Unbelievable! This starts out talking about the rapid rise in Islamic radicalization in Europe.

And concludes by saying that anti-Islam rhetoric by right wing groups (EDL, etc.) and politicians who agree with them, is equally as dangerous as Muslim terrorism, maybe more. 

In many European countries, populist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ‘extremist’ (not extremist, mainstream) parties are now a prominent part of the political landscape. Studies indicates that support for these parties is a long-term trend, which in many cases pre-dates the economic downturn.

And far from neutralizing (Non-) extremist  anti-Islam parties, the response of mainstream parties has served instead to legitimize the extremists, sending a message to voters that xenophobic or anti-Muslim sentiment is acceptable rather than a cause for shame. 

Fears about loss of culture, terrorism, crime and competition all help explain rising intolerance in Europe. (Why must people ‘tolerate’ culture erosion, terrorism and crime, caused by Muslim immigrants? For that matter, why must we tolerate the most intolerant people in the world? You reap what you sow, and Muslims are responsible for the hatred directed at them. And the pushback has only just begun)