THAT’S WAAYCIST! French Airports order Muslim women to take the bags off their heads for security reasons

Some French airports have begun to ask headbag-wearing women to take off their bags for security reasons, which has spurred criticism from Muslims in the country, who find the practice a discriminatory one.

(OH, BOO HOO! Muslims have only themselves to thank for these new security procedures, as Muslims have been behind virtually all the terrorist attacks and plots to take down planes around the world)

Today’s Zaman  The Collective Against ‘Islamophobia’ in France (CCIF) (aka Communists against people trying to protect their country from Muslims) has announced that Nantes Atlantique Airport has made it obligatory for headscarf-wearing women to take off their scarves and place them in the X-ray machine along with their other belongings.

The practice was put into effect two weeks ago by the SGA, the company responsible for Nantes Atlantique Airport’s security. Women affected by the new rules requested that they be allowed to take off their headscarves in a special room staffed only by women, but the request was denied. (Good for the French!)

The women were told that they must place their headscarves on the conveyor going through the X-ray machine if they wanted to avoid missing their plane. The SGA defended their actions, claiming that dangerous materials could be hidden under the headscarves, which has triggered outrage in France’s Muslim community.

Narin Yüksel, one of the women who were asked to remove their headscarves at Nantes Atlantique Airport, said it was the first time she faced such discrimination in the 30 years she’s lived in the country.

“I am 65. What could there be under the headscarf of a 65-year-old woman? (Yes, what could be under there, indeed?) They told me that I would not be able to board my plane if I don’t take off my headscarf,” she told Today’s Zaman.

Yüksel’s daughter Hatice said security officials at the airport did not even allow her mother to drop her headscarf to her shoulder, saying that the headscarf should be placed in the X-ray machine. “When we asked them to do the security check in a special room, they threatened to call the police if my mom didn’t take off her headscarf,” she said. (Should be grounds for immediate arrest)

The CCIF said the new rule has been implemented not only at Nantes Atlantique Airport but also at Merignac Airport in Bordeaux after they received complaints from people using that airport.

The French Muslim Council (CFCM), which is tied to the French Interior Ministry, condemned the new security procedure and called on Interior Minister Manuel Valls to initiate an investigation into the case. (Must be the French version of terror-linked CAIR)

Union Des Associations Turques du Grand Ouest (UNATGO) President İsa Sevencan told Today’s Zaman that they contacted Nantes Governor Christian de Lavernée and that he promised to put an end to the discriminatory practice.

“We will not allow such actions, which threatens our ability to coexist, to happen again,” Sevencan said. (SCHMUCK!)

Last week, a Turkish citizen, Kübra Kağıtçı, was not allowed into a bank in Belfort due to her headscarf. The number of Islamophobic attacks on headscarf-wearing women has been increasing in France in recent years. (Time to go back where you came from) In 2011, 94 percent of Islamaphobic attacks in the country targeted women wearing headscarves. (It ISN’T Islmophobic, it’s called self-defense)

The wearing of headscarves was banned at all French primary and high schools in 2004, but headscarves are still allowed at universities.

There was an uproar in Canada when some Muslim veiled women were allowed to board a plane without being screened. A quick-thinking passenger filmed the incriminating video:


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  6. It won’t be long before the newly elected (by moslems) Socialist government will repeal the ban on burqas & niqabs & even more of these arse-wipes will be coming into France full steam ahead.
    I bet that before the next French elections there will be the worst rioting since the French Revolution – & I wouldn’t call it insurrection when the elected government sells out your birthright & birthplace to foreign invaders!
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    • It just happened here in the U.S. on Nov. 6th. Foreign invaders cast their ballot more debt, more foreign oil, no entitlement reform, government mandated insurance. 2012 marks the year that America went away.

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  9. I agree that hijabs pose a danger. Anything flexible or a powder in a small plastic bag can be sown into the hijab for future purposes. You have 20 muslims on the aircraft wanting to blow it up, all they have to do is reassemble whatever they need bit by bit in the bathrooms.

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    • I hope you know why Belgium came into being: it was Habsburg territory for several centuries, and all the more so after the Netherlands seceded between 1558 and 1648. Since the Netherlands were more Protestant than Catholic, and since England (plus likely other nations) REFUSED to allow the French king to assume the Belgian crown (they then did NOT want the two nations to join together!), hence the existence of this country joined mostly by faith.

      Now that the animosity between Catholics and Protestants has cooled, and given that one worries more about linguistic differences instead, yes, I can see it making sense for the Flemish part of Belgium (Flemish and Dutch are rather similar) to join the Netherlands and the Walloons to join France (this latter group has actually expressed its desire to do so!). Given how nowadays the Belgians aren’t readily able to have a functioning central government, this solution actually makes sense NOWADAYS – it wouldn’t have been so 100 years ago.

    • Quote:
      The French need to follow their greatest leader, the War Lord who saved France from the Sharia Muslims to begin with, Charles Martel!

      He was not a warlord.
      He was not even a king. He was the mayor of the palace for another king.
      He was the highest level functionary.
      Yes, by 732, there were several levels of authority and state.
      No, we are not talking about tribes and warlords.
      Not any more.
      It took Europe little time to turn its back on tribes and toward more static forms of authority like elective or inherited kingship.

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