EAST LONDON: Muslims are up in arms over plans to place Surface-to-Air Missiles on their apartment building roofs during the Olympics

Thanks to the threat of ‘Islamic’ terrorism and ONLY Islamic terrorism, the Army is set to station soldiers and high velocity surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of residential flats to ward off any airborne terror threats during the Olympics. The area includes Tower Hamlets, an all-Muslim no-go zone.

Can everyone say “Collateral Damage?” Be sure to catch the video at 1:35 where the Muslim POS says, “If you want to stop terrorism, stop participating in terrorism abroad.”

RT  But residents in some parts of East London, where the games will be held, are furious over plans to put surface-to-air missiles on their homes during the summer.

Residents in east London, have received a leaflet warning them that a team of 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building – home to 700 people – for the duration of the Games.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) leaflet says the missiles will only be fired as a last resort.

They have threatened to form human barricades to prevent missiles being installed on the rooftops of their homes for the Olympic Games. Six sites in east London have been earmarked for the deployment of Rapier and Starstreak missiles, each with a range of over three miles and capable of traveling at three times the speed of sound.

During the Olympics, London will have more soldiers on the streets than at any time since the Second World War and that there will be more armed personnel patrolling the capital than the entire number of British troops serving  in Afghanistan. 

This amounts to far more security than was in place at the Beijing Olympics. Critics claim there has been a militarization of London in the run up to the games. (Be sure to thank your Muslim neighbors for that)