stupid governments do nothing about it.

  21. Natasha Smith should be going to see a
    psychiatrist, any woman who knows anything about a muslim mob mentality and goes into the middle of such a group must be crazy.
    She is not the first and certainly she will not be the last. These people are evil personified. Was she there to gather the views of the Peaceful People ???? Was she there to report on the New democracy ???

    In your dreams Natasha, in your dreams.

    You better watch yourself in UK, soon it will be just like Egypt in Tower Hamlets and other such warrens of islamic garbage.

  22. This behavior should be no suprise to anybody. I have personally seen the look of lust in Egyptian male eyes for uncovered Western females in 2005, when I participated in Operation Bright Star, a massive multi-national coalition traning exercise held in Egypt every few years. While awaiting a flight out of Egypt at the end of our rotation, A young Egyptian male in a truck kept glaring at one of my unit’s female soldiers as she let her hair down to fix it and put it back up properly. We were waiting in these nasty, open-sided Bedoun tents on the flightline and there was no other place for her to do this.

    She was in no danger because one move by this turd would have brought about twenty of us, me leading the pack, all over him like stink on shit. About a week before this, a female American soldier from another participating unit was sexually assaulted by an Egyptian soldier, but she beat the living crap out of the scumbag. We never heard anything more about that incident.

    Yes, i’ve seen their depraved eyes and yes, it is true how they think uncovered, non-muslim females, and even young, underage girls too, are fair game for assault. Hell, they even admit as much! When they’re in sufficient numbers in Western countries, as we all know, they do the same depraved acts here.

    No, I don’t care much for muslim males, I actually feel the vast majority of them should be sterilised, castrated actually, for such people, they have no business with testosterone bathing their reptilian brains and islam needs to meet it’s just rewards and die. Believe me, without viral, alpha males, islam would die in less than a decade’s time.

    Go ahead lefties, call me a bigot! Bring it on!

    • If thre was a “like” button, I’d press it. All too ture. I live in Israel – born and raised in Jerusalem, and there wasn’t one day since I turned 16 where I haven’t gotten a gaze or comment from a Muslim Arab in the city.
      Since moving to Tel Aviv, to a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, the harrassment stopped.
      The Christian Arabs, by the way, all have been nothing but awesome. I love them.

      • Got a pic, Dinah? 😉

        Jokes aside, there’s a distinct difference between appreciation of beauty and slavering lustful glowering.

        Mohammedan males wouldn’t know the difference if Satan himself hit them upside the head with one and in the scrotum with the other.

      • The Arab Christians are tough. And they know that the God they worship is not the Muslim Allah.
        They see through all the crap that Westerners too often believe.

    • Randy I liked your post. I keep shaking my head in bewilderment wondering how foolish western women are to go any where near these depraved Muslim men. You are correct they are led by satan. Of course they call us the great satan. But I’m not aware of any good the muslims have done in the world. Hospitals, charity, schools, other than the ones to teach terrorism. No they are hell bent on destruction. Sick crazy men.

  23. Muslims aren’t know for their kindness towards women, especially Non-Muslim, uncovered women so maybe it’s not a good idea to hang around those rapist bastards.

  24. Another idiot who thought being in a crowd of muzztards was a good idea. I hope she follows journalist Eric Allen Bell, shakes off those chains of political correctness, and writes about real Islam, not the whitewashed and sugarcoated version.

  25. This is a surprise why? Libbies are always surprised because what they thought was truth was a lie. So they get a double shocker. Do they all have to be beaten and raped to find out mohommedism is for animals and pedophiles? Guess so!!!!!!!!!!!
    No sympathy here.

  26. Hard to feel sorry for her if she was stupid enough to go there to that shithole. Women need to know these Muslime Pigs are savage beasts who will rape a woman at the drop of a hat. I’ve got a cure for any Muslime Pig that rapes a woman here in the USA….:)

  27. Lemme guess… She’s a liberal. No intelligent free woman would EVER go there, especially during that time. I feel nothing for her, except a what’d you expect dumbshit. She probably isn’t even angry about it, probably giving them every excuse as to why they attacked her. Typical

    • If a woman went into a bar by herself or walked home alone after midnight in America and was gangraped would you ALSO think “What’d you expect dumbshit”?
      I won’t argue with anyone who says the woman was unwise to be there, BUT I’m
      very against victim-blaming!

        • EXACTLY! this bitch expected to be respected just becaquse she was a self-loathing, bleeding heart liberal????

          BOO HOO!

          wake up, bitch and smell the roses…..

        • Calling her a “bitch”shows just how low muslim ,So called “men”have sunk by listening to the lies and hate your so called Holy men preach to a brain washed scum who call themselves followers of the only god.You treat ALL woman with the same disdain,they are just slaves to do your bidding.70 virgins waiting for you in heaven,they were probably raped by muslim men while alive,and are just waiting to rip your genitals off.If you are so great,lets see you blow yourselves up TWICE.

  28. when are people going to understand white women or any woman not completely covered will be raped or killed. obama was so relieved that the muslim brotherhood morsi won. now Egypt will again be relegated to the 7th century and Christians will be killed by the thousands.
    i still have no idea what the appeal is of this excuse of a religion. it certainly is not a religion of peace.

    • Could be the inbred muslimes actually believe the sh– put down by their imams mullahs and ayatollahs about being empowered by Allah (who is actually the Devil), and if they faithfully serve Allah and his appointed “delegates”, like the coming Caliphate (Anti-Christ), then they will receive an ample supply of virgins in Paradise, and even be rewarded extra if they take out a few “infidels” along with themselves; so, essentially what we are looking at are a bunch of perverted demented sick —-ing SOB’s just like their a–hole “prophet” Mahound who started it all in the Seventh Century!!

  29. This is only the beginning of the fall of the American Empire. Just look at Rome. Morals lost & they fell. Now who does that remind you of???????

  30. ….and guess what, they are NOT going to change…once an inbred barbaric savage, always an inbred barbaric savage! Women mean nothing, absolutely NOTHING to any man other than being their slaves, door mat, and personal punching bag! I DETEST THEM ALL

    • You are right to detest the slime that attacked her. But I’m curious, do you ALSO
      detest the two MEN that led her to safety?

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