Guess who a Muslim youth, contemplating suicide, calls first?

That’s right, CAIR! (Get’em young, get’em often) CAIR thugs tell the story of a young Muslim who called CAIR-Philadelphia’s office a few months ago, expressing suicidal thoughts due to extreme school bullying. We immediately took necessary steps to resolve the situation, and the youth is doing fine now.

In other words, CAIR litigation jihadists likely filed a lawsuit against the school and the parents for everything they’ve got. Or threatened to tell Eric Holder

WOW! They even have their own bullying club logo!  School bullying and harassment is a major issue in our community. Many Muslim youth complain of being called a terrorist or Osama bin Laden. (Awwwww, I wonder why?) Not only that, others suffer physical abuse including pushing, hitting and yanking off religious clothing such as hijab or a kufi. (Yeah that yanking off the headbag thing should be considered a capital offense) Islamophobia is not an abstract term, it manifests itself on Fox news, in the workplace and now on the playground (And don’t forget Bare Naked Islam, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, and most of America).

CAIR-Philadelphia has made it a top priority to lead the way in addressing school bullying. Our strategy: Empower Kids. Empower Parents. Direct Advocacy.

We are currently representing a 12-year-old who is continuously bullied and harassed at school. He is verbally taunted and shoved against lockers by peers. Despite multiple complaints made by this child and his parents, school authorities have not taken any action. CAIR-Philadelphia has provided legal services for this youth and a summary trial is scheduled later this summer.

We urge youth and parents to report incidents of bullying and harassment to school officials and CAIR-Philadelphia as soon as it occurs. “Kids will not just be kids.” Bullying is a serious problem that can lead to low self-esteem, depression and suicide (if we’re lucky), among other issues.

CAIR-Philadelphia’s Anti-Bullying workshop for youth at your mosque or community center:, 215-592-0509

A workshop designed to train you on how to effectively advocate for your child in bullying situations.