FRANCE: Outraged at being turned away by nightclub, Muslim gunman returns and kills 2, wounds 5…media covers up that he’s Muslim

Most English language reports fail to mention that the suspect is a Muslim. But a French source provides his name, photo, and the fact that he may have fled back to North Africa.

FROM REUTERS:  A man who was turned away from a nightclub in the French city of Lille returned with a gun and opened fire indiscriminately outside the building on Sunday, killing two people and wounding five, police said. The Lille gunman killed a nightclub employee and customer at about 3 a.m. (0100 GMT) before fleeing the scene, said Herve Malherbe, deputy police chief for the northern region.

“The bouncer who knew the man turned him back. The man came back with a heavy caliber gun, possible a Kalashnikov, and started shooting,” he said. Two of the five people wounded were seriously injured. Police, who have identified the suspect, are still searching for him.

The shooting will likely lead to renewed debate about France’s gun laws, which were brought into public focus by the killing of seven people in March by an Islamist gunman in Toulouse and a spate of gang murders. (Oh, that’s rich, worry about getting rid of the guns but don’t give a thought to getting rid of the Muslims)

FROM Le Parisien:  (H/T Martin)

“We are disgusted, this is not the Bronx here,” said another clubber,  who gave his name as ‘Mohamed.’ (Damn right, it’s not the Bronx, ‘Mohamed,’ maybe it’s Islamabad?)

A Muslim man aged 31, alleged shooter, is being actively sought and an accomplice to “murder”, “assassination attempt” and “possession of a weapon of war in the first category.” Identified as the alleged gunman Faisal Mukhtar returned around 3 am, with a “heavy weapon” and fired from outside the institution. The police fear that the suspect has fled to a North African country from Belgium or the Netherlands where there are many charter flights


A cloakroom attendant, aged 26, and a 27-year-old customer were killed, and another six people including the club bouncer were injured and taken to hospital. Police said the attacker, who appeared to have acted alone, had fled in a car after the shooting, and that a manhunt had been launched.

The injured – five men and one woman aged in their twenties – are suffering from foot injuries, shin, calf and back. The University Hospital of Lille also said that six other people were admitted for “psychological trauma”

“We were on the dance floor when we heard a big bang and there was a great stampede,” said one nightclub goer who gave his name as Jeremy. “At first I thought it was a firecracker. I went to the entrance to see what was happening and I saw a person lying on the floor in a pool of blood,” he said, adding that about 200 to 300 people were in the club at the time. “We are disgusted, this is not the Bronx here,” said another clubber, who gave his name as Mohamed.